Ara Chackerian New Approach to Providing Psychiatry Care through TMS Solutions

In this InfoTech era, the intersection between health care services and technology is vital in providing excellent healthcare services. Health specialists and industrial players are continuously integrating modern tech tools into their services. For instance, the California-based philanthropist cum healthcare entrepreneur Ara Chackerian is one of the faces of the tech-healthcare ventures. His latest business interest is known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Health Solutions that cover the outpatient psychiatry sector.




According to Patch, TMS provides alternative depression treatment with the utilization of patient-accessible devices, with the aim of making the treatment services accessible to patients. As Ara Chackerian explains, the birth of his latest venture based on the existing bridge between psychiatry patient medical services and the patients. Since most facilities and psychiatry experts were already implementing talk therapy techniques and advanced therapeutic approaches, it was critical to mend the bridge between medication and patients – leading to the birth of TMS Health Solutions. Thus, transcranial magnetic stimulation had the chance of becoming a pillar of psychiatry treatments alongside talk therapy and medication – a pillar that anchors Chackerian’s venture.




Ara Chackerian is an advocate of ending stigma among depression patients leading to suicide, which remains a leading end effect of unattended psychiatry conditions. 100 people commit suicide daily, but still, suicide remains a secret topic. Hence, suicide still consumes people’s lives, for example, at least 45,000 Americans yearly. The stigma surrounding suicide among depressive patients is what Chackerian is keen to end. He insists that talking about something wrong rather than keeping quiet is key to stopping this vice. Besides, these people should get proper sensitization on how and where to seek psychiatry care. In addition, everyone should join hands in the fight against this vice by, for example, contacting suicide preventive agencies in case of any worrying signs. You can visit The News Version to know more.




About Chackerian




Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, Chackerian invests in startups in the healthcare and general business companies, besides aiding philanthropic organizations. He is also an advocate environmental conservation and youth empowerment ventures, for example, through Limonapa Teak based in Nicaragua. Apart from TMS Solutions, Ara Chackerian has worked in other firms including ASC Capital Holdings and BMC Diagnostics.


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