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Clay Siegall: His Influence, His Legacy

When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, few people will ever get the chance to do so. Brilliant minded individuals work in every industry on earth. For cancer research, there is one guy that sticks out like a sore thumb, and his name is Clay Siegall. Siegall is a talented individual as well as an accomplished one. The guy has literally written 70 publications, and he’s the holder of about 15 patents. If you have no clue to who he truly is, just know that Siegall is one of the most prominent names in the fight against cancer.

Seattle Genetics of Bothell, Washington, is a premier biotech company that specializes in commercializing and developing antibody-based therapies. These advanced medicines are far superior than the cancer medicines of the past thanks to their delivery system. Antibody-Drug Conjugates are a form of antibody-based therapy, and these medicines attack cancerous cells inside the human body. Unlike past drugs, antibody-drug conjugates deliver a powerful cell-killing blow without making the patient sick. This is proprietary technology that hasn’t been seen before and as of today, these medicines have brought in over $350 million in earnings for the company. Seattle Genetics just so happens to be run by Clay Siegall, and his influence is all over the products. Siegall is also the company’s CEO, president and founder, which dates back to 1998.

Blogging is something Siegall does in his free time, and he takes full advantage of the different avenues for releasing beneficial information. This is a time where he speaks on a variety of other topics like politics, science and sports. Siegall has recently talked about some of the newer drugs that Seattle Genetics has in its pipeline and what can be expected in the future. All bases are being covered at each and every blog post.

The legacy of Clay Siegal is a supreme legacy that most people can’t obtain. Luckily, he’s using his knowledge and hard work to better mankind and society. Though he’s been in the business for quite sometime, Dr. Clay Siegall’s legacy is still being prepared.