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The Remake of Stephen King’s It Loses the Attached and Popular Director

The long journey to craft a new cinematic adaption of Stephen King’s It has once again hit a snag. The director of the project, Cary “True Detective” Fukunaga, has departed. Apparently, creative differences between the director and the studio were at the center of the dispute. Sadly, this means the feature is going to be pushed back for some time. Fans hoping to watch a new, updated version of the classic horror novel are going to have to wait a bit longer.

The departure is somewhat shocking. Fukunaga has been attached to the new version of the novel for several years now. The green light given by New Line Cinema seemed to finally allow the director the chance to helm the project. Dreams of making a film are most definitely not the same thing as having to deal directly with the studios in a business relationship. A lawyer for the studio said departures over creative differences as quite common in Hollywood. Sometimes, they are more brutal and biting than others.

Casting and location issues were at the root of some contentions. Mostly, it seems the desire to shoot two films back-to-back telling the kid’s story in one and then the adult version in the other were the biggest problem. In the novel, past and future events are intertwined and Fukunaga wanted to change this up. Honestly, a lot of Stephen King fans weren’t thrilled with the plan. Neither was New Line.

The possibility does exist the new version of It might not be made. Let us hope that is not the case and the project goes forward with a new creative team.