Alex Hern’s Enterprising Spirit

Alex Hern has spent a huge chunk of his career in technology companies. He has played an active role in the formative years of a good number of such companies. He has overseen the founding and subsequent sell of numerous tech firms. Numerous boards have also had the pleasure of enjoying his sound counsel.

Inktomi Corporation, YesmailMm, Triton Network Systems, Silicon Valley Innovation Company and are some of the firms that have made use of his services. The Military Commercial Technologies (Milcom), Yesmail and Inktomi Corporation were all registered under his name at some point.


Alex Hern’s enterprising skills were best demonstrated as he consistently cashed in on firms that he had established from scratch. He received $650 million from CMGI who had purchased Yesmail. He had served on the firm’s board for ten months prior to its acquisition.

Hewlett Packard had to part with $1.5 billion to acquire Arcsight, one of his other companies. CloudShield were the new owners of SAIC while Yahoo acquired Inktomi from the seasoned entrepreneur. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

The San Diego based entrepreneur currently serves on the Silicon Surf board. He is the chief executive of Tsunami VR, a company that he founded. Alex Hern also doubles up as the co-chairman of the firm. The company offers a wide array of services and products to its clients.

About Tsunami VR

The Tsunami Studio offers numerous video solutions including top notch simulations as well as animations. They can also develop custom made 3D solutions. Clients seeking to get visualization aids will also receive a hand from the firm. Read more about Alex Hern at

The Tsunami workspaces, on the other hand, provide convenient digital meeting spaces for different clients. The content to be shared here is not limited in any way. They are also suitable for pretty much any device and are readily available. The construction, energy, industrial equipment, manufacturing and automotive industries have all been serviced with their solutions.

Tsunami VR continues to remain relevant in the market thanks to their innovative approach in coming up with solutions.


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