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Meat Expert and Leader- David McDonald

He was born and raised in Iowa farm, that is the reason why David McDonald developed a passion in agriculture. After his graduation from high school, he joined Iowa State University studied and graduated with a Bachelors’ Degree in Animal Science. Mr. Donald began his career serving at OSI Industries where he has been until to date. He is a go-getter and very hard working and during his early days at OSI Group he showed his character and slowly he climbed the career leader. Mr. David is currently the President and the Chief Operating Officer at OSI Industries.

David McDonald has been an exemplary leader throughout his career and this character has earned him a recognition for his leadership skills. Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award was received by Mr. David McDonald and for that, he is described as the most respected leaders in the food processing industry. During his tenure as the President and the Chief Operating Officer of the international food group, David has taken the firm to another level and the food firm has achieved a lot at the time. Baho Foods was acquired by OSI Industries. Baho Foods is a Dutch food company which deals with deli meats as well as other snacks. The purchase of the Dutch food firm has expanded OSI Industries market in Europe. Another achievement witnessed in OSI under David McDonald’s regime is the purchase of Tyson Foods Chicago, as well as Flagship Europe opening more markets internationally.

OSI Industries is a food firm which was established in 1909 by Otto, and it was known as Otto&Sons before changing their name to OSI Industries. The firm has expanded their portfolio through the years making it one of the largest food processing industries in the world. David McDonald also launched a new market in China by developing one of the largest poultry processing plant. David is not a leader in the meat and food processing industry but he also takes part in community activities in his home area. He funds Alpha Gamma, Rho, through supporting their education. Iowa State’s AGR house recently organized a fundraising to build the house and David was not left the house to support the project. Mr. David does not lack time to spare for Michael Parish in Wheaton 111, and e is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for American Meat Association. The meat expert has on several occasions been recognized among them ISU Alumni’s Association, Young Alumni Awards. David McDonald is married to Malinda and are blessed with six children.

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For OSI Group’s President and COO, David McDonald, Propelling His Company To Expand Globally Has Proven To Be A Successful Choice for OSI

As president of OSI Group, David McDonald manages a well-known American food company, which brokers deals and makes important purchases of essential food companies and brands — it’s an important part of OSI’s strategy. This corporate strategy has helped make OSI’s strong expansion into Europe over the recent years a very successful venture in many ways.

Before becoming a global food company, OSI Group began in Illinois as Otto & Sons Inc. — a family meat company founded by a German immigrant in 1909. Today, OSI Group is a 100 plus year-old, food company, with an estimated value of 6.1 billion dollars, according to Forbes. OSI Group touts an employee base of approximately 20 thousand staffers.

Under the senior management of David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin (OSI Group’s CEO), the international food company has won some impressive awards and received many kudos for their remarkable achievements as a company. As acting COO, McDonald has improved the company’s market share, by reaching their key goals by expanding into many new markets located in China, Europe, and India.

McDonald got started with OSI Group in a project manager roll. Today, he has over 30 years of experience with the Illinois headquartered company. McDonald has had an impressive track record and many successes while holding the position of COO at OSI. David McDonald earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University in 1987.

In December of 2016, a subsidiary of OSI Group was given the Globe of Honour award. This prestigious award is bestowed upon companies doing business in the UK that strive to achieve great things in areas of environmental safety.

OSI Group acquired the food company, Flagship Europe nearly two years ago. Flagship Europe, which is subsidiary of Flagship Food Group, has many of the brands that OSI is looking to acquire. Flagship Food Group is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Flagship Europe, which is a food service firm located in the UK — has sauces, mayonnaise, pies, dressings, frozen poultry, and sous vide products in its portfolio. David McDonald remarked that the addition of Flagship Europe into OSI’s group of food companies has provided that important market presence in Europe.

OSI Food Solutions, as well as their subsidiaries, provide many employment opportunities in Europe. They focus on hiring in countries like the UK, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Poland, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region of the world.

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Ara Chackerian Talks About Healthcare Investment Startups With Ideamensch

Ideamensch likes to interview people who use their financial acumen to take on major challenges in the world, and a man who’s doing this with healthcare startups is Ara Chackerian. Chackerian is the CEO of BMC Diagnostics and TMS Health Solutions, and he has years of experience working with pharmaceutical research firms and medical professionals while integrating entrepreneurship in putting out medical patents. Ideamensch wanted to find out what a day with healthcare startup tasks looks like, and Chackerian had a lot to say.


Chackerian said TMS Health Solutions was an idea he formed to build on past experience working at radiology treatment centers. TMS is in the psychiatric treatment division and uses different mechanisms to treat patients that you don’t find in too many of today’s mainstream mental institutions. One of the treatments offered to patients here is transcranial magnetic stimulation, a treatment for various kinds of depression that uses a device as opposed to regular pills. Chackerian also told Ideamensch that he is excited about using digital systems for healthcare because it’s opening a whole new range of capabilities for professionals. He says his main goal now is to see many new practicing psychiatrists trained and ready to practice through his TMS Health Education Program.  Too see more you can visit



Ara Chackerian got his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Florida State University but found the healthcare industry to be his area of interest in the marketing and business field. After working for several different firms, Chackerian joined the board of executives at ASC Capital Holdings which has supplied the startup capital for many different clinics and pharma companies out on the west coast. The goal of ASC is to find healthcare innovators who want to disrupt the current treatment system and provide solutions that are more patient-first driven. Chackerian has interests outside of the healthcare industry including restoring the rain forests of central and South America, and he helped environmentalist Aram Terry start the Limonapa Teak farm in Nicaragua. The hope is to encourage a more sustainable way of managing food resources and boost the agricultural economy in the region as well as show the world how valuable teak is. You can checkout their website  for more info.



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Louis Chenevert: Quality Time with an All-Time Experienced Executive

Louis Chenevert is the former chief executive officer and chairman of United Technologies Corporation. He was charged with the position of chief executive officer and president in 2008. Later in January 2010, Louis was elected to serve as the chairperson as well until his retirement in November 2014. Before he came to serve in this company, Louis Chenevert had served in Pratt & Whitney as the president from 1999 to 2006. Louis Chenevert also served at General Motors for over 14 years as the production general manager. He has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce in production management. In 2011, Louis received an Honorary Doctorate from University of Montreal. Currently, Louis Chenevert is a chairman of the International Advisory Board at HEC Montreal. At the same time, he is the chairman and founding director for the board of directors of Friends at HEC.

Louis Chenevert shares through an interview platform how the idea of United Technologies was birthed. He is very brief when sharing this. Louis points out key things as executives, small group and small team strategies that understand the needs of customers. He also said that they were passionate to deliver exceptional products that would last for over 30 years in the cycle. From there Louis takes the direction of how he brings the ideas into real-life occurrence. In this, he shares that his is all about expansive focus on talent and engineering. This would help him deliver the right results and services to the customers. He also ensured that the important objectives were followed to the letter. One of the major trends that throb his heart includes the technology and wave is changing the way things are run. Louis Chenevert has not risen the ladder without efforts. He has key virtues that encourage and enable him to remain productive as an entrepreneur. These entail relentless follow-up and focus on major issues, the passionate spirit to work out things, optimism that things will work, time investment, and provision of necessary tools for the performance of the executives. These factors have played key roles in ensuring that professional success is achieved in the company. Louis advises other entrepreneurs to build the right teams to work with towards overcoming any challenges, inspiring them, appreciating, and delighting in the customers as well as giving rewards where due especially on risk takers.

All About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is an organization that was formed on 1st March 2015. The headquarters of the organization are located in Washington, DC. It has the aim and goals of ending the citizens united ruling. It has been seeking to raise the grassroots funding which can, therefore, be used to counterbalance flooding corporate cash which citizens united has unleashed.

The funding will be targeting the democratic candidates who are supporting the efforts that are doing away with supreme courts ramification decision. The state ballot passage which helps to limit corporate money influence especially in politics and campaign finance reform has continually advanced becoming a national political issue, is among the End Citizens United primary goals. The organization goals are having constitutional amendments which define the right of speech as bestowed upon citizens individually unlike the legal entities like corporations.

The belief that is underlying says that business operations will not be allowed in acting without regulations depending on the expenditure of campaigns in democratic elections. It is now that the organization is aiming the finance laws of a short-term campaign.It was in 2010 when U.S. supreme court made a decision between federal election commission and citizens united that brought shock waves to the entire American political system. It was about the long-term implications that are still developing yet court ruling opposing continue unabated which included End Citizens United which is a political action committee.

In each generation, there are handful court cases that end up altering the political ground where the nation stands. They become immediately controversial not only by the court ruling like Board of education and Brown in 1954. They also had other consequences that were progressing. In some cases, the ramifications are still in the play even today and have resulted in making American political culture change permanently.The End Citizens United may be in the ruling that will be remembered for long in the supreme court. It has an effective political that is profound that has been a deeply controversial decision which sparkled a push back to concerted politics.

As political organizations scramble in encountering political effects that belong to the Citizens United ruling and trying the legal way so that they overturn it.The case started back in 2008 from conservative group attempts by airing a film that was an hour long attacking Hillary Clinton during Democratic presidential primaries when she was a candidate. It ended up FEC concluding as the movie was a campaign ad. They couldn’t reveal who paid for airing cost even though federal laws needed the funding source.

It was two years later when Barack Obama was the president when the supreme court overturned the court ruling of federal where through the process it upended a century case law of campaign finance. The ruling had a profound and immediate effect.

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From Doctor To Real Estate Tycoon

Dr. Mark McKenna is not only a licensed physician, but he is also an aggressive entrepreneur that has a passion for community and patient advocacy. He is originally from beautiful New Orleans, LA. He is a graduate from Tulane University Medical School. This great doctor is licensed in Medicine, as well as Surgery by the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners, as well as Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.

While Dr. Mark McKenna earned his degree, he came to his conclusion that it would be hard to make a huge amount of money being a doctor. He had practiced medicine with his own father whom was also a physician for a small period of time. However, soon he realized that the real estate was where his passion was. He then began to build a real estate business.

Dr. Mark McKenna was led to launch a company for mortgage during the early stages of his real estate career, and it ultimately gave him ground to obtain a small title firm. Over these years, he became the CEO and was the founder of McKenna Crescent Investments, Uptown Title, as well as Universal Mortgage. He is a business tycoon. From doctor to real estate giant, Dr. Mark McKenna can attack any passion that he has and bring it to life on a large scale. This is even after he survived and rebuild Hurricane Katrina.

In the year 2005, Mark had lost millions of dollars literally overnight. His own employees were scattered throughout the United States., and his cash flow went from huge to zero. His properties were gone and he was very much underinsured on most of them. However, he had returned to New Orleans in order to rebuild his company and he helped the relief efforts while doing so.This shows that he is not only strong, but he is strong willed and determined, as well as focused.

The Anti-aging Research Sponsored by Jason Hope

There are very many diseases that affect our health. Many institutions are very concerned with finding the cure of this problems. It is evident that there is one factor that the people have neglected. The anti aging reserch issue is something that affects everyone globally. It has also been observed that there is a relationship between aging and many ailments. As people age, they become more prone to diseases.

Wouldn’t it be good to stay young forever and not have to deal with the aging process? Well, many people have seen aging as a natural process that cannot be changed. We grow old, experience changes in our skin and all of a sudden we cannot do most of the things we used to do when we were young.

Some individuals have decided to challenge nature and find remedies of the aging process. Among the organizations that are involved in the research is the SENS Foundation. The organization works to develop something to slow down the aging process or reverse it. Jason Hope is among the individuals who believe that the aging process is something that needs to be addressed. He offers financial support to SENS Foundation to boost their research process. His contributions began in 2010 when he donated $500000.

Jason Hope is also a futurist. He believes in the power of future technology. He believes that the technology will take over the global economy. He also helps startups in actualizing dreams. He says that there are many unevaluated ideas in the world. He receives ideas on his website and chooses the best ideas to fund. He understands how hard it gets when you are starting a business. Lack of funds blocks many people with fantastic ideas.

Jason Hope has a routine that he follows on a daily basis. He begins his day with breakfast and workouts. This helps in setting the pace for his day. When he logs in to his computer, the first thing he does is read his emails, messages and go through his social media pages. He takes periodic breaks from the computer to avoid fatigue.

Jason says that he stays positive in his projects. He says that he always has believes that he will succeed. Jason says that when he was young, he obsessed on the minor details. He advises investors to focus on the big picture and stop stressing over small issues that come along the way.

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What To Do When you Have A Work From Upwork

What is the best way to make it through a to-do? Some could say, just do it, but there could be a method to the madness that requires a little more detail than that. When landing work on Upwork or any job for that matter, to-do lists can be the monster we try to avoid. Keeping everything in our heads, but in the end, scrambling to keep tabs on what we’ve done and have yet to do.

If not already familiar, Upwork is a site that launched in 1999, as a place for freelancers and business to meet in the middle. No longer did one have to meet a potential client in person, but online, and on a platform that guarantees you’re paid for your work. Added that as you move up, they also take less of a commission, which benefits you greatly. What about the work and your growing to-do list? It’s as simple as Upwork.

Start by composing your list the night before you tackle your first task. People who do it in the morning or hours before risk losing out on productivity, which could hurt your bottom line.

Include everything, from the small to the big, and with those larger tasks, break them down. This will help you keep track of what you’ve done, and what you have yet to do while also making those larger tasks much more manageable.

Tags and labels are your friends. Having an idea of when to best start a task, how long a task will take you or otherwise, what a task centers around (like sending an email, making a call, etc.) will help you get in the night mindset when the time comes. Plus it will also help when you batch process, getting more of similar tasks down when in the right space.

Procrastination may not be your worst enemy, especially if it gives you time to re-evaluate your list. You can decide if an item belongs or should be delegated somewhere else for instance.

See, it’s not hard at all, the important thing is to go in smart with a clear list of things that need to get done.

Lawrence Bender’s Production Duties and Developing the Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack

The art of selecting songs and instrumentals for a motion picture’s soundtrack requires tremendous thought. Simply inserting random songs at any point in the narrative won’t work. Appropriately matching the audio to the visual images on the screen, can create an amazing effect on the film. Improperly choosing music, however, could ruin even a great piece of cinema. The Kill Bill movies deserve great acclaim for their amazing choice of musical selections. Actually, director Quentin Tarantino and producer Lawrence Bender both deserve the bulk of the credit. The two truly delivered one of the most memorable movie soundtracks of all time.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 revisited Tarantino’s desire to draw attention to forgotten songs and music from years past. Lawrence Bender seems to be quite supportive of Tarantino’s artistic decisions. These decisions included picking odd selections such as “The Lonely Shepard” and a hyper version of the “Green Hornet” theme fit well at the points in which they can be heard. The use of Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang” helped establish the dark and grim events that eventually set in motion The Bride’s revenge many years later. “Flower of Carnage” paid a nice homage to the film that inspired Kill Bill Vol. 1, a Japanese film named Lady Snowblood. And then there’s “Battle without Honor or Humanity,” a fantastic choice for the incredible sword-fighting battle royal scene.

Lawrence Bender must have worked quite hard to assist in securing the rights for these appropriate selections. He deserves a lot of credit here. Securing the rights for songs isn’t always easy. The rights-holders sometimes ask for outrageous amounts of money. By pricing themselves out of the film, they deny people the ability to experience the selections for the first time. Also, a film might not turn out to be as great as it could be with secondary song choices cluttering the soundtrack.

Besides artistry, another benefit exists to creating a brilliant soundtrack. The soundtrack has the potential to sell well. Kill Bill Vol. 1 actually hit #45 on the Billboard 200 chart. That’s not exactly a multi-platinum seller, but a significant volume of copies did move. The revenue generated from the soundtrack sales further pushes up the profit margins of the Kill Bill movies. For Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender to experience continued success, they must make money for the studios. Soundtracks help with this cause both through direct sales and related publicity.

The soundtracks also keep fans happy — a good business move to be sure.

How Chris Linkas Uses His Extensive Experience In The Financial Industry To Help Younger People Know How To Invest For Retirement

Chris Linkas is a professional in the financial industry. Chris Linkas has worked in Boston, MA as well as Herndon, VA and New York, NY. He found an opportunity to work in his field in 2003 and he has lived in London, UK, ever since. His career often brings him into contact with younger people who have questions about getting started on saving for retirement. As he tells them the earlier the better.

The reason why this is the case is that compounding interest can greatly magnify what you have saved over time as each dollar earns more and more dollars. Chris Linkas has seen this happen with his own eyes as he manages investments for the companies he has worked for over the years. He says that if you beat everyone else to the punch and start early you’re going to end up in a lot better financial situation later down the road in relation to your peers.

Chris Linkas says that he has learned during the course of his professional career that how old a person in is a big part of how much risk tolerance they have. Younger people have plenty of time to recover from any market crash and should view it as a buying opportunity. He takes this view during his job as well which involves investing in alternative assets in Europe. When he sees something has lost a lot of value and he thinks it is now undervalued he is quick to jump in and invest in it.

Another thing that Chris Linkas wants younger people to know about investing is that everyone makes mistakes. In Chris Linkas current position as the European Head of Credit for his current company he doesn’t always get everything right. The goal is to get things right more often than you get them wrong, he says, which is a philosophy that will grow the income of the company you work for as well as your own retirement account. He also suggests everyone stay objective and decide if the investments they hold still make sense or not given current and potential future market conditions.