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The One Stock For Kids To Buy As Published By Stansberry Research

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland and with more locations throughout the United States, Stansberry Research is a publishing company with a specialty based on market investments. The company was founded in 1999 by Porter Stansberry, an expert investment advisor and publisher. Since the company has launched, the website and online newsletters it produced help investors investing in mining, oil, power, natural resources, healthcare and biotechnology.

The bi-monthly newsletter that Stansberry Research puts out features articles and research by Porter along with more financial editors that the company has hired over time. Each of the contributing editors is a subject matter expert in particular areas of the investment world. On top of the investment newsletter that gets put out, investors can also subscribe to one of a line of options that the company calls “Investment Portfolio Solutions.” These solutions offer customized investment advice and resources in a wide range of options to consumers under the mantra that the company and journalist are not advisors or brokers, but rather financial journalists.

One neat feature that subscribers to the solutions receive is access to their journal archives that cover the wide variety of topics from the company (Thedailyrecord). One such recent newsletter in the archives features an article from Porter about the only stocks he will teach his kids to buy. In the article, he outlines how two of the richest investors in American history made their money by investing in property and casualty insurance companies. The article goes into detail how the insurance industry is and has been regulated to where most major companies end up paying out more in claims than they’ve brought in through premiums. But, there are and have been unregulated parts of the insurance sector where investors have made a large chunk of their money.

The article ends by highlighting that even though more and more regulations have hammered the insurance industry in recent years, making it hard for insurance companies to greatly profit, Stansberry Research and their team of insurance stock experts have been able to pick winning stocks to invest in with very little risk.


Financial Advisor David Giertz Talks About HSAs and Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

Dublin, Ohio’s David Giertz is a financial professional who has helped many people save and plan for retirement over the past thirty years. He says that retirement requires a lot of planning which is why people reach out to financial advisors like him in order to receive professional help. One thing that he as talked about is whether people should choose an HSA or long-term care insurance when planning for how to pay for their healthcare.

David Giertz says that everyone should be saving unless the hit the lottery. He says that most people should be saving somewhere between 10% to 15% of their income each and every year. This money should be invested in a diverse way with a mix of stocks and bonds depending on a persons risk tolerance. He said that during his time as an executive at Nationwide Financial Distributors he saw that many clients of this company just weren’t saving enough to have the future they were hoping for.

As everyone knows, healthcare costs in America are extremely high. David Giertz says that many people are paying $10,000 a year or more just for their health insurance policy. Long-term care insurance can be a part of a person’s financial plan. This will help them if they end up needing living assistance. If a person suspects this will happen to them than he says they need to go out and buy a long-term care insurance policy right away.

HSAs (health savings accounts) are another great way to save not only for medical care but for anything past age 65. The max people can put into these accounts is $3400 for single people and $6750 for families. As David Giertz points out one of the great things about an HSA is that the person owns it. They can change jobs and take their HSAs with them.

The money in an HSA can be invested, allowing it to grow over time. Each HSA offers different funds. Some have great low-cost options but unfortunately some do not. Either way the money should grow over time, just not as much in a higher fee fund.