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Within The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Just the word cancer can create fear in the bravest of people. They never want to get it, but in many cases, they do. Once they begin the battle against disease, it can be the toughest one that they will ever have to face in their life.

At the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, people will be taken care of in a very respectful manner. They will receive the dignity that they deserve.

With the various treatment plans that are available at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, people will be taken care of in a great way. Since these plans include medicinal and emotional help, many people have been helped in many ways by being a part of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Holding on to hope is so important when a person is fighting cancer. At the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a person will be given the ability to have the hope that they need to in order to carry on. It will give them immense strength to know that someone else is caring about them in such a profound and important way.

Making sure that a person is comfortable with their caretakers during the battle of their life is also an important need for cancer patients. Having all of this at their fingertips is what they will receive when they are at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They will find that they will have the necessary means to carry on even in the face of adversity.

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New Lifeline Screening Option That Tests for Osteoporosis

There is a new Lifeline Screening option that tests for osteoporosis. Before, individuals needed to travel to a hospital that had bulky DXA X-ray machines that typically were used for this important osteoporosis screen. As these large and expensive machines were not suitable to transport, many individuals were unable to get this highly informative test. Lifeline Screening is an experienced healthcare provider that holds community screening sites in many cities. They deliver specialized tests for most major diseases, chronic and hidden abnormal health conditions. Some of the many various testing available are tests able to indicate: AAA, heart disease, strokes, cardiovascular issues, vitamin deficiencies, brain function, some forms of cancer, liver failure/disease, kidney disease or infections, blood clots and more.

Lifeline Screening finally is able to provide an excellent osteoporosis screen with an easy-to-operate bone density index device manufactured by Bone Index Ltd. This compact device has electronics and technology that is able to perform math calculations when staff members input various measurement data. The result is an almost effortless way to deliver a high quality bone osteoporosis test. These helpful screens are currently available across the United States. Lifeline Screening travels to many cities for their unique and cost saving preventative health screenings.

Healthcare experts are heavily promoting participation in many newer preventative tests and screenings. This is a small effort that can pay back in better future health. Some of these screens may actually prevent an at risk person from further disease progression including heart attacks, diabetic crisis, strokes and ruptured aneurysms. Lifeline Screening provides top quality testing designed to be accurate, easy and so convenient. A person can get all of these terrific screens in one session that is all encompassing. The staff are happy to explain anything, and these healthcare specialists provide fantastic preventive health education.

Unlike other types of preventative screenings, those available through Lifeline Screening never require strenuous effort, uncomfortable procedures or long wait times. Interested parties can find exact details on Lifeline Screening test offers, and they can read informative healthcare facts and other information by accessing this preventative healthcare provider’s easy-to-navigate website. Our society is made up of more individuals of an increased age. Getting preventative testing procedures can help ensure a better and more active lifestyle. These exclusive screens have many exciting new capabilities that includes osteoporosis indicators with an available bone density index screening option.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Debunks Some Common Myths Regarding Prostate Cancer

There are many myths regarding prostate cancer that have remained since their first evidence many eras ago. A great majority of older men do develop noncancerous enlargement of the prostate. Some believe that prostate cancer is becoming more prevalent. While many people now usually can name several men with this disease, it is due to the aging population that it appears like there are more prostate cancer diagnoses. Cancer Treatment Centers of America showed their willingness to stand behind their preventative health recommendations in the fight against cancer fatalities. Last September, members from CTCA came together with Labcorp staff and NFL Alumni Organization members to offer free screens for prostate cancer.

Many men took advantage of this very valuable and helpful health preservation tool. Even more were helped with continued reduced price prostate screens that these groups provided after the free screen slots were filled. This fast and painless health screen is quick and effortless. Men can be relieved regarding their health following this simple cancer detection test. Cancer Treatment Centers of America had started the now accepted preventative health trend many years ago. With swifter ways to find prostate and other cancers, more people are leading longer and higher quality lives as a direct result.

Some believe that prostate cancer will cause great pain, weird urination results and so forth. The truth is that most prostate cancers won’t reveal visible and/or noticeable symptoms until very late stages of this progressive form of cancer. There can be some difficulty with urination, but gross blood and other abnormal signs don’t arise until later. This is why Cancer Treatment Centers of America is promoting constantly for greater participation in cancer screens. It is also a myth that prostate cancers once diagnosed are always deadly. CTCA sees many remissions and cures daily.

Jeffry Schneider Implements Health And Wellness Plan

Jeffry Schneider is a successful entrepreneur that founded a prestigious investment company. He continues to make huge strides in the industry by working towards valuable leadership skills and a successful wellness plan. He feels that the best way to enhance your overall health is to stick to a health wellness program and promote the benefits to your employees.

By focusing on staying healthy and organizing a wellness program for his employees, he feels that he can help improve the morale and productivity. Research and statistics show that by including exercise or some form of healthy goals, you can improve the overall performance of yourself and your employees. Schneider understands that these things need to take place within his company, and elects to offer his staff a variety of activities that work with different wellness programs.

Schneider works to improve productivity within himself and his employees by wellness activities and healthier eating choices. He believes in order to successfully process information and become more energized, you need to take an active approach to increasing activities to promote increased productivity.

Schneider offers a wellness program to his employees because they tend to be happier and seem more satisfied with their jobs. When they began to feel better about themselves and they are achieving goals that they’ve set, they become happier, healthier and successful.

He is also very active in his community by helping to promote balance, structure and overall improvements. By adding group activities that involve health and wellness, you will start to connect with employees. It helps to build the community into a more positive outlook and works to engage all members of the community. Social health can become healthy for those seeking to heighten their health and wellness.

jeffry schneider professional

Jerry Schneider sees many benefits to adding an employee wellness and engagement activity to his business. Not only does it help produce more productivity within himself and his employees, it lowers healthcare costs. We all know that the healthier we are and the better choices that we make, the less we have to use our insurance. This in return reduces the risks of health care costs and helps us all save money. Naturally, there are fewer doctor visits and fewer medications you have to take.

Taking part in a wellness plan and following through with it also gives you a sense of accomplishment. You’ve now set a goal and you’ve met it. There is nothing better than working towards a goal that can be hard to achieve. Once you achieve the goal you’ve set, you can work towards the next goal and feel accomplished in doing so.


The benefits keep rolling in when you implement a health and wellness plan in your life. Aside from the achievements, accomplishments, and productivity, you’ll start to reap the benefits of improving your physical fitness. Schneider believes that this is an essential part of being healthy and promotes physical fitness and emotional health. He is actively working towards offering more physical activities.

Schneider knows that work can also be stressful. When trying to meet deadlines, learn new things and keep up with everything, it can be hard to implement a healthy lifestyle. However, when working out and taking care of yourself, you can decrease the many stressors in life.

Jeffry Schneider takes a proactive approach to everything in his life and works hard to provide the best work environment for his employees. He loves to travel and spend time with his family when he’s not busy with his business. He is fully dedicated and committed to enhancing interactions with his staff to ensure that they are physically and emotionally healthy by becoming a positive leader and role model.

Barbara Stokes

Barbra Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama LLC. This is a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor company based in Huntsville, Texas. Barbra attended Mercer University where she graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics in 2001. She also studied other disciplines such as Thermodynamics, Technical Communication, Structures and Quality of materials, and Manufacturing and Management. Before forming GSH of Alabama, Barbra worked at Pisces Corporation and Boeing Companies. Barbra possesses massive experience in government contracting and this has been helpful in managing GSH of Alabama LLC. She is a mother of three kids and she actively volunteers in Huntsville community service affairs. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Barbra Stokes together with her husband Scott Stokes founded GSH of Alabama in 2008. Scott is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of this company. Scott Stokes was a corporate pilot before coming to GSH of Alabama LLC. Scott is credited as the brainchild of the numerous proprietary design concepts that are of massive help to the United States Government.

GSH of Alabama LLC is a manufacturing facility based in Alabama. The company offers solutions in design, building, delivery and onsite construction of commercial and residential buildings. GSH of Alabama LLC provides construction engineering services throughout the North America continent. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

GSH of Alabama also offers in-house project management services as well as independent engineering. The company executes this through planning, installation, and inspection of commercial and residential buildings. The company under the leadership of Barbra Stokes has managed to provide contraction services to the government and private institutions. Some of the company’s reputable work includes designing and supply of underground training facilities for the army. Barbra also managed to successfully bid a designing and manufacturing of a student housing project in Mississippi. These are among other innumerable works in the government and private sector. The company is also a good employer and is always on the market ready to recruit qualified candidates

Barbra Stokes has received a certification from Small Owned Business Firm. She is ever committed to leading GSH of Alabama LLC in support of FEMA mission and the United States at large.


Logan Stout Is A Great Leader

There are many sides to every individual who chooses to start a business, and every person who takes the time to create a business of their own has a reason for doing that. Logan Stout is the founder of IDLife, a company that puts out nutritional products. He had a reason for starting the company that he did, and he gives of himself to make that company great. He is someone who is well prepared for the running of company, and he is someone who has a number of good traits that make him a good leader.

When Logan Stout was asked if there is a single book that he would recommend others read, he shared that he believes that the Bible has something to offer to all. He feels that those who are Christian and those who are not can benefit from the story that is shared in the Bible. He believes that everyone can look up to Jesus as a leader and follow the example that he gave as to the right way of living and leading.

Logan Stout is someone who is careful with his money. When he was asked about the best way he spent $100 recently, he shared that the best money that he spent recently was given to someone who was starting a nonprofit. He did not use the money to purchase something for himself or for someone in his family, instead, he used that money to help those who are in need. He is someone who can be looked up to because of the giving heart that he has.

When Logan Stout was asked in an interview about one strategy that has helped him to get where he is at and find the success that he has found, he shared that he pours himself into the people around him. He feels that one of the things that has helped him to be successful is actually helping others to be successful. He has a heart for others, and he has learned that he can grow through helping those who are a part of his life.

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Agora Financial Accurate Financial Information That You Can Trust

Planning finance is not an easy thing, especially considering the situation of the financial market today. If you are looking to make the most of your investments, it is essential that you do a considerable amount of research and invest wisely in financial products that are fundamentally strong and well-reviewed. To get such information and accurate economic analysis, getting expert advice becomes necessary. It is where Agora Financial comes in. Agora Financial has been around since 1979 and was started to help people understand the dynamics of the complex financial market in an easy to understand manner.

Agora Financial has made some highly accurate predictions about the financial trends over the years like the recession that hit the financial markets in 2008 and the fall of crude prices, and so on. Such accurate economic predictions have helped Agora Financial become one of the most trusted financial publications on the market today. The company has over a million subscribers, who rely on Agora Financial for their dose of financial information. The financial and investment analysis made by Agora Financial has helped its readers save a substantial amount of money and also make a significant amount of money.

Agora Financial ensures that the customers get the financial and investment based research information they need to make the most of their money. The readers can get the information provided by Agora Financial through email newsletters, magazine, videos, ebooks, and other such digital options. The company has a pool of financial experts working round the clock to analyze the market trends and predict the future occurrence in the financial markets to help the readers get the information they need to protect and grow their money. Agora Financial has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and its network of reporters is spread across the globe to source the financial news for its readers.

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Oncology Platform and Coordinated Care Define Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America will wind up this year with a thrilling medical care addition of a precise oncology platform. Along with both Allscripts and Nanthealth, CTCA has expanded the reach of cancer care knowledge and information. Critical patient data, medical treatment specifics, drug combination options, drug side effects and/or incompatibilities and expected proven specific treatment choices are recorded in one site by unbiased medical experts. This eclectic gathering of information is first interpreted by a specialized computer formula to spit out logical care steps. This greatly enhances the data that a participating healthcare provider has access to.

Better cancer care only helps patients in general. As cancer care continues to advance, CTCA continues to reorganize how they do things. What may be brand new today might be obsolete a year from now. By allowing a networked computer system to program decipher all of this information, physicians can get to the business of determining the best treatment scenarios for their very unique patients. The determination to eradicate cancer drives everyone within this cancer treatment center to work hard each day. New discoveries lead to more consistent and safer cancer care. As cancer care data becomes more readily available, cancer care treatments will become ever more standardized to bring about better outcomes everywhere.

Patients arrive at Cancer Treatment Centers of America weak and scared. This compassionate team strives to give these people new hope. They try new ways to deliver expertise cancer treatments more likely to have positive results. As a holistic provider of care, CTCA coordinates all coexisting therapies together to simplify a patient’s total care routine. Physical therapists, social workers, insurance experts, nutritionists, nursing care, supplemental care practitioners and cancer care doctors all work side-by-side to give each patient the best chance of walking out cancer free.

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Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, and What He’s Done for Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur born and raised in the United States. Mr. Lefkofsky went to the University of Michigan, where he earned a bachelor’s degree, then immediately returned for a juris doctorate, a professional degree for practicing law.

While Mr. Eric Lefkofsky has been involved in a number of businesses, he’s currently more deeply involved in his current endeavor, Tempus, than any other thus far. Lefkofsky helped found Tempus just a few years ago, a tech company that’s set to prepare the most expansive library of data about cancer patients – and nothing else except such data from cancer patients – all taken from clinical settings, with a healthy dose of information derived from a research setting, in which molecular data is entered alongside clinical cancer-related information to result in a useful, accessible form of such a combination of data.

Tempus effectively allows physicians to have a better idea of how to treat cancer patients’ symptoms on the surface level, as well as which regimens over long periods of time work best in treating the deadly diseases.

Unfortunately for those stricken by cancer, the disease sometimes returns. According to an analysis conducted by the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center, when reviewing just short of 741,000 people that had been recently diagnosed with some form of cancer – all of which were a part of the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results program at the school’s medical center – the SEER study found that 25 percent of people 65 years and older were likely to experience the disease a second time.

Further – and thankfully for younger generations – only 11 percent of people under the age of 65 who had been recently diagnosed were found to have experienced cancer prior to their most recent diagnosis.

The study also found that, depending on what type of cancer had been diagnosed in the past, the prevalence of prior cancer rates ranged anywhere from 4 to 37 percent. A positive sentiment returned from research done as part of the SEER program is that the total number of cancer survivors is steadily growing.

The Brain behind UTC Technologies- Former CEO Louis Chenevert

Being a successful investor and making a name for your business, is the dream of every investor. This is not easy with the current competition. A good strategy and high innovation skills are what differentiates every investor. Louis Chenevert is one of the recognized successful business persons in the state. Many business people are using his mechanisms in running their businesses.

Louis Chenevert learned Production Management in school. After schooling, he went to work with General Motors. Here, he worked for 14 years. He was a competent employee, and this led to him being given the Production Manager post. He later got a chance to work with Pratt and Whitney. Through his determination and hard work, the company’s revenue raised rapidly. This never went unrewarded. He was made the chief executive officer of the company. This was after six years in the firm. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Wings Journal.

It is worthwhile to note that it was through patience that Louis Chenevert became the person he is today. He was always a competent employee. Unlike other individuals who lazy around in work, he gave every opportunity he got his all.

In 2006, he was appointed as the chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). This was the beginning of the peak session of his career. Read more on

Being a diversified company, it needed an innovative individual. Louis Chenevert, being a determined and diligent individual was the right person for the position. He says that it is through innovation and hard work that he made the difference. He raised the company’s revenue by almost 200%.

Louis Chenevert is also an environmentalist. He noticed the high levels of global warming. As a result, he opted to reduce the rate of water consumption and the amount of greenhouse gas released. By so doing, the products of the company became more marketable. Louis advised other companies to do the same.


Despite Louis stepping down from the post, the company will forever owe him gratitude. This is because he set the high standards that the company has. The current CEO still employs his strategies to run the business. He believes that by so doing, the company will be able to maintain the company’s position in the society.

Louis Chenevert is an iconic feature in the business world that will be forever be honored.