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Michael Gregory and Highland Capital Aim for Huge Year in Healthcare

Highland Capital Management is one of the premier investment firms operating out of Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital was founded by James Dondero and has seen monstrous growth over the past two years thanks to savvy investments from Dondero and his team, including Michael Gregory. Gregory and Dondero have made a career out of chasing investments while going against the common process that the market typically operates under. Gregory and Highland Capital are shifting their focus in 2017 toward the health care industry and investors looking to maximize their profit might do well to start paying attention.

Last year Highland Small Cap Equity Fund saw huge growth because Michael Gregory made the forecast that the energy industry would be the right place to go. Gregory’s thought process led Highalnd Capital to several “lucrative investments”. Now Gregory is completely shifting his focus, as is typical of how the fund operates. Gregory’s interest in healthcare is natural if unexpected from many on the outside of the industry looking in. With so much up in the air regarding the state of our healthcare it may seem surprising to see focus shift in this direction. However Gregory says, “We might see a tremendous rebound” in the state of healthcare for 2017.

Gregory’s focus this investing year is on a pair of specific companies due in large part to a heavy problem plaguing the United States. The United States has been struggling under what can only be called an epidemic due to opioids. Gregory is looking to a pair of drug production companies that are looking to create new drug solutions on the market that reduce the potential for further addiction.

The first company that Gregory is in favor of is called Collegium Pharmaceutical or COLL. Collegium is developing a drug named Xtampza ER which is an oxycodone drug that utilizes fatty acis and wax in order to limit the chance for addiction and abuse. Right now Collegium is available to almost 200 million people in the United States. Next up Gregory is focused on Exparel which is made by Pacira Pharmaceuticals. This is a new drug alternative for pain relief during soft tissue surgeries.

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