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Omar Yunes Wins The 2015 BFW Contests For His Formidable Operations Of 13 Franchisees

The 2015 Best Franchise of the World contests took place in Florence, Italy on December 5th. The vent had attendees from 34 nations including Italy, Mexico, Portugal, France, Hungary, Argentina and Brazil. Some of the key issues highlighted during the event include the role of the franchisee on businesses and enterprises. They delved into the motivation provided to entrepreneurs, networking opportunities afforded to participants and accessibility to knowledge that fuels the growth of ideologies and businesses.

The panel analyzed the best participants progressing the franchisee motto and awarded Omar Yunes the top spot for his role in fostering formidable franchisee relationships. Omar Yunes is the franchisee of Sushi Itto and received the honor for his expert manipulation of the information available. He was also recognized for his strategy of applying control schemes that set the standard for creating attainable measurements for all units.

Omar Yunes began his tenure in the field at the tender age of 21 when he became a franchisee for a Japanese food chain. He has grown his influence over the years and currently owns 13 units which operate in Mexico City, Veracruz and Puebla. Omar is a key figure of the BFW because his entire franchisee units make up for ten percent of the BFW units.

Omar Yunes was proud to receive the award and commented that the success would not be attainable without the collective input of 400 staff members of all the 13 active units. The chief executive officer of Sushi Itto remarked that the awards were a reflection of everybody’s efforts to create better services for clients. He acknowledged the team’s works towards nurturing a unique brand and a memorable hospitality to improve customer experience.

Omar Yunes is the son of governor elect Miguel Angel Yunes Linares of Veracruz. He has carved out his path in life independent from familial pursuits and proven that his entrepreneurial spirit is an innate attribute that will always overcome hurdles and rise to leadership. The Universidad Anahuac and Mexican Association of Franchises set up a competitive panelist board that took into consideration all the participant’s inputs and logically awarded the positions to the deserving candidates.