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Information About Dan Newlin

There are a few things people should know about Dan Newlin. Some of those things will be discussed in the rest of this article.

Who Is Dan Newlin
Newlin is an attorney and he runs the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The lawyer, as well as his team, are high experienced and they have received the distinction of Super Lawyer Law Firm, which no more than 5% of attorneys or law firms in Florida get. This means that Newlin is one of the few attorneys who have received this recognition.

A Little Background About Newlin
The attorney actually started working in law enforcement before he became an attorney. As for where he worked, he was employed for the new Chicago, Indiana Police and Fire Department. Eventually his path in law law enforcement led him a job with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He actually spent more than eight years there.

His Law Career
Newlin eventually went to law school, after he was accepted in 1997. As for where he attended, he went to the Florida State College of Law, and he went onto graduate from there in 2000. Asides from that, the attorney has a license to practice law in both Chicago and Illinois. Here, Dan Newlin was written about by PRNewsWire.

The injury attorney has enjoyed a highly successful career and it is worth mentioning that more than 150 million dollars has been recovered for Newlin’s victim, and this proves that he has what it takes to represent his clients and those who seek his help. He serves all of Florida and Illinois.

As people can see from the above information, Dan Newlin is a very experienced attorney and if someone has been injured in an accident, then he should be the first attorney to call. He knows what he is doing and he provides clients with the representation they need.

Adam Sender to Selling 400 Pieces of Art through Sotheby’s Clearing $70 Million

Adam Sender has always been a genius when it comes to hedge funds, having amazed a very nice chunk of change when his funds hit their peak. One reason he stands apart from the rest in that industry was that he began taking profits off the table at the top. Most were reinvesting back into the market, but Sender saw an opportunity to explode profits by buying art pieces at rock bottom prices. Now his collection is set to launch at Sotheby’s and net him over $70 million dollars.

Sender set himself apart form the field by amassing an art collection that would be sort of a safety net in the even that his hedge fund went south. He continued to pull profits and invest, growing his collection to over 400 pieces in less than a decade. His Contemporary art collection contains 400 pieces from a variety of 139 different artists. Sender tested the waters back in 2006, selling only 40 pieces of his art collection, but he was surprised to see his investment sell for over $40 million.

Now that Sender has closed his hedge fund, he is focused on selling his large collection pieces by piece at auction. He is liquidating his art position and looking to bank over $70 when the entire collection finally is completely sold in a year. Adam Sender (Instagram)
is in a great position to make a small fortune because the money he netted in the first sale in 2006 will easily cover the cost to list and sell his remaining pieces at auction. Sotheby’s will be moving the pieces one at a time and expect the entire collection to clear Sender $70 million.

The pieces in his collection were purchased for a few hundred thousand dollars a piece because he steered clear of the top artists like Warhol, and focused on getting the absolute best pieces from lesser known artists. Those pieces are now worth 2 or 3 million each, the perfect time to start moving them while the market is at the peak. This seems to be a pattern with Sender, getting in at the bottom and jumping out when the market is enjoying huge profits.

Sender saw back a decade ago that by getting affordable pieces and holding them, he could eventually move them at higher prices. No one is sure if he had the foresight to see the collection was going to sell for this much however. Simply look at some of the artists in the collection like Richard Prince, who Sender found and bought pieces for only $100,000, now selling for millions a piece. It just goes to show that you don’t have to be a world renowned art collector to hit it big in the art world.

The Powerhouses of Economics: a Spotlight on Christian Broda and Eswar Prasad

With the recent headlines regarding the Greek financial crisis, it’s not uncommon to experience a resurgence of economic fear in the United States. Since the economic crisis of 2008 – commonly referred to as the ‘Great Recession’- any headline that even mentions the U.S. economy can bring about a moment of panic. But fear not, two notable economists offer reassurance.

The current debate among economists revolves around the future of the United States dollar. While some economists paint a drab future for the currency, two powerhouses of the economic community, Dr. Christian Broda of wikipedia and Dr. Eswar Prasad, make it clear that the dollar isn’t going anywhere.

In Prasad’s book, “The Dollar Trap”, the Cornell University professor doesn’t claim that the U.S. dollar is indestructible, but he does press that it’s solid in its place atop the world currency. Prasad, who received his doctorate’s degree from the University of Chicago, has served as head of the research department at the International Monetary Fund. Although he does face some opposition, Prasad is not alone in his monetary declaration.

Broda, who shares Prasad’s sentiments regarding the U.S.’s currency, is a bit of a rock-star in the economic community. Broda bridges the gap between Wall Street and academia, choosing to spend many years working as both a hedge fund manager and an economics professor. From publishing his research in academic journals like the American Economic Review to writing editorials for the Wall Street Journal, Broda is well schooled in the topic of economics. Going beyond scholarship, he takes his developed concepts and puts them to practice as the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management.

His expertise doesn’t end there. Broda is also a former professor of economics at the University of Chicago, and a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, receiving both his master’s degree and his doctorate’s degree from the institution. He’s well known in the world of economic professionals, as well as academia, for his many scholarly publications, including the article “Prices, Poverty and Inequality”, which was a joint effort with David Weinstein.

Based on credentials alone, Prasad and Broda’s reassurances should be enough to put the minds of any worried Americans to rest.

Stephen Murray: Investor and Philanthropist

When it comes to finance and business matters, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital CEO on was someone that everyone could look to. He invested in private equity. He also participated in philanthropist activities. He has always looked for ways that he could help people and improve the lives of others. Outside of being a president and CEO of CCMP Capital, he has made sure that other people could benefit from the success of his company and his career. In his company, he worked with clients for buying out and transactions dealing with growth equity. He has accomplished a lot in his lifetime.

Among the highlights in his career is when he joined the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984. He has worked there for 5 years until he began to work with MH Equity Corporation. This was a result of the combination of the MH private equity group and the finance unit which was leveraged. In 1991, Chemical Bank has purchased Manufacturers Hanovers. Afterwards, MH Equity and Chemical Venture Partners have merged together. In 1996, Chase Manhattan Corporation and Chemical Bank have merged together. Murray was the head of the business of buyouts when he worked at JP Morgan Partners. He then co-founded CCMP Capital from JP Morgan Chase. Among other activities included serving on the board of many different companies like AMC Entertainment, Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, and many more companies.

Stephen Murray has kept very busy as a worker and a philanthropist. He has offered his support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York. He has also made other efforts towards colleges and food banks. He has shown himself to be a very responsible and productive individual. In his lifetime, he has been an inspiration to people he has known. Many that knew him will follow in his footsteps to become helpful people.