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In the recent years, fashion and technology have been observed to go hand in hand in growth and also when it comes to complementing each other. Christopher Burch has given his views showing just how much these two areas have grown and at the same time helped each other. Burch, who has been and entrepreneur and investor for nearly forty years, is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. His success began while he was still in college in 1976, where he started Eagle’s Eye Apparel with his brother. Under the venture, he invested $2000 in it, and later sold it to Swire group after they had grown it to $165 million.



Christopher Burch has been a participant in the rise of over fifty companies in his forty years career. His success has been associated with his understanding of consumer behavior and his ability to see the link between innovation and implementation. His take on technology and fashion brings out his entrepreneurial values, creativity and just how much he values his customers.



Technology and fashion are greatly related in the past, present and the future. Burch uses the example of the growth in the music gadgets to show how technology and fashion have related in the past. The boom box of the 70’s and 80’s brought out the excitement in its users and was greatly used especially in movie lines. There was an advancement from the boom box to the Walkman in the 90’s, which made it easier for people to carry their music around in more mobile ways and eventually the IPod. Burch uses the example of Anouk Wipprecht to show just how much fashion and technology have been merged through her design of the drink-making dress and the self-painting dress.



Technology is now being used for the future of the fashion industry. Designers such as Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have used immense technology to design an airbag for cyclists, which in-case an accident occurs, it pops up and protects the wearer from injuries due to the impact. It ensures clear vision as opposed to the helmet, making it friendlier to cyclists. Other designers have used technology to enable use of recycled waste materials in their work while others are looking into ways of generating energy through fashion. Some aspects of technology such as Google Glass were not assumed to be fashionable until they fashion industry took them up making them popular. Burch argues that fashion and technology can and have worked together to improve each other.