Actor’s Debut Novel: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

As a new author, Sean Penn undoubtedly had to make a splash and get the attention of readers for his novels. Fortunately, the actor turned author has had not problems with getting his debut novel talked about. Controversary began to grow once the author released small snippets to the public. The snippers immediately went viral over social media. Parts of the book that highlighted the #MeToo Movement and President Trump really got readers intrigued with the novel.


The fifty seven year old author is an accomplished man in Hollywood. He has directed, written and acted for a lo of movies. He is an Oscar winner as well. Amongst his generation, he is considered one of the best that ever acted. But still he is not content with his success. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a very big and important accomplishment for him.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is not a novel full of frilly language. The text on the page is deep, descriptive and uses a wide range of vocabulary. The prose and metaphors of the novel prove how skilled with literature Sean Penn is. The script on the pages hint to the notorious El Chapo, California’s first openly gay political official and to the current state of economics and politics happening all over the world.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is set in a dystopian of a reality. Scenes of the novel take place at the Republican national convention. The baby boomer protagonist goes through scenes that highlight police shootings, the Las Vegas mass shooting, political problems in Yemen and a fictional Donald Trump.


The novel’s protagonist is a recently divorced man working for the government. He works as an assassin murdering people. He tries his hardest to be friendly and to be a people person but he suffers from a condition that causes him to be terribly antisocial. The author created Bob Honey to reveal a snapshot of the author’s feelings towards the nation and society as a whole. Indeed, the author accomplished that because readers everywhere are engrossed with the character and story.


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