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What’s Next For Academy of Art University

When it comes to the schools for the performing arts, the United States is home to numerous schools of prominent appeal. One of the leaders of the pack is known as Academy of Art University, and this school of talented individuals has raised the bar extremely higher than before. Academy of Art is located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California. Founded by a painter named Richard Stephens, this for-profit institution is one of the biggest privately held art & design institutions in America. When you look at the numbers on paper, they are pretty much staggering. Academy of Art University houses over 12,500 students, and it has up to 283 full-time teachers on deck. To add a bit of extra information, this institution has up to 1,154 part-time teachers.

One of the biggest and best achievements of this fine institution is that it represents itself very well in the month of September. Every year in the month of September, one of the biggest exhibitions of fashion goes on public display, and this exhibit is known as New York Fashion Week. For 2017, Academy of Art University well-represented itself with five womenswear lines and two menswear lines. In addition to that, the school decided to throw in a special collaboration. In total, there were 10 MFA and BFA graduates who represented the school, and they successfully put on a show. Skylight Clarkson Square was the headquarters, and it certainly didn’t disappoint the copious amounts of prying-eyes. Yes, there were celebrities and industry-insiders in attendance like Ms. J. Alexander of “America’s Next Top Model.”

Can you imagine the amount of time, the amount of hard work and the amount of stress that goes into an exhibit like this? For many designers, this exhibit can make or break a career. Runway or stage time is only 15 minutes long. All in all, Academy of Art University is at the top of its game, and it will definitely continue to introduce eclectic fashion attire in the years to come.