Attorney Bruno Fagali Addresses Fake New And Fake Videos

Attorney Bruno Fagali of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil, is an entrepreneur who established his own law offices in April 2016. He is experienced in several areas of the law like urban, administrative, and regulatory law. His main focus is on anti-corruption efforts. He uses his skills against corruption for a media agency called nova/sb.

Since December 2015 he has been their corporate compliance officer where he makes sure everyone at this company is in compliance with the Brazilian government’s anti-corruption laws.

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Bruno Fagali also like to provide commentary about various legal issues on Fagapress, the blog he operates on his law firm’s website Fagali Advocacia. Two issues he recently wrote about were fake news and deepfakes. Fake news has been around for a number of years but it really came into the public’s consciousness during the 2016 US presidential election. He wrote that in Brazil their TSE has started to have a look into fake news and how to combat it. This is an urgent issue in Brazil as they are conducting a presidential election themselves this year. Attorney Bruno Fagali wrote that the TSE is creating form and tools to reduce the impact that fake news can have on people’s votes.

He says that fake news affecting the political process in Brazil has been occurring since 2010. Bruno Fagali says that in Brazil’s 2014 presidential elections there had been over 1,200 bots detected placing false and/or manipulative content online. An even bigger issue going forward, Bruno Fagali says, is what he calls deepfakes. These are fake videos. People instinctively believe videos to show reality but computer graphic technology has advanced so far that now even fake videos can be completely made which is very hard to detect.

Bruno Fagali says that people don’t even need to be that technically savvy to come up with fake videos according to He says the tools are easy to use. They allow anyone to put any person’s face into any video and make it look like they were part of something they weren’t. He also says the software needed to do fake videos can be found online for free.


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