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Peter Briger, Changing The Perception Of Distressed Debts And Non-Performing Assets Through Great Business Skills

At the age of fifty-five, there are often three groups of people. The first one is of those who are often weighing out their retirement options and regretting decisions they made during their young age while the second is of those who made good decisions and planned for their retirement early. The third group of people is of those who are extraordinary in what they do, they are highly active and instrumental in the corporate world and it is in this category that the legendary Peter Briger falls in. Peter, one of Fortress’s investment group principals boasts a rich resume and his rich resume and high rankings on Forbes list of the top 400 most influential business people globally are sufficient proof of this. However, all this success did not take place overnight or out of utter luck but out of pure resilience and commitment.

How did he get here?

Peter Briger’s journey to becoming an influential entrepreneur in the finance world began at the Princeton University where he graduated with a BA. His passion to become better and conquer the obstacles ahead and reach the apex of success pushed him to further his education at the University of Pennsylvania which is where he received his MD in business administration.

Experience at Goldman Sachs

Fresh from the University, Peter wrked various jobs and he later joined Goldman Sachs where he got the opportunity to perfect his skills in credit management, distressed debts, and liquid assets. He spent over a decade here and held senior positions in the company such as being the co-head of fixed income principal investments and various others. Even though his career was doing pretty well, Peter Briger is not one to settle for small wins and he only used his position at Goldman Sachs to solidify his presence in the world of finance.

Big Break

In 2002, Peter finally found his ideal ground in the sector when he joined Fortress Investment group as a member of the management committee. Since then he has never looked back and continues to soar from one great level to another thanks to his rich academic profile and vast experience of the finance sector. He is particularly famed for his skills of turning distressed assets into profitable investments. It is thanks to these skills that Peter Briger positively impacted FIG by expanding its portfolio from $50 billion to $65 billion. As one of FIG’s principals, Mr. Briger’s primary role is to run the company’s credit and real estate businesses, roles he executes with utmost perfection.

Peter Briger’s soft side

However, behind the scenes, Mr. Briger attributes his success to his academic profile which is why he works hand in hand with two of Princeton alumni’s to help startups on their journey to self-reliance. He also goes the extra mile for the entire community as well.

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