Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the Creation of Clinical Pathways

The fight against cancer continues with a recent collaboration between Cancer Treatment Centers of America® with NantHealth and Allscripts. The organizations will be working together on the launch of new clinical pathways such as treatment regimens and medication. The result will be a new platform for treating cancer patients that will be custom made using the integrations of the platform Eviti and the platform of Allscripts Sunrise.


The new platform is called Clinical Pathways has a lot to offer oncologists as well as cancer patients. The platform creates a custom regimen for the treatment therapy of each cancer patient depending on their state. The platform also offers average market cost of the delivery of drugs to go with the ability to make a purchase with one click. The platform is based on evidence and provides clinical approaches that designed to combine evidence-based results and supportive therapies in order to meet the needs of each patient. The platform is also looking to provide some needed knowledge for both patients and oncologists. There are guidelines, as well as response rates. In terms of medication, the platform provides data on the adverse reaction as well as the levels of toxicity.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. or CTCA for short, is based in Boca Raton, Florida. The establishment is a national network which consists of five hospital buildings across the country. They serve adult cancer patients and are known for their innovative approach. The CTCA combines genomic testing with a vast variety of cancer treatments such as surgery, immunotherapy, radiation, chemotherapy, and more. The supportive therapies are provided based on evidence in order to ensure the quality of life during the course of the treatments. The hospitals of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global, Inc. are located in Tulsa, Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.

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