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The Unicorn Are Loose

Unicorn colors and sparkles are a girl’s best friends, so why wouldn’t a beauty supply line based on bright and colorful unicorns be a major success? LimeCrime is a newer trendy line of beauty supplies that prides itself on being all wegan and completely cruelty free. The line is backed by PETA and promises that not one product was ever tested on any animal in any manner. Being wegan friendly means that no animal byproducts, such as beeswax, lanolin and whey, are used in the making of these beauty supplies.

Doe Deere is the face behind the unicorn inspired styles. As founder and owner of LimeCrime Makeup, Doe Deere is an “ever-changing, self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen”. With a deep rooted love for color and animals, Doe Deere set out to find new and vivid colors and designs to accent the radical, eccentric attire she generally wore and that were also cruelty free. The first products introduced were a line of lip colors called Unicorn Lipsticks, which featured a sparkly unicorn on the front of the product. Doe Deere oversees every new development and always keeps her customers as one of her biggest source of inspiration.

Since the release of the first items, the internet based company has amassed a huge dedicated following and have continued to rain beautiful collages of colors and items all over their LimeCrime website. Products range from hair dyes and tints to eyeshadows and makeup brushes and all the way to pop on unicorn inspired nails! The unicorn hair trend can be carried out with the help of some of LimeCrime’s colors, which are creatively named things like Dirty Mermaid, Pony, Squid or Bubblegum Rose. Bundle deals, that hold products such as lipsticks and hair dyes, are also available for those newbie unicorns who want to try a range of product without paying full price.