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OSI Food Solutions in Toledo, Spain Doubles Chicken Production

When there’s a greater demand, companies usually make an effort to meet that demand. The same is true of OSI Food Solutions when the countrymen of Spain and Portugal showed an increase desire for chicken. OSI upgraded their Spanish production facility so that it could produce more poultry products with greater ease. The production facility in Toledo, Spain provides the poultry, pork and beef for both countries.

OSI invested 17 million Euros in the renovation and expansion of the Toledo plant. The additional 22,600 square feet houses shipping and receiving areas, a production hall, supply storage, refrigerated rooms for waste container storage, a social area for the staff, hot water and nitrogen tanks and service areas for oil. These initial changes have resulted in the hiring of 20 new people and will help increase the plants production to 45,000 tons of chicken, pork and beef.

The Toledo plant was producing 12,000 tons of chicken products annually, now it will produce 24,000 tons. Of the 20 people added, one of the key positions is a product development manager. It’s a new title designed to provide leadership for the company’s development of new products and its improvement of its existing product line.

OSI-Toledo also enhanced their defense system with a new perimeter access control surveillance system, added cameras and a state-of-the-art firefighting system. The plant’s consumption of electricity was reduced by 20%. Another area of conservation is in the heat recovery from the refrigeration unit and the cogeneration system. Saving even more energy, these units are used to heat 200 cubic meters of water each night, which is used by the cleaning staff.

All of these steps were completed in an effort to address the growth of demand for chicken. Consistently, the demand for chicken has increased by 6% each year for the past ten years. It increased in the last three years to 8% growth each year.

By adding the space, capacity was also increased. OSI Solutions is excited about their new products that can be added to their portfolio. The increased capacity will allow OSI to grow their foodservice offerings and key retail accounts, as well as better support their existing customers.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Expanding Company

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a successful cosmetic surgeon in the Dallas area. Over the years, she has managed a thriving cosmetic surgery practice in the area. When she attended medical school, few people knew about cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is now widespread. Millions of people each year utilize cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks. Cosmetic surgery also has medical applications for various procedures.

Graduating from School

Medical school is challenging for anyone to finish. However, Dr. Jennifer Walden wanted to become a doctor her entire life. She worked hard to achieve all of her goals in life. While in medical school, she was mentored by some of the most prominent leaders in the medical field.

Once she graduated, she worked in a hospital for several years. Although she enjoyed the work, she wanted to interact with patients more. She decided to open a cosmetic surgery practice in her area. Opening a medical business is a substantial financial risk, but Dr. Jennifer Walden was prepared to be successful.

Business Owner

Dr. Jennifer Walden loved being a business owner. She enjoyed interacting with clients on a regular basis. As a business owner, she could decide how much to work each day. Working in the medical field is difficult because of the long hours required each day. There were many days when Dr. Jennifer Walden only slept for a few hours.

With a successful cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Jennifer Walden is excited about the future. She is ready to expand her company to serve more clients. She also volunteers to help others in the local community.

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Obsidian Energy And The Foundation That’s Built Its Success

The companies that are still in operations today have so much incentive to perform well because of the available opportunities for them. With all the networks, interconnectedness and social media today, things are easy to escalate in the positive direction for companies. So long as companies don’t go evil, and they don’t try to play aggressively without consideration for others, there’s always an opportunity for growth barring the risks inherent in the competition. That said, one company today that has shown impressive growth and progress is Obsidian Energy, formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd, and this article shows you the reasons why.



The Obsidian Progress



Everyone already knows that one of the most successful and expansive companies today regarding innovation in the energy business is Obsidian Energy. The solutions in the company have been offering such a lot of offerings to their clients, and that’s what’s making them lead in the mid-level energy production business.



The communities and partners of Obsidian Energy have been able to create an enterprise that can deliver a high number of tons of fuel to different areas. This is impressive, but what’s more impressive is the fact that the business is still here means that they know something that most start-ups should consider.



The level of discipline that Obsidian Energy’s workforce has also been worth emulating. There’s a lot of factors to consider when you’re trying to make it big in any business, but the thing with Obsidian Energy is that it has done its operations with the kind of dedication that you don’t seem to find elsewhere. It offers help with its services to different companies, but they don’t forget the fact to take care of the employees first. According to reports and analysis, one good way to secure the progress and sustenance of a company is to make it foundationally strong and to do this, the employees should be valued first. Read This Article for related information.



The fact that Obsidian Energy has done this, has rebranded itself and still stayed firm is an indication that there’s more to its future than meets the eye. Without the right team to make this happen and the right leadership, Obsidian wouldn’t have reached its success today.



Obsidian Energy also has a commitment to make positive impacts on all of the communities where they have operations. Obsidian sponsor a Community Matters Program where all employees and contractors are to communicate openly with all people in the communities.



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The Chainsmokers Winning the Audience With their Creative Music

Many new music genres have been added to the list of genres in recent years, and one of it is EDM, an abbreviation for electronic dance music. There have been many artists who have been using their creativity to produce something new and unique to entice the audience, and one of the DJ and Production Duo that has been successful in captivating the audience with their music is The Chainsmokers. The duo consists of two leading artists, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, and their first experience of fame was when they released their first single named Selfie. Their song “Selfie” became a global hit, and subsequently, they released another album by the name of Bouquet which consisted of a song named Roses, which was in the top 10 US Billboard Hot 100.

One of their other songs by the name of “Don’t Let me Down” also reached the top five singles category and won Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording as well. The Chainsmokers have been unstoppable since then and as given many hit singles since then, including “Closer,” which went on to be the number one single for twelve weeks in a row. The Chainsmokers have won many awards since they entered the mainstream music industry, including five iHeartRadio Music Awards and two American Music Awards. Both their EP, namely Bouquet and College are much loved by the audience and have been downloaded millions of times online. In 2017, the Chainsmokers released their first studio album named Memories. Do Not Open.

In 2018, the Chainsmokers have released their new single by the name of Sick Boy, which has been gaining much love from the audience world over. The Chainsmokers has been touring across the globe in many different countries, and their popularity has been growing at a massive pace. Their new single Sick Boy is gaining popularity world over, and the lyrics written by them has been widely appreciated as well. Their background with Djing and music has helped them unearth their creativity to the maximum. The loyal patrons of the Chainsmokers have been giving rave reviews to the duo for their new singles, which has been moving up in charts with every passing day.

Sick Boy creators: The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers dynamic duo consisting of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have debuted several other successful, number-breaking songs, most popular being “Paris,” “Closer”, “Something Just Like This” that featured the group Coldplay. The Chainsmokers as a group were re-created to become an EDM DJ group back in 2012 with the help of their manager at that time, Adam Alpert. Pall was already known for his DJing skills when Alpert introduced him to Taggart. Pall went to NYU to major in Art history and Music. Taggart was across the way at Syracuse University while doing an internship for Interscope Records.

Taggart was making a name for himself on Soundcloud with a few DJing tracks that he released after taking an interest in perfecting the skill. The duo began taking tracks from Indie bands and creating remixes to them and putting them out on Soundcloud. In 2012, Indian recording artist Priyanka Chopra paired up with the Chainsmokers for the song “Erase” and then for the song “The Rookie”, which debuted in the early Spring of 2013. Currently, Pall and Taggart just released their anticipated track titled “Sick Boy”. The duo stated that they try to stay current with their genre of music when releasing new material. Taggart mentioned during the interview with Hugh McIntyre, that the group has not released a song in about nine months, which is a record-breaking length of time for them. For the group to elevate to a higher level, The lodging giant and American Express along with attending several different music genres of concerts over the span of a few years made it possible.

The sound of “Sick Boy”, is by far out of left field, but close to the box for them. The Chainsmokers have always had music that has been on the heavily lyrical side, showing a reflection of their generation and what is like to be apart of a movement that relates to other people. McIntyre mentions speaking with Pall and Taggart before they went on stage at in New York City at the Conrad hotel for a member special event. It is amazing to think that the duo has only been mainstream for the last two years, since December of 2013 with a free concert, where it feels as if they have been around forever.

O2PUR – The Next Big Thing In the E-Cig Industry

If there is a time that you need to invest in the e-cigarette industry, then it is now. The ongoing consolidation of major players in the sector is something that witty investors cannot afford to fail to capitalize on. Besides, electronic cigarettes are gaining traction among smokers due to their convenience.

Initially, e-cigs stimulated the user through the heating of liquefied nicotine. While the effect was there, it did not match up with the standard cigarettes. However, the latest breakthrough in the industry is set to change this trend. Known as heat-not-burn (HNB) technology, this discovery will heat real tobacco and deliver the sensation similar to that of regular cigs. The advantage of HNB over traditional cigarettes is that its vapor is free of toxic chemicals produced by burning tobacco leaves. Moreover, manufacturers will have a continuous revenue stream as smokers will have to renew the nicotine liquid in the new generation HNB rollups regularly.

While it is still in its early stages, the future of HNB certainly looks promising. In a pilot program in Japan, tobacco giant BAT earned a 5% market share two months after introducing its pioneering HNB product, iFuse Glo. American company O2PUR is also set to follow this trend, given the auspicious nature of this technology.

About O2PUR

This is an American firm that deals in electronic cigarettes. Their portfolio includes the cigs and all accompanying accessories, including chargers, nicotine refills, and batteries. The company came into the fold in 2012. Despite its relatively short time in existence, this enterprise is on a steady rise. This is primarily due to massive investment in cutting-edge technology and commitment to offering excellent products. A testament to this is the quick adoption of the HNB as mentioned earlier technology, which many experts perceive as the next big thing in the e-cig industry.

What’s Next For Academy of Art University

When it comes to the schools for the performing arts, the United States is home to numerous schools of prominent appeal. One of the leaders of the pack is known as Academy of Art University, and this school of talented individuals has raised the bar extremely higher than before. Academy of Art is located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. Founded by a painter named Richard Stephens, this for-profit institution is one of the biggest privately held art & design institutions in America. When you look at the numbers on paper, they are pretty much staggering. Academy of Art University houses over 12,500 students, and it has up to 283 full-time teachers on deck. To add a bit of extra information, this institution has up to 1,154 part-time teachers.

One of the biggest and best achievements of this fine institution is that it represents itself very well in the month of September. Every year in the month of September, one of the biggest exhibitions of fashion goes on public display, and this exhibit is known as New York Fashion Week. For 2017, Academy of Art University well-represented itself with five womenswear lines and two menswear lines. In addition to that, the school decided to throw in a special collaboration. In total, there were 10 MFA and BFA graduates who represented the school, and they successfully put on a show. Skylight Clarkson Square was the headquarters, and it certainly didn’t disappoint the copious amounts of prying-eyes. Yes, there were celebrities and industry-insiders in attendance like Ms. J. Alexander of “America’s Next Top Model.”

Can you imagine the amount of time, the amount of hard work and the amount of stress that goes into an exhibit like this? For many designers, this exhibit can make or break a career. Runway or stage time is only 15 minutes long. All in all, Academy of Art University is at the top of its game, and it will definitely continue to introduce eclectic fashion attire in the years to come.

Malcolm CasSelle & Cryptocurrency

Virtual assets have forever changed the world of money and commerce. Cryptocurrency is invading the gaming industry and Malcolm CasSelle and his company are on the forefront of virtual assets in the gaming industry.

In the major system of virtual assets, there is a collection of marketplaces that securely handle the payment integration and language of these virtual assets. However, because of security measures, some of these assets are limited to certain regions and countries. This creates a broken system of virtual payments. Malcolm CasSelle’s company, Wax Token, is a platform that creates a seamless process for users to tokenize their virtual gaming assets. Wax’s pioneering blockchain technology is creating a secure way for sellers and buyers to effectively monetize their tokens.

Malcolm CasSelle is a technology entrepreneur. He is the CIO of OpSkins, a masterful global company with major in-game virtual asset sales. He is the president of WAX. Malcolm is an educated man with degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University. He got both of his degrees in computer science. Throughout his career, he has put his computer science brain to work by working for several technology companies and moving up the ranks to president of a leading virtual assets company.

Malcolm CasSelle’s career in technology began in 1995 producing Afrocentric culture media. He went on to working in telecommunications and investments. He has worked as an executive for top companies like Groupon. In 2012, he began working in the video game side of the technology industry. He has a history as an investor. He was an investor in the early stages of Zynga and Facebook. Today, he participates in investments involving bitcoin companies.

The booming industry of virtual assets is beaming with possibilities of fraud and security issues. Malcolm CasSelle, a man with many years of computer and technology success, is leading the future with his company’s pioneering platform. Because the world of virtual currency is only growing and becoming more popular, it is sure that the WAX platform will continue to enable users a safe and speedy process of monetizing their virtual assets.

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Dr. David Samadi: The Man behind SMART technique

Where did David Samadi grow up?

David Samadi was born in a Persian Jewish community that is in Iran. In 1979, the Iranian Revolution had ended and at the age of 15 Samadi left with his younger sibling to further their education in Belgium as well as London, UK.

Where did he attend school?

The boys settled in Roslyn, New York where they graduated from high school. Samadi studied at Stony Brook University earning bachelors in biochemistry all on a full scholarship from the school. Samadi did not stop there as he received his M.D from Stony Brook School of Medicine in 1994. He excelled in his dual postgraduate urology training at Montefiore Medical(2000) and proctology at Albert Einstein Medical College in 1996. Samadi proceeded with an Oncology in proctology while at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Center for Cancer in the year 2001. In 2002, he studied under Professor Claude Abbou while in France at Henri Mondor Hospital.

What is the SMART technique that he developed?

Samadi developed the SMART technique to help with recovery after prostate surgery and the recovery time after surgery. This technique drastically decreases the amount of damage that can be done during surgery as well as speed up the recovery for the patient. He teamed up the DaVinci robot and the SMART technique for unbelievable results that would yield up only 24 hours needed before being released from the hospital after surgery. With this, patients can expect to be back to work anywhere between one and three weeks. This technique does come with a warning as it is very advanced and should never be performed in early learning with robotic surgery.

Where does he work?

Samadi currently works at Lenox Hill Hospital where he is a Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery.

What is Dr. David Samadi TV?

Dr. David Samadi TV is a brilliant creation from Samadi that showcases his skills and updates with his works. On the site, you are able to observe any live workings that he chooses to share, an about me that give detailed information about his life, and his progress over the years. For those not sure about what is going wrong with their bodies, they can use the symptom checker in order to determine if a doctor is needed immediately. There are videos and blog posts written by Dr. David Samadi to educate those that are unaware or wanting to know more. Finally yet importantly, he has news media and a way to contact him.

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Sahm Adrangi The Kerrisdale Capital Story

Sahm Adrangi Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital recently released a report on the Eastman Kodak Company that was in a negative light. Sahm Adrangi explained that the reason for this report was he positioned Kerrisdale Capital to have a short position on the Eastman Kodak Company. This means that He will stand to benefit if the stock value of the company begins to depreciate. He believes that the recent jump in the stock value of over 187 percent is an anomaly after the announcement that Kodak was going to launch a blockchain based image licensing platform. More details on Sahm Adrangi at

Sahm Adrangi believes that the Kodak company still lacks solid fundamentals for a profitable company and will soon return to their track record of underperformance. This has led to what has been described as an unsustainable capital structure by Sahm Andragi. There has been much noise in the world of investment as blockchain based technologies are becoming more and more prominent in recent years. There are plenty of applications that these new technologies promise to have yet so far very few real-world products have been produced. The Kodak company sought to capitalize on this trend by using a new blockchain based image licensing platform to allow photographers to copyright their photos in a way that is impenetrable to fraudsters. Learn more about Sahm Adrangi at

The ICO craze, or initial coin offering, has seen many companies raise multiple millions of dollars overnight already. Yet several of these have exploded in well-publicizied scandals. At the end of the day, Sahm Adrangi believes that Eastman Kodak Company is the same business that it was before and this recent jump in stock value will be short lived. Drawing on decades of investment experience Sahm Adrangi felt confident in his decision to short the Eastman Kodak Company and believes he will turn a decent profit within the next few years. Sahm Andragi’s investment company Kerrisdale Capital is a company that bases its investment decisions off of business fundamentals particularly looking at long-term value investments and special event situations.