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Using Cleansing Conditioners – Wen by Chaz


You may know about the importance of using shampoo, and you may even use a conditioner, but do you know about cleansing conditioners? While the idea might seem like a glaring paradox, it is actually a product that should be at home on your bathroom shelf.


According to Yahoo, traditional shampoo uses hard chemicals to strip the oil, dirt, and product from your hair. While using a classic conditioner after shampooing can mask the side-effects, it usually is heavy in silicones, and can weigh your hair down or make it appear greasy. This may seem equally unpleasant, which is why many women have opted for only shampooing and conditioning certain days of the week, known as “no-poo” days. Instead of forgoing washing your hair frequently, you can find a middle ground by using a cleansing conditioner such as one by WEN, by Chaz Dean. A cleansing conditioner fills in the gaps where regular shampoo does not perform. Cleansing conditioners are much less abrasive than the typical hair cleaning detergents because they utilize emulsification agents instead of harsh detergents. These alternatives minimize residue without compromising body or movement in your hair.


WEN is a hair care line developed by mogul, Chaz Dean. It uses a perfect blend of natural botanicals, herbs, and extracts to care for your hair. The company was founded twenty years ago, and it quickly took hold in hair salons in Bel Air and traveled throughout L.A. In particular, the special technology in WEN has Hollywood, and the majority of the world, buzzing. The lack of sulfates in WEN products, which leave hair lackluster in most shampoos, allow WEN to take the place of both your shampoo and conditioner at the same time. It also functions as a leave in conditioner…talk about getting the most bang for your buck!


WEN also can be used on an array of hair; fine, curly, thick, and ethnic hair. Because its ingredients are naturally derived, everyone that uses a cleansing conditioner will notice benefits. It is quite simple to use: simply dispense into your palms, move your hands as if you are generating lather, leave in for a minute, and rinse out. Depending on the dirtiness of your hair, a second cleanse can be done at your discretion. You will be on the track to more lustrous hair in no time with WEN hair products! Subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel and follow Wen @wenhaircare.

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The secret behind the success of James River Capital

Leadership is both an art and science. In order to lead and manage a team effectively, it takes great skill and development. Although it can be a challenge to be a great leader, there are simple and proven ways that can help you make a significant difference. Various companies have sponsored researchers to find out what the ideal leadership strategies look like. And from their findings, they have concluded that there are three simple aspects can enhance your leadership style.


  1. Don’t just lead a team, but support them


Shifting from leading to supporting the team completely changes how you view yourself as a leader and the way you interact with your team. Even the smallest changes, like changing one word, can make the most significant impact.


  1. Welcome and Encourage Escalation


Studies indicate that approximately 85% of employees do not share critical feedback with their seniors. They sometimes withhold the information whenever they feel they will get into trouble when they share critical information. An organization that does not encourage open and transparent communication has little room for innovation, engagement, and collaboration with employees.


Therefore, it is very crucial to encourage employees to share feedback or speak during meetings. And in that way, you will encourage and welcome escalation.


  1. The opinion of everyone matters


Every member of the team has an opinion. Therefore, leaders should listen carefully to everyone’s opinion without favoritism. Even if you do not like their opinion just take it into account because it matters a lot.


When you’re in a meeting, for instance, try to engage the quieter team to speak out their mind and make them feel that their opinions are valued and wanted.


About James River Capital


James River Capital was founded as KP Futures Management Corp in 1986. Located in Richmond, Virginia, the company served as Kidder’s alternative investment. In 1995, it became an independent investment company when its two senior officers – Kevin Brant and Paul Saunders – acquired the firm from Kidder.


While serving clients in the United States of America, the firm provides investment management, commodity trading, and advisory among other related services.


James River Capital is registered as a Commodity Operator as well as a Trading Advisor with CFTC, and as an Investment Advisor with the SEC. The company had more than 570 million dollars under the management of James River Products as of July 1, 2018.


The company’s success is attributed to the leadership of its founder Paul Saunders. Saunders success secret is demonstrated by the practice of the three simple aspects mentioned in this article. Learn more: