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Malcolm CasSelle Introduces Digital Goods Cryptocurrency

Malcolm CaSelle is known as the founder of Mt. Gox, an exchange for digital trading cards and as a primary employee of OpSkins, the world’s leading supplier of cosmetic overrides for video games. As a graduate of MIT and Stanford, his education has enabled him to reach a niche market and be very successful in it.

Now Malcolm CasSelle plans to reach further into the video game community with WAX. Previously, Mt. Gox only targeted Magic: The Gathering players and the OpSkins audience was exclusive to players of first person shooter survival games. With WAX Tokens, gamers will be able to exchange their virtual items from all genres of video games in a safe and reliable way. WAX Tokens are already accepted by various video game goods retailers including OpSkins.

WAX is not a store. The intention of WAX is to provide a place for individuals to set up their own stores and to give them a safe means of conducting transactions.


What are WAX Tokens?

WAX Tokens are a new cryptocurrency designed to be used during the exchange of virtual products – not just video game products. WAX uses blockchain technology to assure its users that the system is one-hundred percent safe.


Who is Malcolm CasSelle?

Malcolm CaSelle is an innovative entrepreneur in the business of trading digital goods. He obtained the best education available from the best colleges in the world and has went on to be involved in several successful companies in the online world. His original project was called NetNoir and was an Afrocentric multimedia production company. In 2012 he was named CEO of Xfire, a social media platform that combined news and live streaming for gamers.

Malcolm CaSelle has also ventured into the publishing business and has found himself in a very successful position at tronc Inc,. tronc is one of the premiere publishers of newspapers in the United States. The company handles the printing and distribution for prominent names in news such as the Chicago Tribune and New York Daily News.


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Vijay Eswaran Writes About Preparing Your Mind For Success

With the right mindset and work ethic it is possible to overcome great obstacles and succeed. The rise to unprecedented business success of Vijay Eswaran is proof that statement is true. Eswaran shares many other essential keys for attaining success in his articles, books and speeches. Vijay Eswaran started the QI Group in the middle of an economic downturn in Asia, with very few resources and limited experience in network marketing. What he did have is a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish, a plan to accomplish it, a willingness to work hard and the belief it would work.

Now that Vijay Eswaran is a multimillionaire that has created a better life for millions of people, he has a platform to share what it took for him to succeed. He talks about the tools he used to build his business empire in his writings. In his books ‘In the Sphere of Silence’ ’18 Stepping Stones’, ‘In The Thinking Zone’ and ‘On The Wings of Thought’, Eswaran provides a blueprint for properly preparing your mind and managing your life if you want to make your dreams of a successful business or any other goal a reality.

He also deals with fear, change, motivation, leadership and more in his articles ‘Two Minutes From The Abyss’, ‘3 Ways Fear Drives Success’, ‘The Stages Of Change’ and the ‘5 Cs Of Servant Leadership’. Eswaran explains why it’s essential to act with urgency, how fear can excite, energize and motive people and the need to embrace it for success in life and business. He also writes about the often painful presence of change beginning inside and leading to mental, physical and spiritual transformation and a more powerful and productive person.

Vijay Eswaran also addresses what it took for him to lead a company from net to nothing to explosive growth and prosperity that improves the lives of millions. He explains that requires a caring leader with a clear vision of the goal, a commitment to growth, good core values and the willingness to make the sacrifices necessary to make the vision a reality.

Find out more about Vijay Eswarn: https://www.amazon.in/Sphere-Silence-Vijay-Eswaran-ebook/dp/B008VEC2UI