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Remembering Stephen Murray

The former Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray, passed away just over a year ago at age 52. We’re appreciative of his contribution as a former CEO, well-known investor, and philanthropist.

Today we give thanks and remember him not just by accomplishments but also his character. Throughout his community, he was known as a kind, generous man with a compassionate heart. Stephen Murray had a sincere love for others which he expressed in various charities, one known as the “Make A Wish Foundation”.

During in-depth research, we also learned Stephen Murray participated on the board of several major companies such as Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, and much more.

“He was everyone’s everything, a dear friend, a loving husband, and an adoring father.” –

According to Nypost, Stephen Murray left behind a loving wife, four sons and a daughter in law. He lived in Stamford, CT where he raised his family with his wife of 29 years.

In his earlier years, he attended Boston College in 1984 obtaining a degree in economics. Soon after graduating, he earned a degree in business administration at Columbia Business School. To further his career, Stephen Murray was a member of the credit analyst training program and also the MH Equity Corporation. We believe this education and experience led him to the success of being a part of the business “JP Morgan Partners”.

JP Morgan Partners later became known as CCMP Capital where he first co-founded the business in 2006. The very next year he became CEO of CCMP Capital.

Recently before he passed, Stephen Murray resigned from CCMP Capital due to health-related issues. A month later Murray then died.

He leaves behind a great legacy of a wonderful company, good memories from peers, a loving family, charitable contributions, and an unforgettable reputation.

Our great leader, Stephen Murray, will always be missed.

Igor Cornelsen has some tips for people looking to invest in Brazil

The world economy is rapidly recovering, so now is a perfect time for investors. One area of the market that is recovering the fastest are the emerging markets. The markets were impacted the most by the recession now are looking to boom the largest during this new recovering. One of these critical markets is Brazil. One of the biggest experts on Brazilian markets is Igor Cornelsen, and he has several tips for those that are looking to invest in this critical market.

Igor Cornelsen has made a significant amount of money in the Brazilian markets, by recognizing the value of Brazil’s rich natural resources and the undervalued stocks in the market. He strongly believes that others can make a great sum with the help of his key tips. Igor Cornelsen recently issued three tips to a financial publication that will help people make money.

Igor Cornelsen’s first tip is to connect with the locals as much as possible. The people of Brazil are extremely friendly. Whether you are on the ground investing, or you are making inquiries via e-mail, they long to connect with you. If you present them with a friendly face, you will receive amazing tips. Sometimes, you will even encounter an entrepreneur on that could make you thousands. Be friendly with the locals, and you could benefit financially.

Brazil is a great market, but it also has a great amount of bureaucracy. Igor advises people to be prepared for the red tape. The Brazilian market is constantly growing, but it is still fragile. The government recognizes that, so it takes action to ensure that all investors are making informed decisions. This may annoy you at times, but just be aware that the Brazilian government puts the red tape up to protect you and the companies that you are investing in.

Igor Cornelsen’s final for foreign investors in the Brazilian market is remain aware of the foreign-currency restrictions. There is a considerable amount of money to be made in the Brazilian market, but the money flowing in is strictly regulated. Every transaction will need to be authorized by an approved financial institution. Find a bank on that is authorized to handle these transactions before you start investing. Also recognize that there is not a set exchange rate, so be prepared to pay different fees depending on the transaction. This can require a great deal of energy to keep up with the transaction fees, but if you work hard you can make a great deal of money.

The Brazilian market has never been hotter, so if you want to make some money, then you should invest now. Igor Cornelsen has made thousands by investing in this foreign market, and he believes that you can make some money there as well.

Brian Bonar Gives French Chef Master Ponsaty Freedom through the Ranch Bandy Canyon

San Diego has been popular for provision of a rich culinary taste. One of the places that is famous for its wonderful food is the Bellamy restaurant. It is famous for its California modern cuisine that is laced with French taste. The wonderful dining experience is due to the efforts of Brian Bonar, the French Chef Master – more facts:

Ponsaty style of cuisine is French and unique due to his professional training and background from Toulouse. He has various prestigious honors. In 2012, he earned the Meilleurs Ouvrier de France title. This prestigious title has only been awarded twice in San Diego and to only 10 chefs in the whole of California State. He has been a mentor to successful chefs. In 2003, Ponsaty trained a student called Gavin Kaysen. His training made Kaysen rank 3rd worldwide in the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry in Paris.

He has worked in various famous restaurants in the North and especially in Escondido. He was once the Chef de Cuisine of El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn. He later became the Chef de cuisine of Bernardo before joining Bellamy. In his About homepage, he is also the master chef at the Ranch Bandy Canyon which is owned by Brian Bonar.

Ponsaty welcomed his appointment to the ranch as it would give him the environment and freedom he has been seeking for a long time. The ranch environment resembles that of the chefÕs home and moreover, it allows him to make use of the local rich farm groceries.

Brian Bonar

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon will shake San Diego’s dining experience. The property maintains its original 1880s historical look after being remodeled along with several adobe structures. The breath taking hills of Escondido plus a horse ride, wonderful sunset and wine from the vineyard offer a wonderful experience and a great view. Moreover, Ponsaty is already there to provide his ever rich French culinary taste. The menu includes all the top delicacies of Ponsaty cooking.

One of his famous artful plating at the ranch includes Ôa quenelle of magenta- hued SuzieÕs farm beet sorbet with filaments of watercress and a disk of goat cheese; local mushrooms and sea scallops in a lightly truffle-scented Carpaccio; bacon-wrapped monkfish with morels; duck sauvage, wild boar and Spanish hare; cherry-spiked gateau Basque and tender caneles.

Brian Bonar has been a very successful financial executive and entrepreneur. His success in establishing a restaurant mini-empire has been successful due to his ability to pick a great team. His plan for the ranch is to turn it in to an ultimate 4 star event space.

He is the chairman of Trucept and has worked as a leader in Dalrada Financial Services. His background Technical Engineering degree has been vital in helping him determine business structures that are successful.

The Stars of The Queens of Drama

Queens of Drama follows the lives of former soap stars who are working together to develop and produce a new drama series for television. The cameras follow Lindsay Hartley from, All My children and Days of Our Live, Crystal Hunt of Guiding Light and One Life to Live, Vanessa Marcil, from Las Vegas and General Hospital, Hunter Tylo seen in The Bold and the Beautiful, and Chrystee Pharris from Passions and General Hospital. Donna Mills from Knots Landing and Melrose Place also makes appearances. The series is considered to be a reality drama television show. The shows aired on Pop TV in April 2015, and since then has gained some popularity. The Queens of Drama stars work in front of and behind the camera to create their own new drama with the goal of getting the show started by the end of the 10 episodes season.

Crystal Hunt, who plays herself in the show, is an Emmy-nominated actress and first got into acting at the age of 17. She started out on the CBS show Guiding Light as the teenager ‘Lizzie Spaulding’. In New York, she was spotted at an acting workshop and was offered the role on Guiding Light. She took on this role for four years and it earned her the Emmy nomination. While she was working with television, she began breaking out into movie roles as well. She appeared in the movie The Derby Stallion with Zac Efron and the movie Sydney White with Amanda Bynes.

In 2009, Hunt went back to doing television and was on the ABC series One Life to Live. She played a stripper named ‘Stacy Morasco’ and stayed on the show for three years. In 2013, she was cast in the movie NYC Underground. This movie was about a drug deal that went wrong for four teenagers in Brooklyn. In October of 2014 Hunt was in the film 23 Blast, which was based off a real-life story of a high school football player who suddenly went blind.

All of this work brought her to Queens of Drama in April of 2015. While working on this show, Hunt also worked alongside Channing Tatum in the sequel, Magic Mike XXL. During all this filming, she split her time between Los Angeles and Savannah, Georgia. Hunt also owned My Pets Dream Boutique, a high-end pet store in her hometown in Florida. Crystal Hunt has done some great work and will continue to do so in the future.  Join the rest of Crystal Hunt’s fans on Facebook.


Ricardo Guimares is a man on a mission. To make his grandfather’s bank the best there ever was. He has seen the bank grow 17 folds the last 3 years and seems set on that path.


Ricardo Guimares was born in a business family 52 years ago. His father is a mining a tycoon and his grandfather started Banco BMG in 1930.Guimares seems set on continuing that tradition and has grown the family business to its current heights. It is today the market leader in consigned credit department with over 80% market share. It is one of the richest banks in Brazil.


Banco BMG recently joined Banco Itau to create a new Payroll unit called BMG ITAU PAYROLL. It is expected to provide access to cheap personal loans in Brazil at a time when the country is currently struggling with an economic crisis.


The new outfit will be leveraged 11 times and will have an asset base of $1 billion.BMG contributed $ 300 million, and Itau offered $ 700 million. The new bank will leverage the strengths of both banks.BMG bank is expected to earn $ 5 billion in 5 years from the deal. Read more here….


Ricardo Guimares is a big soccer fan. He follows Clube Atletico Mineiro and was its chairman for 5 years. Ricardo Guimares also recently started a soccer fund. The fund is meant to help soccer players commoditize their brand rights. It already has $ 20 million invested and its growing very fast.


Banco BMG is the largest sponsor of teams in Brazil. It sponsors over 100 teams in all divisions across Brazil. It also has a TV station that helps give the youth exposure to talent scouts.BMG recently announced that it would now sign Marcio Melo.The Tennis star will receive training money and tickets from the Bank.


BMG has an extensive distribution network. It has over 3000 branches and 50000 workers.It has grown thanks to the managerial abilities of Ricardo Guimares.It has dominated the consigned credit department that provides the cheapest form of loans in the market.


Ricardo Guimares Despite coming from a wealthy family is a hard working man.He wakes up early every day and has been known to work out.Guimares advises anyone seeking to enter the Brazilian market to work very hard and be efficient. We wish him all the best.

Soros Makes Frightening Prediction About Current Market Conditions

George Soros considers himself to be a serious man. As a hedge fund manager, Soros has to be honest and accurate in his assessment. Making outlandish predictions that are not rooted in reality would undermine his credibility. On financial matters, Soros does have a lot of credibility. This is why a recent prediction he made on Bloomberg news should be cause for alarm. Soros feels the global markets are on the edge of a major crisis.

The Bloomberg article reported on comments Soros made at an economic forum in Sri Lanka. To a large extent on, Soros noted that problems with China’s stock market and currency are likely to have a large ripple effect through the world.

In very early 2016, China’s yuan saw a major drop in value. The overall economy of China took a massive hit as well. The aforementioned ripple effect yielded losses in the neighborhood of $2.5 trillion. That is an enormous amount of wealth wiped out overnight.

Economies of the world are intertwined. When troubles arise in an economy as large as China, those problems are felt elsewhere. All major countries have significant investments in China. When the Chinese economy tumbles, all those components of the European Union and the United States are pulled in with it. Then again, they are not really pulled in. They are already there.

George Soros has issued serious warnings in the past. The near-catastrophe with the Greek exit from the EU was something he raised alarm bells about. Greece’s exit from the EU would have been very harmful economically since the exit was connected to a potential collapse of the Greek economy. As recent history shows, Greece did not suffer a meltdown. Soros does feel that more problems with Greece are likely to emerge in time. The country never truly addressed its dire situation.

Soros spends a lot of his time and effort in philanthropic causes these days, but he has not totally removed himself from discussions surrounding economic matters. His opinions on such things as China continue to carry weight.