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Brazilian Physician Dr. Jorge Moll Discusses the Role of Technology in Medicine

Dr. Jorge Moll, director of the D’Or Institute in Rio de Janeiro, recently contributed a piece to the Brazilian magazine Veja Rio. The long-time physician-researcher marveled at the pace at which medical technology has advanced and rise of the application of digital technologies to medical care. According to Dr. Jorge Moll, the breakthroughs which are just around the corner are poised to rival the Internet revolution in significance.

Dr. Moll discussed Sutter Health vice president Dr. Albert Chan’s visit to the D’Or Institute in Rio de Janeiro. Sutter is the second-largest health system in the United States and a leader in the adoption of new technologies. According to Dr. Moll, Chan’s visit was a chance to highlight the potential of technology to transform patient care. For a Brazilian audience, the idea of your doctor being able to pull up your entire medical history using a voice command seems far-fetched, but information technology is revolutionizing the practice of medicine in the same way advances in genetics and molecular biology are transforming the practice of human medicine. Learn more about Jorge on Wikipedia.

Dr. Moll believes that Brazil will be home to a wave of start-ups in biotechnology and medical informatics. With a growing population and advanced medical infrastructure, the country has the demand and the mature markets necessary to foster growth. Dr. Jorge Moll views public-private partnerships as an essential part of making this type of growth possible. He believes that these innovations will make medicine more human and not less, as they will help doctors tailor care to patients and allow them to provide just-in-time care. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

Dr. Jorge Moll is extremely optimistic about the future of medical technology. Although most people think of the cutting-edge work being carried out at universities when they think about the role of technology in medicine, it is Dr. Moll’s contention that virtually every aspect of medical practice will see change for the better.

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Anthony Petrello- A leader in the drilling industry

Anthony Petrello, commonly known as Tony Petrello is one of the Americans that the country should be proud of. He is business executive who has been able to transform the drilling industry in the United States into one of the biggest industries. He leads the biggest drilling company in the world known as Nabors industries. This is a firm that has operations in all the continents of the world. However, most of its operations are in Africa, North America Fart East, and the Middle East. Nabors is involved with the activities of drilling oil company and natural gas. Anthony Petrello has managed to make this company the greatest in the world. Anthony Petrello came into the limelight in 2014, when he was declared as the top paid CEO in the United States. This was in recognition of the work that he had done with the drilling company. As the CEO since 2011, Anthony Petrello has made success of the company, his number one priority in life.

Anthony Petrello hopes that the drilling firm will move on with its consistent gains in the industry. Anthony Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as the chief operating officer, and since then, he has been able to grow with the company. He understands all the challenges that the company has been through and is, therefore, able to guide it in the right direction. His focus has been in making the company technology compliant. Only companies that have the best drilling technology will be able to survive this century. Technology is driving almost every industry, and mining is one of the industries where it is almost impossible to make it without it.

Anthony Petrello has ensured that the company has the best drilling rigs available in the market. This is one factor that makes Nabors industries outdo any other company that engages in natural gas and oil drilling.

Anthony Petrello has worked very hard for him to reach the level that he is in right now. It has taken years of dedication and hard work to finally be the top executive of a very lucrative industry. Anthony Petrello was born from a very humble family, but over the years he has been able to change the narrative. He is an inspiration to people who come from poor backgrounds that there is no limit to what they can achieve. He was able to grow from little known Newark town to become an influential figure in Texas.

Anthony Petrello is married to Cynthia, and they both have a daughter known as Carena.

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