A Great Company Led By Perry Mandera

The Custom Companies Inc. was founded in Northlake, Illinois by Perry Mandera. Perry Mandera is a big supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission. The Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC) works vigorously towards reducing crime and promoting a positive atmosphere among law enforcement and the general public. The ISCC hosts an array of events that are beneficial to local law enforcement and society as a whole. The ISCC awarded Perry Mandera in 2010′ with the Bishop Sheil Award. The very next year in 2011′ Perry Mandera was awarded again by the ISCC with the Citizen of the Year Award. Follow Perry Mandera on Linkedin.

Perry Mandera joined the military immediately after completing high school in Chicago. While he was enlisted in the Marines Perry was assigned to the motor pool and gained truck driving skills. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Marines he worked for several transportation companies.

He felt his entrepreneurial spirit calling and soon opened his first business in the early 80’s. Perry Mandera felt a need to do more with his life. Perry took an interest into politics and served Chicago as the Republican Ward Committeeman. Follow Perry Mandera on twitter.com.

The Custom Companies Inc. has a great management team and an outstanding leader. Perry Mandera has grown his company from a very small business to a current industry leader. The Custom Companies Inc. has served thousands of business of all sizes. Perry Mandera loves business and loves helping others in dyer need. He has given financial resources to a number of charitable organizations. The act of giving back everyone’s personal responsibility. In 2013′ The Custom Companies Inc. was able to help victims affected by the tornado by donating transportation and supplies to countless families. Perry Mandera got married in 1989′ and has two beautiful children. Perry is actively involved in his church, youth programs, and his community.

Visit: http://www.customcares.com/

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