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Don Ressler: An Entrepreneur With a Vision

Within the business world, entrepreneurs who take a vision and turn it into reality are very special individuals. One of those special individuals is Don Ressler, who as the co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab has demonstrated an ability to create a successful business that others simply would never dream of trying. However, with a passion for entrepreneurship and the willingness to take a calculated risk, Don Ressler continues to show others that the impossible can indeed be done.

With his unique ability to spot trends and implement strategic marketing plans, Don Ressler has helped transform JustFab into one of the most exciting e-commerce businesses in the fashion industry. Realizing that cutting-edge fashion offered at affordable prices is always a win-win combination, Don Ressler took these concepts and also added a personalized shopping experience for customers. Merging all of these aspects, Don was able to take this untapped business opportunity and turn it into an exciting business that customers flock to day after day.

As an entrepreneur who has experienced tremendous success with previous businesses, Don Ressler has never been one to sit back and relax after achieving success. Instead, he continues to look forward in preparation for the next great business idea. Always willing to listen to new and exciting concepts, Don has gained a reputation as an entrepreneur who can take ideas and make them incredibly successful. As he has shown with the success of JustFab, Don is never afraid to take a chance on what he considers to be a million-dollar idea.

Showing a level of confidence few other entrepreneurs exhibit, Don continues to develop JustFab into one of the world’s most unique businesses. With its emphasis on social interaction between customers, Don constantly works with many of the fashion world’s leaders in design, style, and creativity to add new aspects to his business. Because of this, Don’s marketing and strategic planning abilities are considered second-to-none within the business world. With JustFab growing at a far more rapid pace than originally anticipated, Don has started focusing on developing the business into a global brand. Working with more and more experts in fashion, marketing, e-commerce, and other areas, he firmly believes JustFab still has many more ways in which it can grow. See:,%20Inc.

As he continues on his quest to take JustFab to the next level, Don realizes it will take tremendous amounts of hard work and dedication to make these goals become reality.