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The Saga that is Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a novel that was written as a means to address current political and social controversies through the use of a bizarre, dystopian story set in the near future. The author. famous celebrity actor Sean Penn wrote the book as a sort of personal narrative on the current state of the world and uses a surreal character study to perform this action. The main character is Bob, a dangerous man who in secret works as a government assassin and as his mild-mannered self, as an international fireworks merchant.


The story of “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” takes a back seat to the internal dialogue, and sometimes external monologues, of the title character, who has a lot to say about many things. The language expressed during these pieces of written conversation is vulgar and sometimes incomprehensible, with the large and sometimes unintelligible language being used. It is like Bob has a hard time explaining himself, the issues he is addressing being too complicated for him to totally identify. While this might seem like a problem for the reader it actually ends out being used in a very enjoyable and fascinating manner that instead of shies people away actually makes them more interested in seeing what will happen next.

When the novel was first released not many people were interested in giving “Bob Honey Who JUst Do Stuff” much of a chance, either because they never knew it was written or they were confused on the title and did not touch it on the shelves. Sean Penn has been his works more beneficial marketeer, answering questions about the book on popular news programs and talk show in order to get the word out. Instead of fluffing the book up for money-making potential Penn has instead decided to be honest with his potential readers, informing them bluntly that many of them will actually hate his book, while others will love it. For a novel that works with extremes, it is pretty neat to hear from the author that the fanbase will be an extreme as well, without possibility for someone to just simply like it or think it was mediocre.


“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a novel about the anger within our own society over a number of issues, with violence added in to get the point across. It is well written and told.