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Addressing the Woes of the Small Investor with Brad Reifler

In the recent past, Brad Reifler, an American based businessman has shifted norm and focused his efforts on ensuring the Middle American gets a position to benefit from the investment market. He is the founder of Forefront Capital.

Brad Reifler played a significant role in the formation of Pali Capital, a global financial firm. Before Pali Capital, he was a trader at Refco. Additionally, he is a Director at Sino Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, European American Investment Bank and Wins Finance Holdings. Mr. Brad Reifler holds a degree from Bowdoin College.

A recent turn of events has seen him turn his attention to the small investor. In an interview, Brad Reifler highlighted three major problems through which a small investor faces.

  • Fees charged- according to him, the amount of money charged at Wall Street by most firms is exorbitant. The excess management costs get charged regardless of the portfolio performance. As a result, the brokers continues to grow at the expense of the small investor who eventually, gets scraps or no returns. According to him, it is wrong for institutions to work like that.
  • Access to Investments- the small investor gets regarded as the non-accredited investor. They are, therefore, limited to the number and type of investments in which they participate. On the other hand, accredited investors are considered to be more intelligent by the government and institutions. Therefore, they get access to investments like hedge funds, private equity, and significant private funds.
  • Stock Market Risk- the non-accredited investor, has limited access to financing options. Therefore, most of his investments get correlated to the stock exchange. As a result, changes in the stock market will lead to a shift in the investment of an investor.

According to Crunchbase, as he sought to address these woes, Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital as a way of bringing power back to the small investor. With this institution, he provides the 99 percent with opportunities reserved for the wealthy.

Forefront Capital applies no fees and designs investments in such a way that they become non-correlated to the stock market. With this approach, the Middle America can invest and save smartly for the future.

Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/financial-expert-brad-reifler-explains-the-truth-surrounding-the-new-film-money-monster-300270830.html

Significance of Kabbalistic Principles in the Society

Located in Los Angeles, California, Kabbalah Center provides online Kabbalistic teachings through study groups and city-based centers. The facility has multi-ethnic teachers offering Kabbalistic teachings to its worldwide student community. Traditionally, mysteries of Kabbalah were thought to be so complex that they could be taught to students above the age of 40. As such, some traditionalists viewed Kabbalistic teachings as a perversion of Judaism and traditional secretive mystic.Since its inception in 1922, the Kabbalah Center commits to developing platforms to help students improve their lives. Students all over the world apply Kabbalistic principles in the decision-making process, not only benefit themselves but make the world a better place. The implementation of Kabbalistic principles brings a significant difference in each student’s life as well as making the world a better place.

History of Kabbalah Center

Rav Yehuda and Philip Berg founded the Kabbalah Center in 1965 as a National Research Institute. Before starting the Kabbalah Center, Rav Yehuda served as the dean of YeshovaKol Yehuda in Israel, a predecessor of the United States’ Kabbalah Center. Following the death of Rav Yehuda, Philip Berg re-established the Kabbalah Center in the United States. Today, the Kabbalah Center operates over 50 branches across the world.

How Kabbalah relate to religion

Kabbalah Center views all widely religious beliefs as part of universal wisdom. Religions such as Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism resemble each other. The same applies to the new-age Kabbalistic teachings. As such, the Kabbalah Center presents itself as a supplement to any other religion. Just like biblical passages, the Kabbalistsunravel unseen universal laws, which are understood to be coded to our lives. The Zohar explains its interplay and interconnectedness with humanity and the universe. Similarly, the Kabbalah Center has published a series of Kabbalistic commentaries to each portion of the Torah.

Belief in astrology

As a strong believer of astrology, the Kabbalah Center asserts that cosmic forces affect everything. Just like Judaism, astrology has always been part of Kabbalistic teachings. Similarly, Jewish scholars studied about astrology throughout the middle ages. However, philosophically inclined thinkers like Maimonides were opposed to astrology. According to Kabbalah, understanding astrology can be valuable to aspiring Kabbalists.

Kabbalistic teachings on sex

In a book published by the Kabbalah Center, men are discouraged from masturbating as semen produced without affection does not serve its purpose. Furthermore, men should avoid orgasm before women as this injects selfishness into the act of making love.