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The Remarkable Operations Of OSI Industries

OSI Industries operates on a global scale. The company which is based in Illinois offers high-quality food products to various food outlets from different parts of the world. OSI Food Solutions is one of the best food product suppliers in the United States. The company has gained a great reputation for its reliable supply of food products, well-organized distribution network, custom-made protein products, and ability to meet the increasing demands of products.

OSI Industries significantly contributes to the growth of the economy since it offers about 20,000 employment opportunities. The company also has 65 branches located in different continents. The company gains a competitive advantage over others due to the provision of custom food products. The company also plays a significant role in ensuring continued growth of other major food companies by offering them quality products. OSI Industries does not compromise its consistency and reliability when it comes to supplying food products to consumers. One of the primary goals of the company is to ensure that clients get a great experience.

In 2016, a major accomplishment that OSI Industries made was receiving a prestigious award. The company earned the Globe of Honor Awards which is only presented to firms that apply incredible company policies to ensure maximum environmental preservation. OSI Industries was also honoured for the remarkable contributions of its management team. The company was among the 18 organizations that were honoured with the award. The company’s outstanding governance also plays a crucial role in ensuring environmental conservation. OSI Industries employs highly experienced professionals who value sustainable development. As a result, the company is made up of a competent executive team that carries out development projects while ensuring that future generations will also benefit.

OSI’s plant that was founded in Scunthorpe started operating in 1989. The plant also continues to prosper as it provides beef and other protein products to customers in the region. In 2013 and 2015, OSI Industries was also recognized for its incredible operations. The company received other awards due to the impeccable methods it employs to ensure that employees are in good health and that they are safe in the workplace. Other activities that earned the company the awards include sustainability in growth and employing an integrated approach in running operations.

OSI Industries mostly specializes in providing consumers with high-value proteins. The company offers products that enable restaurants and other food outlets to prepare snacks, desserts, and lunches among other foods. Sausages, pizzas, and cooked beef are some of the products it offers. To expand its operations in Europe, OSI Food solutions acquired Baho Food.

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The Leadership Philosophy of Vijay Eswaran

Fear can either paralyse us or fear can excite and motivate us. Vijay Eswaran’s life and business philosophy is that fear should be used to impel us to take risks in order to reap great rewards. Vijay came to realize that any day can be our last and we must live as though we are, as he puts it, at all times but two minutes away from the abyss and living your life with a sense of urgency supercharges your life. He postulates that fear is a great motivator for growth and that security and comfort cannot lead to a life of growth.

And change is an important part of that growth. Change must continue throughout your life in order for you to progress. Change can be good or bad, but even bad change is better than no change. It’s a natural process happening all around us every moment of every day. In the latter years of our lives, many people feel overwhelmed by changes and cannot keep up. But in earlier stages of our lives, we must never stop changing.

Vijay Eswaran learned from his father the philosophy of “service above self” that he’s carried with him and has been his philosophy of leadership since then. A leader in business takes care of the people he is leading and then customer service takes care of itself.

A leader has clarity of vision and communicates it to their team so that everyone knows what the goals are and where they are headed.

Core values that include honesty, truth, acceptance and compassion defines who you are as a leader and who you are as a company.

Servant leaders support and assists the people on their team to grow professionally to help them become the best they can be in order that the organization experiences growth as well.

Finally, great leaders willingly sacrifice so that the team is motivated and unified in their shared goals.

The Influence Of Desiree Perez On The Music Industry

There is a lot more to Desiree Perez than being the COO for Roc Nation. She is the driving force for many of the biggest male and female names in the music sector. She is married to Juan Perez and the couple belong to the Hova Circle of Influence. This circle encompasses the investors and influencers in the entertainment and music business. It took a great deal of strength for Desiree Perez to make it to the top of an industry dominated by men. Numerous individuals enjoy celebrity status due to her influence. The face of Roc Nation may be Jay Z but the heart is Desiree Perez. She is known for her compassion, toughness and steadiness.

The estimated revenue for the entertainment and music industry for 2016 was approximately $17.2 billion. This accounts for one-third of the worldwide revenue for the sector. Although men hold most of the leadership roles there are some powerful female executives including Desiree Perez. She made the Women in Music List in 2017 for Billboard. This list covers the best female influencers, dealmakers, tastemakers including discovering talent, negotiating contracts, protecting rights and making records. Desiree Perez is well known among the top record labels, music executives, marketing departments and promotion managers.

The record label of Roc Nation manages music artists, songwriters, sound engineers and producers. In addition to publishing music the label is involved with television and film deals, merchandising and handling tours. The company has signed Santigold and Wale, Shakira, Rita Ora, Timbaland, Calvin Harris, NO ID and J. Cole. Desiree Perez was responsible for Jay Z Carter evolving from a rapper to a well known business mogul. She has been contributing to Roc Nation since 2009 and her influence has been critical for the success of the company. During her time with Roc Nation she has become a serious negotiator.

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Glen Wakeman, Wakes People Up

Glen Wakeman is an author, entrepreneur, start up activist, and key leader when it comes down to helping small companies not just survive the storms of early business ventures but also thrive in the economic world. Glen is known for his style of listing out advice and tips for the growing and budding business owner. He gives credit to his curiosity which he repeatedly states is his main character strength when it comes to working through problems, moving up to the next level economically, and ultimately to give out the customer satisfaction which is integrated in his work and life as a conductor of business (Glenwakeman). Glen Wakeman had humble beginnings as a janitor for an auto body shop bathroom which he described as filthy, unsanitary, and run down. It was just the beginning for Glen Wakeman and it helped him push through his time studying at a university where he’d plant ideas in his mind about different business ventures and opportunities in the very real world of money. He has since concluded that ideas are just ideas, not plans, which is what his line of business entails as he helps start up companies get past the preoccupation and hype of a mere idea to ultimately formulate a plan, hence a solution and strategy for massive success. Glen Wakeman’s daily routine consists of reading over his financial statement to see what general decisions are to be made according to what the numbers say. He then proceeds to consult his associates and business affiliations about those very decisions to brainstorm a viable solution to back the numbers. Then the day continues on with the functions his current business systems take on like answering emails and checking in on competition in order to give his company the winning edge. The day typically ends with tea or coffee, and as these days progress you could say Glen Wakeman Wakes People Up.


The Impact Jorge Moll Has on the Quality of Healthcare and Patients’ Lives

If there are people you know with a profound medical history, then Neuroscientist Jorge Moll tops the list. He studied in Brazil at Federal University where he earned his Doctor of Medicine degree in Neuroscience. He further did his residency and completed it at the same university in Rio de Janeiro. Moll proceeded with his career at Sao Paulo University and got his Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Pathophysiology. Whenever Moll comes across people with health issues that affect their life quality in a negative way, he is always compelled to help them. Moll is today the president of D’Or, an institute involved in Research and Education. He is also a board member in the same institution.

Jorge Moll is widely recognized to be the Director of the Unit that deals with Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. He also happens to be the Director of a top-rated imaging and diagnostics laboratory known by the name Neuroinformatics Workgroup. Besides being a career man, he has a family he lives with in Rio de Janeiro. What motivated Moll to come up with D’Or was his vision and passion for a cultivated world-class healthcare, education and research in his home country. He has a routine way of keeping things and related activities productive. Moll creates time to speak to entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, associates and students. By so doing, he is able to exchange collaboration and ideas for free.

Moll is one man who believes that ideas must become realities. He says ideas are plentiful and ways to make them real are not limited. He notes that choosing the best idea from the many and doing away with others is probably the hardest thing people come across. Moll indicates that he only selects ideas that would enhance collaboration and be actualized ( He is highly impressed with how brains and machines work and the improvement cognitive systems and artificial intelligence have attained.

Jorge is also strongly fascinated by the incredible developments in gene therapy and regenerative medicine. As a businessman, he highlights productivity is based on one’s skillfulness, openness and transparency. He advises his younger versions that they shouldn’t hold onto plans and ideas for too long. Moll believes that the best thing to do with ideas is either to some new ones or run with the ones you have.


Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology The Best Defense to Drones for Prisons

Prisons have always faced the problem of smuggled goods. Inmates often get their hands on contraband items such as cell phones, drugs, cigarettes and even knives that would allow them to gain power in prison. It has often led to severe situations within the prison and outside of it. Inmates have used these items to blackmail the guards at prisons to do favors for them. If they deny, they or their loved ones are hurt. Thus, there has to be a way to stop these contraband items to find their ways into the prisons. But, first one needs to know the ways that these criminals are using to get these things smuggled inside.


One of the most modern and the latest way inmates are smuggling goods inside the prison is through advanced drones. When drones came into the market, they were used for specific tasks. But, today these drones have become much more sophisticated, lighter, faster and better. Just as the retail brands such as Amazon and Walmart are introducing drones into their delivery services, the criminals are way ahead of them. Criminals on the outside are helping their friends in prison by smuggling the goods they need inside using these drones. Since drones are very easy to find and can be bought from any nearby market or online, they are being used widely for such activities.


Securus Technologies is one of those few companies that are helping the prison industry to keep these drones away from the inmates. The company has recently introduced their drone detection technology that is completely foolproof and would not allow a single drone to breach the security of the prison. Securus Technologies has already begun their testing of the system in numerous prisons and are hopeful of the results that they are expecting from it.



Bob Reina: He Has A Clear Vision

It would probably be shocking to a lot of people out there to know how many people are completely and totally unaware of what they are doing and why they started a business in the first place. Maybe they had too much time and too much money on their hands. That is why someone like Bob Reina is so smart because he knows the vision of the company and why he wanted to start it in the first place. It has all been clear to him and he knows how he wants the company to grow, change, and evolve as time goes on, as the company is now eleven years in, which is quite remarkable. However, the more that someone reads about Bob Reina, they should expect it from the man.


This is a person that bleeds passion and if anyone is going to do anything worth doing, they need to have passion. That word might get thrown around a lot and people might not fully understand what it means. Passion is all about doing something for the right reasons and because someone believes in it. They care about this and it matters to them. They really want to make a difference in the world around them. They realize they are not the only person in the world, and there are a lot more people that need help and desire help.


Talk Fusion is the help, as it has award-winning video technology that is going to make people’s lives a lot easier. For some people, they use it as a way to talk to people and simply connect with family, friends, and loved ones. For other people, it is a business for them, and they need this to succeed in order for them to make money. Each and every case is different. However they are using Talk Fusion, they can use it risk free right now with 30-day free trials.


Talk Fusion is what has the tech world buzzing and it is growing so quickly. In 2016, one of the awards they won was the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This is an award that is not just given out to anyone. People have to earn it and they have to deserve it. Talk Fusion is proud of this award, and they look forward to more awards in the future. Furthermore, they look forward to helping more people. Learn more:

SoftBank Group Purchases Fortress Investment Group For $3.3 Billion

On July 12, 2017, SoftBank Group Corp purchased Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion in cash and established itself as a leader in the alternative asset investment industry. SoftBank Group is a global company that specializes in internet service, advanced telecommunications, smart robots, AI, and clean energy technology.
The purchase of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank group is providing them with additional resources to continue their mission to promote the next stage of the information revolution.

Fortress Investment Group is an extremely diversified global investment firm with over $36.1 billion in assets under management. Their various investment assets include areas ranging from real estate, permanent capital, credit private equity, investment and other areas of congruent investment categories. Fortress Investment Group has grown over the years with the strategic knowledge and guidance of some of the most renowned alternative asset intellectuals within the investment industry. Names such as Wes Edens, Pete Briger, and Randy Nordone has provided key leadership that has inspired the company to propel itself well beyond the normally expected returns on investments within the alternative distressed and non-performing asset classes.

SoftBank Group Corp decided to retain the leadership within the executive team to provide a stable transition of Fortress Investment Group into the SoftBank Group conglomerate. They are ensuring investors that they will continue to maintain the same business model, processes, culture, brand, and leadership to provide a strong foundation for continued success and substantial returns on investment from their many alternative asset endeavors. In fact, Fortress Investment Group specializes in distressed assets, non-performing assets, and illiquid credit instruments and various other alternative categories within the subprime lending area as well. They also have a very diverse portfolio including private equity and other traditional forms of investment that provides them with the strong diversified portfolio that has generated long-term success and growth for the organization.

Fortress Investment Group has an extremely intellectual and knowledgeable investment staff that specializes in executing strategies with the utmost returns on investment and long-term lucrative growth potential. Furthermore, the leadership within Fortress is some of the well-respected strategic and operational leaders within the investment arena. They have specialized knowledge gained through competencies they obtained from over 30 years of successful growth in some of the industry’s most well-respected investment firms. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and from that time on has established itself as one of the more reliable and trusted alternative asset investment firms in the world by providing more than 1750 institutional and individual clients with the quality returns on investment that has propelled their portfolios to astronomical rates of return.

The leadership within the organization has established a culture that enables them to easily experience corporate mergers and acquisitions and quickly respond to opportunities within the global market to take advantage of their core competencies which are alternative asset investment for the execution and structuring of substantial lucrative deals for their clients. With the purchase of Fortress Investment Group, SoftBank Group Corp has established a strong alliance that will enable it to become one of the leaders within the alternative asset investment industry.

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Jed McCaleb Explains the Blockchain Payments Situation

The past few years have seen people rush into the idea of cryptocurrencies, often referred to as digital money that is backed up by enormous algorithms made for security, record keeping and the purposes of verification. With bitcoin taking the lead in the current industry, other currencies naturally take the next positions. Many investors and experts have delved into the opportunity of putting money into this investment. Jed McCaleb is just one of them.


Background Data


Jed McCaleb is a renowned programmer and bitcoin developer. Well known for founding the likes of eDonkey and now Stellar, McCaleb recently gave his opinion on the future of blockchain payments. In his interview with CNBC, he explained it in notable segments that cannot be ignored. Here are some excerpts of Jed McCaleb’s interview.


More Information


According to McCaleb, current versions of bitcoin will be managed in ledgers. All payments will also be run through universal networks of payments that will involve a concrete ledger based on the factual details of every individual user. Of course, the same universal payment networks will allow people to use different forms of currencies including dollars and euros.


The Overview


Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of one Stellar Organization. He is in charge of the technical team. Coincidentally, Stellar Organization is working on fixing the stated issues by settling transactions in easier ways. Moreover, the foundation allows every user to deal in government-backed currencies as well. Given that large banking institutions like IBM are already using Stellar, it is credible and can be trusted to deliver the promises made by McCaleb.


Who is Jed McCaleb?


McCaleb is a serial bitcoin and blockchain investor. He has been in the industry for decades and understands what the future holds for other investors. His career began when he worked on digital currencies under which networks were verified. Ripple protocol was by far way different from the rest of the mining techniques.


Recently, McCaleb developed This is a commercial project based on the services provided by the Stellar Network. The organization facilitates Stellar’s project of becoming a universal payment currency exchange in developing worlds especially.

O2pur and The E-cigs giants

More tobacco users have moved to using e-cigs, e-cigs are electronic cigarettes, and they excite the smoking of tobacco making the experience even better when they were introduced in the market in 2003, the product was well received, and more users were interested about the products.

When using a product having the right information and mostly understanding the leading companies in the production will you know the product even better and give you a chance to chose from.

Some of the key players in the E-cigs business include;

Reynolds America.

Reynolds has been in the market for several years now, in 2012, the company blue cigs and developed the company to become one of the most valued players in the sector. The company later sold blue cigs to venture into a large pool which was vuse e-cigs, vuse e-cigs has become one of the leading product in the American population and had 38%share. This is a good thing since blue cigs have 16%share.

Reynolds America has ventured into many products some successful and some not, in 2014 they branded previous merchandise that had failed to capture users attention around 1990, all we can do now is hope the best for Reynolds America as we wait to see what they bring us next.

British America Tobacco.

British America Tobacco is one of the largest company in this business, they have ventured into different projects and have ensured they provided their clients with the best flavours and also a variety. The company is engaged in a new project that is expected to be the next biggest project in the market. The Heat-not-burn technology, HNB heats real tobacco until it generates vapour, which is, in turn, transmits nicotine and taste to the user.

The entry of O2Pur in the e-cigs market;

One other company that has taken e-cigs with a storm is O2pur, O2Pur has been in business for five years now and provided their clients with a variety of e-cigs. They also have different products that help make the smoking process even better.

O2Pur offers prices that are consumer-friendly, and products are easily available.