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Jed McCaleb Explains the Blockchain Payments Situation

The past few years have seen people rush into the idea of cryptocurrencies, often referred to as digital money that is backed up by enormous algorithms made for security, record keeping and the purposes of verification. With bitcoin taking the lead in the current industry, other currencies naturally take the next positions. Many investors and experts have delved into the opportunity of putting money into this investment. Jed McCaleb is just one of them.


Background Data


Jed McCaleb is a renowned programmer and bitcoin developer. Well known for founding the likes of eDonkey and now Stellar, McCaleb recently gave his opinion on the future of blockchain payments. In his interview with CNBC, he explained it in notable segments that cannot be ignored. Here are some excerpts of Jed McCaleb’s interview.


More Information


According to McCaleb, current versions of bitcoin will be managed in ledgers. All payments will also be run through universal networks of payments that will involve a concrete ledger based on the factual details of every individual user. Of course, the same universal payment networks will allow people to use different forms of currencies including dollars and euros.


The Overview


Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of one Stellar Organization. He is in charge of the technical team. Coincidentally, Stellar Organization is working on fixing the stated issues by settling transactions in easier ways. Moreover, the foundation allows every user to deal in government-backed currencies as well. Given that large banking institutions like IBM are already using Stellar, it is credible and can be trusted to deliver the promises made by McCaleb.


Who is Jed McCaleb?


McCaleb is a serial bitcoin and blockchain investor. He has been in the industry for decades and understands what the future holds for other investors. His career began when he worked on digital currencies under which networks were verified. Ripple protocol was by far way different from the rest of the mining techniques.


Recently, McCaleb developed Lightyear.io. This is a commercial project based on the services provided by the Stellar Network. The organization facilitates Stellar’s project of becoming a universal payment currency exchange in developing worlds especially.

O2pur and The E-cigs giants

More tobacco users have moved to using e-cigs, e-cigs are electronic cigarettes, and they excite the smoking of tobacco making the experience even better when they were introduced in the market in 2003, the product was well received, and more users were interested about the products.

When using a product having the right information and mostly understanding the leading companies in the production will you know the product even better and give you a chance to chose from.

Some of the key players in the E-cigs business include;

Reynolds America.

Reynolds has been in the market for several years now, in 2012, the company blue cigs and developed the company to become one of the most valued players in the sector. The company later sold blue cigs to venture into a large pool which was vuse e-cigs, vuse e-cigs has become one of the leading product in the American population and had 38%share. This is a good thing since blue cigs have 16%share.

Reynolds America has ventured into many products some successful and some not, in 2014 they branded previous merchandise that had failed to capture users attention around 1990, all we can do now is hope the best for Reynolds America as we wait to see what they bring us next.

British America Tobacco.

British America Tobacco is one of the largest company in this business, they have ventured into different projects and have ensured they provided their clients with the best flavours and also a variety. The company is engaged in a new project that is expected to be the next biggest project in the market. The Heat-not-burn technology, HNB heats real tobacco until it generates vapour, which is, in turn, transmits nicotine and taste to the user.

The entry of O2Pur in the e-cigs market;

One other company that has taken e-cigs with a storm is O2pur, O2Pur has been in business for five years now and provided their clients with a variety of e-cigs. They also have different products that help make the smoking process even better.

O2Pur offers prices that are consumer-friendly, and products are easily available.