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Jose Henrique Borghi; an Influential Advertiser in Brazil

In the advertising industry, creativity and originality are highly significant. Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the most influential people in the Brazil advertising industry. He is very original, and his creativity is not in doubt. He has developed great advertising campaigns that have earned him respect and popularity in Brazil. Some of the advertisement campaigns he has championed are ‘Mammals of Parmalat’ and ‘it is the love’.

Jose Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente and graduated in Advertising and Propaganda from PUC Campinas. He started his advertising career journey in many advertising agents in Brazil until he co-founded Borghi Lowe advertising agency together with Erh Ray. This ad agency grew, and later it merged with another agency to form Mullen Lowe Advertising Agency. Jose became co-CEO of the advertising agency along with Andre Gomes. Mullen Lowe became one of the greatest Ad agency in Brazil and internationally.

Mullen Lowe Brasil has been very influential in developing offline communication of many new brands. In 2017, Mullen Lowe created a campaign which has seven communications that are transformational. These are to change how people see new brands, and they are to bring more fun when one opens a new brand. Mullen Lowe with the help of Jose Borghi helped Fini company; a candy company in their adverts. This company advert made people buy more chewing gum, juice candies and other products the company produces. The ad was well created to show that when you open the branded products, you will experience some fun. It was a good marketing advert that helped Fini a great deal.

Jose Henrique Borghi is very innovative when it comes to adverts, and he has contributed a lot to Brazil Advertising industry. Jose has helped many companies like Fiat and many others in the automotive sector like Honda in advertising campaigns. He has received many awards for his hard work, determination, and creativity in his work. Jose Borghi has been very influential, and he has made the Brazilian advertising agency; Mullen Lowe successful.

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CEO Of Global Leading TalkFusion Shares Guest Author Articles With MarTech Advisor.

MarTech Advisor has been around for years and marketing professionals have come to depend on this source to provide some amazing content. Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion wrote and released another article for MarTech. In this second article within a years time, Bob talks about video advertising trends. This is a subject that Bob knows well because his company Talk Fusion is a global video marketing success story. Talk Fusion is an all in one video marketing solution used by everyone from a local mom and pop style business to a fortune five hundred company. As a result, Bob knows everything there is to know about the growing trends of video marketing.


Video advertising trends are important to every company because if they aren’t using video and email marketing, they are leaving money on the table. Bob’s article will be posted on MarTech Advisor and CMO, or Chief Marketing Officers as they are titled, will share the article on their social networks.


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The Rising of Jose Borghi from Zero to Glory.

Jose Borghi has played a prominent role in the foundation of Mullen Lowe. Jose Borghi is a re-known Brazilian advertiser who was born in Presidente Prudente. He is a graduate in Advertising and Propaganda from PUC-Campinas. Jose secured his first job at Standart Ogilvy Agency and later moved to other agencies like Talent and Leo Burnett before opening his company by the name BorghiErh. He co-founded the company together with his close friend Erh, whom he met while still working at Talent & Leo Burnet. It was hard work and dedication that raised the company to the levels it holds today. Initially, when the agency started, they had no source of capital and had to start from nothing. Later, Lowe joined the duo and came up with Borghi Lowe advertising firm. With time, the business had expanded its operational targets from domestic to global markets. The recent merger of Borghi Lowe and the Mullen Group gave rise to the foundation of the Mullen Lowe Company whose goal was to colonize new grounds and achieve a broad clientele base. Jose Borghi successfully got appointed as the co-Chief Executive Officer alongside Andre Gomes.

In the career of Mullen Lowe, he has engaged in several adverts and campaigns that have made them win international awards. Other than campaigning for Honda, the agency has lobbied for other multinational companies like Unilever, Delta Airlines, Procter, Bunge Group, American Express, Coral Paints, among others. Some of the awards they have won include; seven London Festival Awards, ten awards at the One Show, eleven at the New York Festival, and ten Clios Awards. In 2009, the agency became the Advertiser of the Year.

The nomination of the Co- Chief Executive Officers aimed at allowing Jose Borghi to focus mainly on the responsibility of creativity and innovation, while Andre Gomes would be responsible for managing agency’s internal and external operations. After the restructuring of the organization in the year 2012, two headquarters were created. They are situated in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro respectively. Mullen Group has built its legacy to become an integrated creativity driven marketing communication network thanks to Jose Borghi for his hard work.