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Family is Everything to Skilled Massachusetts Therapist Patty Rocklage

Compassion, open communication and a dedication to assisting people are just three of the skills Patty Rocklage has brought to her career as a licensed marriage and family therapist. For over 20 years Rocklage has aided individuals, couples and families struggling to connect and live the life they desire.


She began her practice in Sudbury, Massachusetts after graduating from the University of Southern California in 1981 and marrying Dr. Scott Rocklage. Dr. Patty Rocklage holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from MIT. He graduated from the school in 1982 after studying under the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard R. Schrock. As a proud alumnus of the school, it is not surprising that he both he and his wife were dedicated to giving back to the University. In 2015 the couple made a large donation to MIT to assist with the renovation expenses for the nanochemistry and nanotechnology laboratory. The gift was warmly received and the faculty at the school thanked the couple during a ceremony in 2016 once the renovations were complete. The ceremony included a tour of the renovated facility and the unveiling of a plaque in the Rocklage’s honor.


In addition to her work and philanthropy efforts, Patty is also very dedicated to her marriage and home life. This led to a major project for the counselor as she and her husband underwent a huge home renovation in keeping with the strict environmental policies of her hometown. The couple chose a company that was known for recycling all of the materials removed from their work sites.


Patty is unique in her simple lifestyle and in how she operates her practice compared to many other professionals. Rather than situating her office in some bustling urban center, she has chosen to remain in her own hometown of Sudbury. The peaceful background and comfortable, understated facility provide a tranquil base for meeting with her clients. Rocklage works with people of all ages and backgrounds in her couples and family sessions. She strives to help them develop better means of communicating their needs to each other and improving their conflict resolution skills. Rocklage also offers solo therapy sessions to individuals in need.