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Actor’s Debut Novel: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

As a new author, Sean Penn undoubtedly had to make a splash and get the attention of readers for his novels. Fortunately, the actor turned author has had not problems with getting his debut novel talked about. Controversary began to grow once the author released small snippets to the public. The snippers immediately went viral over social media. Parts of the book that highlighted the #MeToo Movement and President Trump really got readers intrigued with the novel.


The fifty seven year old author is an accomplished man in Hollywood. He has directed, written and acted for a lo of movies. He is an Oscar winner as well. Amongst his generation, he is considered one of the best that ever acted. But still he is not content with his success. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a very big and important accomplishment for him.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is not a novel full of frilly language. The text on the page is deep, descriptive and uses a wide range of vocabulary. The prose and metaphors of the novel prove how skilled with literature Sean Penn is. The script on the pages hint to the notorious El Chapo, California’s first openly gay political official and to the current state of economics and politics happening all over the world.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is set in a dystopian of a reality. Scenes of the novel take place at the Republican national convention. The baby boomer protagonist goes through scenes that highlight police shootings, the Las Vegas mass shooting, political problems in Yemen and a fictional Donald Trump.


The novel’s protagonist is a recently divorced man working for the government. He works as an assassin murdering people. He tries his hardest to be friendly and to be a people person but he suffers from a condition that causes him to be terribly antisocial. The author created Bob Honey to reveal a snapshot of the author’s feelings towards the nation and society as a whole. Indeed, the author accomplished that because readers everywhere are engrossed with the character and story.


Jacob Gottlieb’s Influential Nature

 Having kept a low profile as the Chief Investigating Officer for the Visium Asset Management and the Hedge Fund, Jacob Gottlieb became famous in 2016. He was born in New York where he developed an interest an interest of empowering immigrants who were versatile in healthcare and economics. He then developed an interest in medicine and healthcare which led him into pursuing a profession in the same field just like his parents. At a tender age, he already demonstrated an investment talent among his peers. While in the seventh grade he won a contest involving stock selection at his school.

Having the desire to nurture his talent, his father entrusted him with his trading account to enable him manage it. He developed the account which after his high school education, he pursued his main interests which were medicine and economics. He eventually earned an economics degree from Brown University and a doctorate degree from the NYU medical school. Prior to that, he had initially planned to pursue a medical career.

He completed his internship in internal medicine while at St. Vincent’s hospital. Later, he changed his career and decided to venture into finance. He mainly dealt with Chartered Financial matters and the Wall Street departments. In 1998, he covered global health care with Sanford Bernstein Company where he was its analyst. After working for some years, he advanced his healthcare career at Merlin Biomed Group and became its manager.

Jacob later worked at Balyasny Asset Management where he managed its large assets enabling him to be its top earner. Jacob Gottlieb also worked with Visium after leaving the asset company where he had enhanced its performance. At the time of his departure, it had 170 employees and was valued at 8 billion by the hedge fund. He worked with Covenant house to protect children. Its main focus was to provide food and shelter to the trafficked children. It was engaged in other meaningful activities to promote the society. It offered services which included educational support, skills training program, and healthcare. Being the largest agency in the private sector, it has managed to serve US, Canada, and Central America for twenty years.

Significantly, other philanthropic organizations were enacted to promote the education system in the US. They include Math for America, Science and Technology and Math (STEM). Jacob Gottlieb donated 25 million dollars to the teachers to improve the organization. Currently, the MFA, has enrolled fellowships among 1000 teachers. The Robin Hood Foundation was instrumental in New York City. Having been founded in 1988, it had the main duty of relieving poverty among several homes. Moreover, its influential and innovative nature made it popular among many individuals.


Entrepreneur Mina Ebrahimi

Mina Ebrahimi:

Mina Ebrahimi is a successful woman who has been able to reach high level of success through out her years in the industry. She is an entrpreneur and the CEO of a small business company that is called Saint Germain Catering. Her business has been operating and running in Washington and has been a successful company with her guidance and willingness to make it better each day.

Her hard work and perseverance through out the years have been of great help to make sure that she reaches a high level of success in her business. Mina Ebrahimi has been awarded many honorary gifts that demonstrate all of the hard work that she has put in to her business. Some of those awards include: Winner of The Enterprise Women of the Year Award and The Washington Business Journal’s Award. Both of which are awards that are prestigious and are also hard to win. They both represent the woman that has been able to become through out the years and they represent the business woman that is within her.

Her business, Saint Germain Catering, is known by many in a positive way. She takes the time to make sure that her food is worthy of admiration and that it is a representation of who she is as a business woman. Her creativity and willingness to have an open mind makes her business that much more successful. Mina Ebrahimi strives to makes sure that her customers are always satisfied for what they pay for and she always has customer satisfaction. She explains that since a young age, she was taught to always give thanks to God for everything that she has. She has taken this with her through out her business venture and is always looking for ways to give back to others and her community. Her hard work is praised by many and she has become an admiration to many as well.

David McDonald, a Major Contributor to OSI Group’s Expansion

Part of OSI Group’s success is attributed to its president David McDonald. For the three decades he has been at OSI Group, he has been instrumental in the life-changing decisions and initiatives that were taken up by the company. He supervised the evolution of Tyson Foods when it was on the brink of closing among other key events at OSI Group.

Background Information

David McDonald is a native of Iowa, born and raised. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University in 1987. He joined OSI Group immediately and has since dedicated his life to the company’s mission and vision. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

About OSI Group

OSI Group is a global meat processing giant that has existed for more than 100 years. It has been the primary supplier of fresh ground beef not only in Chicago where it is located but also worldwide, supplying to McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway among others. It began as Otto & Sons and transitioned to OSI Industries then to OSI Group in 2004. It boasts of more than 200,00 employees in more than 17 countries.

His work at OSI Group

Besides, David McDonald has proved himself capable of meeting customers needs irrespective of culture and country. His leadership skills have led OSI Group to exceed client’s expectations and enjoy hefty. McDonald has also made the business flexible enough to adapt to rising business opportunities.

Being a Leader

Mr. McDonald is not only interested in business but also his staff. he helps them maintain high standard of quality and in turn he is lauded with praise from his staff for treating both them and their clients like family.


David McDonald started out as a project manager at OSI Group. He quickly climbed the ladder to become President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group. When Mafrig Global Foods acquired OSI Group operations in 2008, David became an independent director there. He serves as a member of OSI Group’s board and also works as Director of OSI International Foods. Mr. McDonald is also the Chairman of North American Institute.


When it comes to corporate social responsibility, David McDonald has been helpful in starting internships for Iowa State University students. Apart from that, he volunteers at St. Michael Parish, Wheaton Illinois. It is correct to deduce that Dave McDonald is a visionary leader who is more concerned about his clients than the profit generated from their consumption behavior. For that reason, OSI Group is set to expand further in future.

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Recapping An Interview With Ryan Seacrest

It is always interesting to hear from a renaissance man like Ryan Seacrest. While most of America and the world knows him from the smash hit show “American Idol”, he has a career in entertainment and media that goes much farther than that. His first on-air position was with ESPN, as the host of their popular show “Radical Outdoor Challenge”. From those humble beginnings, he gained national fame as the host of American Idol, but he didn’t stop there. From 2002 to 2016, he hosted the show as it grew into an American phenomenon.

Of course, he has done some other things as well. Since the end of Idol’s run, he has remained very visible as the co-host of “Live With Kelly And Ryan” with longtime talk show icon Kelly Ripa. He is also an experienced radio host, having hosted “American Top 40” after the retirement of radio legend Casey Kasem. He now hosts his own show, called “On Air With Ryan Seacrest”. This show is broadcast live every morning from 6am to 10am Pacific Time.

He even started his own clothing line called “Ryan Seacrest Distinction” in cooperation with Macy’s. Hey, why not? It seems that all the other celebrities have a clothing line as well!

His recent interview with The New York Times gives us a closer look at Mr. Seacrest and his life in general. For starters, we are told that he has recently moved from Los Anegeles to New York. When asked about his typical day and how it begins, we are told that he starts each day with some common hygeinic activities before having a brisk workout around noon. After catching up on the news, he then heads to work, sometimes finishing up during the commute.

Ryan Seacrest goes on to talk about the importance of pacing yourself during the workday to avoid the danger of overload. When asked about how he likes to relax, he says that he has a hard time meditating, but finds that simply turning off the phone is good enough.

On a final note, Mr. Seacrest tells an interesting story about a conversation he had with the late, great Dick Clark. I won’t spoil it though. You’ll have to go read it yourself.

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Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. Supplements and Skin Products Review

When taking time to review the Jeunesse Global Youth Enhancement System product line, one could possibly say that these formulas help a person inside and out of the body. It includes both Y.E.S. internal body supplements and external skin solutions.

A Little Bit of Jeunesse History

After already having retired, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis launched Jeunesse Global in 2009. This birthed the development of Y.E.S. products for improvement of well-being. In the process, Jeunesse founders also set up marketers with compensation incentives to help promote the skin care and health supplements. This corporation now has 32 offices worldwide and serves people in several languages.

The Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. Supplement Collection

AM Essentials – The vitamins, minerals, herbs, plants, proteins and other substances in this supplement could wake up a person in the morning. B Vitamins, A, D, and E Vitamins, and amino acids are some of what is found in this formula.

PM Essentials – With some of the same vitamins and minerals as the AM Essentials, the PM solution offers body restoration and helps promote sleep.

ZEN BODI – Also known as the Zen Project 8 formula, it helps reduce appetite, increase muscle and burn fat. It has cleansing herbs in it, too.

Nevo – Moderately caffeinated with green tea, this product acts as a low-calorie energy drink. It has guarana for energy as well, and it also contains the yerba mate herb, B vitamins and Vitamin C.

M1ND – This product’s silkworm cocoons provides assistance with increased concentration. It has amino acids in it too.

FINITI – It has fruits and vegetable extracts in it that could provide antioxidant support to keep the skin and body healthy.

Reserve – This is another antioxidant solution found within the Y.E.S. product system for providing defense against cancer and disease.

The Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. Skin Care Collection

Luminesce – This skin care line has the APT-200 substance in it. Some of its roles include promotion of smoother and softer skin while making it glow and hydrating it.

Instantly Ageless – It helps reduce wrinkles and appearance of pores. This cream also is intended for combating under-eye bags and fine lines and helps give skin its elasticity.

NV – As a foundation that primes the skin, it is said to provide the appearance of a professional airbrush finish.

“It’s The Roc In The Building!”

The birthday celebration on this President’s Day weekend for Juan “OG” Perez, longtime friend and colleague to the infamous JAY Z. The turn up was extravagant to say the least. Spending over $90,000 on alcohol and another $13,000 on food JAY Z and his entourage did it in true baller fashion.

As president of Roc Nation friendship spanning over 2 decades “OG” Perez is surely accustomed to balancing family and success on a stardom like level which is something like a mission statement of the “Roc La Familia”.

One thing is for sure, even when partying like a rock star JAY Z and “OG” Perez keeps in mind their bottom line which is stay focus on the bag. Although they dropped close to a hundred racks ($100K) in a night, most of it was spent on D’USSE’ Cognac and “Ace of Spades” Champagne, which are two brands of alcohol that JAY Z either owns or co-owns. Not to mention the receipt for just over $91,000 went viral, this type of advertisement is priceless.

I think we can all agree that turning “50” is a milestone and should be celebrated big birthday but is there a line to be drawn between harmless splurging and just being wasteful?
Some might argue that its always easier to judge from the “outside looking in”…

On the other hand, some say that to much whom is given much is responsible. To each is own. Either way lets wish a Happy Belated Birthday to Juan “OG” Perez!!

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Dr. Saad Saad shares the dangers of children swallowing unwanted objects

Dr. Saad Saad is an experienced pediatric surgeon with over 40 years of experience extracting foreign objects from the trachea and esophagus of patients up to 14 years of age. In a recent interview, he shared some tips for parents in case their child swallows an unwanted object.


A kid swallows an unwanted object, what’s next?


To consider what immediate action is recommended, one must first take age into account.


For children six years or younger; an object can be removed by holding the child upside down and tapping on their back. For children older than six years old, the preferred procedure is the Heimlich. The Heimlich procedure involves wrapping your hands below the ribcage and plunging the abdomen inward repeatedly.


It is very important to never try to pull out the object manually, this is known to often push it further down the throat. These strategies are to be used instantly and as a first aid procedure. If these procedures do not quickly work it is vital to visit the emergency room as soon as possible.


It can be difficult to easily know if your child has swallowed an unwanted object, and there are certain signs to look for if you have the suspicion. A child can experience trouble with respiration, wheezing, or trouble swallowing; it is also very possible for an item to remain stuck for several days without showing major symptoms.


Threatening objects you should know about


Many items big and small can be dangerous in different ways. Bigger objects such as coinage or sausages can easily get trapped and block the esophagus; objects like batteries are also very dangerous as the acid can leak and produce damage to internal organs.


It is VERY important to also keep an eye for smaller foods such as nuts. Nuts like cashews or peanuts can also get trapped and block the trachea. Once stuck, these can be fatal as they become harder to remove when bodily fluids soak in and cause them to expand.


More about Dr. Saad Saad


Dr. Saad Saad grew up in Kuwait along with seven siblings. He was accepted at Cairo University, where he graduated with honors receiving a medical degree. Upon graduation, he relocated to the U.K. where he completed an internship to then move to the U.S.


After a short time, he proved himself in pediatric surgery and became board-certified, a certification limited to only the best practitioners in the medical field. Although now retired, Dr. Saad is well known and respected by many others in his field. He now resides in New Jersey and credits Abraham Lincoln’s writings as one of his influences in the vision he has toward humanity of all races and religions. Learn more:


Building A Better Future In Foodservices: OSI Group

Value-added products can be found all over the globe and many of these products tend to come from one source. The people of this modern society and the economy goes hand-to-hand. People actually create the demand and when the demand is high, the economy’s status will show it. Whether you call them value-added products or concept-to-table solutions, these items are being consumed in high-amounts on a daily basis. OSI Group just so happen to be at the top of this distinct class. This phenomenal food provider has taken things to a whole new level. The company has plants in at least 17 different nations and there are more than 60 plants in totality.

OSI Group has a make-it-happen mentality. It uses top-notch technologies in all of its culinary-innovation centers. In all of the company’s test kitchens, there are over-qualified R&D specialists on deck. Every sector of business is being fully covered from head to toe. In just the past decade alone, OSI has been growing through an extreme growth phase. Its supply-food chain is extensive because it serves so many global locations. Lets take a look at some of OSI’s highlights.

• In 2010, the company built a beef production facility in Japan.

• In 2012, the company opened two more facilities in India.

• In 2013, the company took part in a joint-venture deal with Japan’s JC Comsa

• In 2103, the company added a high-production line at its Hungary plant.

• And more

When you look at the numbers on paper, you’ll surely be impressed, but this barely touches the surface. OSI Group is all about consolidation, diversification and expansion. The company has a huge presence in Europe thanks to taking part in numerous business acquisitions. OSI has acquired stake in the company that’s known as Flagship Europe. This company specialized in the production of marinades, sauces, dips and dressings. In 2017, Flagship Europe was rebranded by OSI Group as Creative Foods Europe. In 2016, OSI acquired stake in Tyson Foods as well as acquired stake in BAHO Food. All in all, there seems to be no slowing down in the future as OSI Group will surely continue to dominate the foodservice scene.


The Genius Responsible For The Success Of National Steel Car Gregory Aziz

In the list of the successful entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist Gregory James Aziz is among them. At the National Steel Car, he is the CEO. For over 30 years he has been offering his services at National Steel Car. The employees at the company can describe him as a humble leader that will value the needs of each employee. The thing that James Aziz has been using to get the success the company wants is the trust and determination.

He started working at Affiliated Foods — his family’s wholesale that dealt with the sale of food soon after he graduated from University of Western Ontario. Later he decided that it was time to change and he moved to the United States where he got employment in an investment banking company that he worked for many years. Through the years that he was working at the investment banking, he was saving up that enabled him to buy the National Steel Car.

From the time he purchased the company he has driven the company to achieve all the successes that they got. Over the 3years consecutively National Steel Car has been given the award of TTX SECO. The thing that National Steel Car pride themselves in is that they provide their clients with the products that are top-quality, and they will ensure that they meet the deadlines. In the North American, it has become the only company to be certified with the ISO.

A philanthropist is who Greg Aziz prides himself. He believes that the only way he will be able to better the future of his company is through the innovations solutions that will be through the rail industry. He ensures that through National Steel Car he will sponsor the charities like the Hamilton Opera. The other sponsor activities that he will take care of are Salvation Army and United Way. Greg Aziz has worked hard to come up with the innovative work that will meet the ever-changing need of the customers. See This Article to learn more.


That has led to increase in the staffs because the number of cars that they were managing changed from 3.500 to 12,000 and the number of faculties increased to 500 to 3000. Greg Aziz will do his level best to ensure that the service that the company will deliver is high quality and the services too. That has not changed till now because James Aziz provides that the company is growing even now and give the leadership that will enable the company to succeed.


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