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Securus Technologies Drone Detection Technology The Best Defense to Drones for Prisons

Prisons have always faced the problem of smuggled goods. Inmates often get their hands on contraband items such as cell phones, drugs, cigarettes and even knives that would allow them to gain power in prison. It has often led to severe situations within the prison and outside of it. Inmates have used these items to blackmail the guards at prisons to do favors for them. If they deny, they or their loved ones are hurt. Thus, there has to be a way to stop these contraband items to find their ways into the prisons. But, first one needs to know the ways that these criminals are using to get these things smuggled inside.


One of the most modern and the latest way inmates are smuggling goods inside the prison is through advanced drones. When drones came into the market, they were used for specific tasks. But, today these drones have become much more sophisticated, lighter, faster and better. Just as the retail brands such as Amazon and Walmart are introducing drones into their delivery services, the criminals are way ahead of them. Criminals on the outside are helping their friends in prison by smuggling the goods they need inside using these drones. Since drones are very easy to find and can be bought from any nearby market or online, they are being used widely for such activities.


Securus Technologies is one of those few companies that are helping the prison industry to keep these drones away from the inmates. The company has recently introduced their drone detection technology that is completely foolproof and would not allow a single drone to breach the security of the prison. Securus Technologies has already begun their testing of the system in numerous prisons and are hopeful of the results that they are expecting from it.