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A SQL Database Expands Its Reach

NuoDB 3.0, the newest version of the popular SQL database, is now extending its reach in the technology ecosystem.

In the past, it was part of Amazon Web Services and Docker. This SQL database can now support Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Red Hat environments.

What is also about the new version of this SQL database is that it can deploy in three availability zones which means any organization can use NuoDB in a hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

The latest NuoDB is substantially improved in its ability to optimized its performance, even it is across many different data center environments.

The lead engineer at Movemedical is Toan Truong and he believes that we selected this SQL database because we need a database that could scale horizontally. NuoDB is the only database that has active-active capabilities across many data centers and still be able to preserve its transactional consistency. The new version is able to able to write from three availabile zone at the same time. When Truong expands his company, he can still improve availability and performance for his customers.

The SQL Database of the New Era by NuoDB

NuoDB is a database company founded in the year 2008. NuoDB was formerly known as NimbusDB until its name change in 2011 to the currently esteemed NuoDB. Since its inception, NuoDB uses a very well designed SQL database to manipulate and manage client data.

The most outstanding thing about NuoDB is that by use of its well-crafted SQL database, it ensures that there are no alterations on a database when more computers are added or some removed. NuoDB’s SQL also provides a balance in the amount of data handled whenever more is added or otherwise. Again data can be operated from different locations, and any faults are tolerated. These features keep NuoDB on top of the game as a cloud database company.

NuoDB relies on a relational architecture for managing its data. The SQL database for NuoDB makes use of cloud and containers to ensure the sharing of data within an organization. In maintaining smooth informational flow, the SQL database for NuoDB offers quality, affordability, and flexibility to accommodate any changes. These features of the SQL database for NuoDB make it the database company of choice for many organizations. NuoDB has been awarded many awards for being data handler of choice in Cambridge Massachusetts.

Jose Henrique Borghi; an Influential Advertiser in Brazil

In the advertising industry, creativity and originality are highly significant. Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the most influential people in the Brazil advertising industry. He is very original, and his creativity is not in doubt. He has developed great advertising campaigns that have earned him respect and popularity in Brazil. Some of the advertisement campaigns he has championed are ‘Mammals of Parmalat’ and ‘it is the love’.

Jose Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente and graduated in Advertising and Propaganda from PUC Campinas. He started his advertising career journey in many advertising agents in Brazil until he co-founded Borghi Lowe advertising agency together with Erh Ray. This ad agency grew, and later it merged with another agency to form Mullen Lowe Advertising Agency. Jose became co-CEO of the advertising agency along with Andre Gomes. Mullen Lowe became one of the greatest Ad agency in Brazil and internationally.

Mullen Lowe Brasil has been very influential in developing offline communication of many new brands. In 2017, Mullen Lowe created a campaign which has seven communications that are transformational. These are to change how people see new brands, and they are to bring more fun when one opens a new brand. Mullen Lowe with the help of Jose Borghi helped Fini company; a candy company in their adverts. This company advert made people buy more chewing gum, juice candies and other products the company produces. The ad was well created to show that when you open the branded products, you will experience some fun. It was a good marketing advert that helped Fini a great deal.

Jose Henrique Borghi is very innovative when it comes to adverts, and he has contributed a lot to Brazil Advertising industry. Jose has helped many companies like Fiat and many others in the automotive sector like Honda in advertising campaigns. He has received many awards for his hard work, determination, and creativity in his work. Jose Borghi has been very influential, and he has made the Brazilian advertising agency; Mullen Lowe successful.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association: Anesthesiology with a Difference


CAA was started in 1973 with the focus of delivering anesthesiology services in Austin, TX. At CAA, there are more than 80 physicians and 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists. This makes CAA one of the major anesthesia centers in the US.

As a result of their professionalism and success, CAA physicians and nurses are at the front-line in provision of optimal quality care to different medical care centers in different parts of Austin. The main goal at CAA is to ensure that all patients receive the best quality in anesthesia care. They are dedicated to achieve excellence in both clinical and business practices.

CAA provides a wide range of services which include General Anesthesia, Regional Anesthesia, Local/Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC), Pediatric Anesthesia, Obstetric Anesthesia as well as Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia.

Community Involvement

CAA physicians and nurses have been supporting various philanthropic organizations. Many of their practitioners regularly donate their time and expertise to mission groups that provide medical care to underserved regions throughout the globe.

For instance, CAA plays a major role in Austin Smiles, The Austin Plastic Surgery Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing reconstructive plastic surgery for cleft lips and palate repairs. This focuses on children in Texas as well as various other locations in Latin America.

CAA is also involved in other community organizations such as Family Eldercare, Operation Smile, and Eels on Wheels, Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach, Children’s Medical Center Foundation and Partnerships for Children.

Matthew Autterson’s Success In Business Industry

The monetary administrations division is a standout amongst the most vital on the planet. The expert administration of different sorts of securities, for example, shares, bonds has turned out to be exceptionally well known in the present day times. This is on account of more individuals need to make sound speculations and profit by the day’s end. High total assets people, insurance agencies, corporates, benefits assets, foundations and instructive organizations are a portion of the speculators who want to utilize money related administrations. Some private financial specialists are associated with the business as well.


There are experts who have been prepared to deal with the exercises in the fund division. The office is exceptionally muddled, and it needs people who are straightforward and experienced with the goal that they can help the clients to settle on the correct choices. Diverse nations set the tenets and directions that ought to be trailed by the fund experts. On the off chance that an individual is not very much qualified, at that point it is difficult to get the permit for training. The business is likewise extremely aggressive, and everybody is concentrating on making some great benefits.


Matthew Autterson is one of the people who has rolled out a considerable measure of improvement in the monetary administration industry. The agent is as of now situated in the United States, and he comprehends the venture administration world too well. As per Matthew Autterson, there are a few features of the office. The absolute most critical incorporate settlement, managing, business and numerous others. The specialist says that the best recipients in the business are the huge establishments who put their cash into the market.


Getting the position Matthew Autterson has in the general public is not a stroll in the recreation center. An individual needs to secure instruction at a portion of the best colleges in the nation. The fund proficient needs to put resources into the business to demonstrate that whatever they are doing is fruitful. People who don’t make benefits in the business can’t utilize other counsel to make their speculations.


Matthew Autterson has acted as an agent for quite a while. Amid these years, the businessperson has obtained a great deal of learning and skill, making him a standout amongst the most looked for after venture experts in the United States. Autterson comprehends the back framework in the nation, and this has earned him the regard of such a significant number of individuals in the nation. People who have taken after his recommendation say that they profited in the focused market. His aptitude is adored by his customers.

Michael Gregory and Highland Capital Aim for Huge Year in Healthcare

Highland Capital Management is one of the premier investment firms operating out of Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital was founded by James Dondero and has seen monstrous growth over the past two years thanks to savvy investments from Dondero and his team, including Michael Gregory. Gregory and Dondero have made a career out of chasing investments while going against the common process that the market typically operates under. Gregory and Highland Capital are shifting their focus in 2017 toward the health care industry and investors looking to maximize their profit might do well to start paying attention.

Last year Highland Small Cap Equity Fund saw huge growth because Michael Gregory made the forecast that the energy industry would be the right place to go. Gregory’s thought process led Highalnd Capital to several “lucrative investments”. Now Gregory is completely shifting his focus, as is typical of how the fund operates. Gregory’s interest in healthcare is natural if unexpected from many on the outside of the industry looking in. With so much up in the air regarding the state of our healthcare it may seem surprising to see focus shift in this direction. However Gregory says, “We might see a tremendous rebound” in the state of healthcare for 2017.

Gregory’s focus this investing year is on a pair of specific companies due in large part to a heavy problem plaguing the United States. The United States has been struggling under what can only be called an epidemic due to opioids. Gregory is looking to a pair of drug production companies that are looking to create new drug solutions on the market that reduce the potential for further addiction.

The first company that Gregory is in favor of is called Collegium Pharmaceutical or COLL. Collegium is developing a drug named Xtampza ER which is an oxycodone drug that utilizes fatty acis and wax in order to limit the chance for addiction and abuse. Right now Collegium is available to almost 200 million people in the United States. Next up Gregory is focused on Exparel which is made by Pacira Pharmaceuticals. This is a new drug alternative for pain relief during soft tissue surgeries.

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Marc Sparks Shows the Way to Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks has a certain restless energy which many entrepreneurs have and he leverages it to great effect in his life and for the benefit of the world as well. He is the quintessential can’t sit still kind of guy who is driven to get things done and make a mark in business.

Sparks graduated from high school in Austin, Texas in 1975 and his life has been in overdrive ever since. He has initiated dozens of business startups in his time and has experienced the whole gamut of results. Some have been wildly successful and others were dismal failures. But, in every instance, he added to his knowledge base and is considered to be a master entrepreneur today.

The book that Sparks authored is an excellent handbook for those wishing to pursue entrepreneurial dreams. Entitled, They Can’t Eat You, it is a realistic depiction of the road one must travel to develop a great idea. It is full of sage advice and it gives a complete picture so people understand what it takes to be successful in business and in life.

He relays the fact that portions of the book were painful to write as they detail some of his failures. He believes that people will learn more from his failures than they will learn from his long list of successes. It is specially written for those who are dreaming big, but slowly losing hope for success. As such he reveals the incredible perseverance which he summoned to continue in the face of adversity and setbacks and disappointment.

Timber Creek Capital is where Marc Sparks plies his trade today and it’s an incredible resource for those entrepreneurs who have that golden idea but need help in bringing it to light. Sparks has provided an amazing array of resources to help people build businesses from marketing to graphic design to accounting and everything in between. They are housed in a unique building which fosters creativity and collaboration to help the animal spirits to thrive.

Sparks is a generous philanthropist, but he can remember when he used a Texaco credit card to buy groceries at a gas station. Despite this, he never lost his enthusiasm for life and starting new businesses. He was never afraid to take a risk and didn’t flinch at the possibility of losing it all. The story of Marc Sparks is quite inspirational and he provides a wealth of motivation to persevere and keep bringing ideas to light. Learn more:


Highland Capital’s Years of Success

When it comes to credit management, Highland Capital has been on top of its game for more than 20 years of its existence. It has grown to become one of the largest corporations in the industry. Back in the year 1990, the beautiful story of Highland Capital began to be written. James Dondero and Mark Okada came together to form a venture in conjunction with the Protective Life Insurance Corporation.

The venture that was created had its specialty in the fixed income market and the management of secured bank loans. Three years down the line, the investment metamorphosed to become a Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO). The founding partners owned 40 percent of the company while the investment advisors owned 60 percent.

When the company began to take off in the year 1997, both James Dondero and Mark Okada bought the shares at PAMCO owned by Protective Live. Together they came up with Range Asset Management, an autonomous advisor listed with SEC. Within a year, the company changed its name to Highland Capital Management. The Highland Capital has achieved much since its formation. It was able to launch its very first bank loan fund and also came up with an alternative investment act platform in the year 2000. The expansion of the company continued in the year 2004 when it acquired floating rates from Columbia Asset Management.

Today, Highland Capital stands tall as an independent investment firm that has more than two decades of experience in the provision of solutions to both individual and institutional investors. The organization has more than 180 employees. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. It has affiliate companies in Sao Paulo. Seoul, New York City as well as Singapore. The customers of Highland Capital are diverse. They include corporations, financial institutions, pension plans, governments, as well as high net worth persons.

Highland Capital looks into the strategies as well as asset classes before adding any value to the investors by giving them access to asset class or skills. Many people consider Highland Capital as one of the most experienced alternative asset management firm, which continuously improves on the investment systems. Highland Capital is unique since it produces investment solutions.

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Highland Capital Management: An Alternative Investments Giant with Unusual Philanthropic Drive for Community Matters

When it comes to global alternative investments, Highland Capital Management stands tall amidst competitors. The company specializes in various forms of alternative investments including long/short equities, emerging markets and natural resources. Highland is one of the most experienced global alternative credit managers around the globe. Its credit strategies cover long-only funds, separate accounts, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, and special-situation private equity.

Founded in 1993 by two business moguls, James Dondero and Mark Okada, the company is a popular SEC-registered investment adviser with affiliates that controls assets worth $15.4 billion under management. Its list of diversified clients’ base includes high net-worth individuals, governments, public pension plans, and endowments. Others are fund of funds, corporations, financial institutions, and foundations. Highland has offices in Singapore, Seoul, Sao Paolo, New York and Texas, the headquarters.

Highland is not only driven by the zeal to make profits, it also has unusual drive to better the lots of the communities where its employees reside. The company understands that touching the world starts from improving the immediate societies. Some credit must be given to the team of philanthropic service experts led by Mary Jalonick who oversee The Dallas Foundation. Over the years they have been able to get the most from the company’s annual philanthropic budget which in excess of $3 million.

To Highland Capital, charitable donations to communities are another form of investment just like investing in financial markets. The dividends may not come in the form of cash, but having a peaceful and happy community for employees and clients is something priceless. Some of the channels through which the company is making tremendous difference in the community include financial donations, volunteerism and advisory board involvement. The proofs of Highland’s community philanthropic works are undeniable having spent over $10 million for this purpose since 2005.

One of the many nonprofit making organizations that has benefited from Highland charitable giving is the Family Place. Highland got wind of the organization’s Legacy Campaign jeered towards supporting victims of family violence in Dallas and gave out a $1 million challenge grant. With $2.8 million left to meet a targeted $16.5 million fund-raising goal, the Highland’s grant proved helpful in making the campaign a huge success.

Highland does not go around bragging that it cares for the immediate communities and the world at large, the company allows it actions to speak. You only need to visit these communities to confirm that action speaks louder than words.

Ricardo Tosto and Brazilian Law

Law is a common practice in Brazil as people seek to understand the constitution which was just put in place in 1988. Many people are unable to navigate legal matters without the appropriate legal knowledge. As such, lawyers are often consulted by many business people and other citizens, who encounter legal issues.

The Brazilian Law is mainly derived from the Portuguese legal law and is based on statutes. However, in2004, a change occurred when prior court rulings were also recognized as precedents that could be used in determining cases. Most of the lawyers start their profession at the tender age of 23 years after they have studied law for close to 6 years. Before being certified as lawyers, they are required to pass the OAB examinations. The bar examination determines who enrolls in the legal profession and who does not.

The legal field attracts a lot of applicants. In 2011 there were 677, 000 lawyers in Brazil and today there are over 1 million lawyers. Before certification, those who sit OAB exams can assist people in contract law, tax laws, and other such related fields. However, certification is the only way to open a private office or practice law publicly.

Foreign lawyers also face some restrictions in the country as their existence is regulated by the law. They do not operate as freely as the local lawyers as they are not allowed into the Brazilian courtrooms. Instead, they are only allowed to operate as foreign consultees if they have the necessary documents. The required documents are presented to the OAB, and they include Residence Brazil Visa and letters of recommendation from 3 registered Brazilian lawyers. One also needs to have a reciprocity letter from the law society.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most successful lawyers in Brazil. He is not only a lawyer but also an entrepreneur, who uses tact and strategy to win cases for his clients. Moreover, his firm has employed many Brazilian lawyers, whom Ricardo Tosto personally mentors and coaches to be aggressive practitioners to learn more about us: click here.

Ricardo has been the lawyer in many national and international cases representing governments, firms, and individuals.