Aggressive Sales Tactics and Investing

Laidlaw & Company was established in 1842 as a investment banker and securities brokerage with offices across the United States and Europe. Disappointingly reading about them in reviews sounds like they many have some issues. There are multiple complaints about their aggressive and even rude sales tactics. For example, one woman complained that they lied to her telling her that her husband had just called them but they missed the phone number. Then the Laidlaw & Company representative became insulting and even swore at her when she wouldn’t give them her husband’s phone number. This sort of actions in sales people happen when their companies push for higher sales too much. Those sorts of aggressive practices were used by many companies in the past. In the modern day most companies have tried to get away from aggressive sales tactic because it is unethical and bad for public relations. When a company like Laidlaw & Company allows or even encourages their employees to use aggressive sales tactics, it makes the company look questionable. When faced with aggressive sales people, I usually avoid doing business with them for two reasons. First, it makes for an uncomfortable situation and if I’m going to spend my money I want to be comfortable. And secondly, the aggressive actions make it look like they are hiding something. The best decisions are made when the consumer has all of the information and knows how it could affect them. Aggressive sales tactics makes good decision making impossible. Since I have not had a direct experience with Laidlaw & Company, I cannot say if the complaints are true or not. Regardless, Laidlaw & Company need to be aware of people’s feelings towards them because it will affect their business’s success.

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