Cancer Treatment Centers of America Introduces a Unique Clinical Pathways Platform in Partnership with Nanthealth and Allscripts

Cancer Treatment Centers of America consists of five health facilities focused on treating adult cancer patients. The institution recently enlisted the help of Nanthealth and Allscripts in developing a comprehensive and custom oncology treatment platform. The platform, which is known as Clinical Pathways, is designed to enable oncologists in identifying treatment regimens for patients. These regimens are based on evidence.

Nanthealth provided clinical decision support while Allscripts designed Sunrise electronic health record (EHR) amidst the development of Clinical Pathways. Allscripts’ EHR provides access to clinical workflows. Nanthealth is also known for creating NantOS that holds a collection of emerging cancer care data and inputs from oncologists. NantOS is embedded in the custom oncology treatment platform.

Speaking during the launch of Clinical Pathways, CTCA’s CMO, George Daneker, said that the platform presents all appropriate treatment options. Daneker also pointed out that the platform helps to eliminate guesswork and outdated data by providing new data and oncology research. The CMO said that CTCA created an ecosystem of diverse treatment options. These remedies are customized to comply with CTCA’s standard of care.

CEO Paul Black of Allscripts said that CTCA, Nanthealth, and Allscripts started planning for Clinical Pathways back in 2016. Their shared mission was to help providers and patients get the best experience from an integrated solution. Black also mentioned that the three companies delivered Clinical Pathways through strategic design sessions and clinical workflows.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

With its official headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, CTCA’s integrative approach to cancer care encompasses several elements. These include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, precision cancer treatment, and modern genomic advances. CTCA also uses evidence-informed therapies that are designed to enhance patients’ quality life in physical and emotional perspectives.

CTCA’s hospitals are situated in Tulsa, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. They are ranked among the top health facilities in the U.S. regarding offering the highest quality of patient experience and care.

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