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Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. Supplements and Skin Products Review

When taking time to review the Jeunesse Global Youth Enhancement System product line, one could possibly say that these formulas help a person inside and out of the body. It includes both Y.E.S. internal body supplements and external skin solutions.

A Little Bit of Jeunesse History

After already having retired, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis launched Jeunesse Global in 2009. This birthed the development of Y.E.S. products for improvement of well-being. In the process, Jeunesse founders also set up marketers with compensation incentives to help promote the skin care and health supplements. This corporation now has 32 offices worldwide and serves people in several languages.

The Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. Supplement Collection

AM Essentials – The vitamins, minerals, herbs, plants, proteins and other substances in this supplement could wake up a person in the morning. B Vitamins, A, D, and E Vitamins, and amino acids are some of what is found in this formula.

PM Essentials – With some of the same vitamins and minerals as the AM Essentials, the PM solution offers body restoration and helps promote sleep.

ZEN BODI – Also known as the Zen Project 8 formula, it helps reduce appetite, increase muscle and burn fat. It has cleansing herbs in it, too.

Nevo – Moderately caffeinated with green tea, this product acts as a low-calorie energy drink. It has guarana for energy as well, and it also contains the yerba mate herb, B vitamins and Vitamin C.

M1ND – This product’s silkworm cocoons provides assistance with increased concentration. It has amino acids in it too.

FINITI – It has fruits and vegetable extracts in it that could provide antioxidant support to keep the skin and body healthy.

Reserve – This is another antioxidant solution found within the Y.E.S. product system for providing defense against cancer and disease.

The Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. Skin Care Collection

Luminesce – This skin care line has the APT-200 substance in it. Some of its roles include promotion of smoother and softer skin while making it glow and hydrating it.

Instantly Ageless – It helps reduce wrinkles and appearance of pores. This cream also is intended for combating under-eye bags and fine lines and helps give skin its elasticity.

NV – As a foundation that primes the skin, it is said to provide the appearance of a professional airbrush finish.

Wen Could Improve Your Hair

If you’ve been considering trying a hair care line that nourishes your hair without chemicals or additives, it may be time to give Wen a try. This product line was created by stylist Chaz Dean and is made with essential oils and plant extracts that make the hair healthy and shiny. If you’re still not sure WEN hair is right for you, here’s what Bustle’s Emily McClure had to say about it.

McClure tried the Fig conditioner from the Wen line for seven days. Emily says that even thought it took a lot of conditioner to soften and moisturize her hair, she felt a significant difference in the look and feel of her hair after the first day. A few days later, she styled her hair with a curling iron, but the curls fell a few hours later because the conditioner made her hair oilier and heavier than normal.

Near the end of the experiment, Emily’s friends noticed that her hair looked better than usual and commented on how shiny it was. By this time, McClure had gotten used to her hair feeling a little oilier, but was satisfied overall with the way the conditioner nourished her hair and got rid of frizziness. Wen hair care products are available online on QVC, the Chaz Dean store and at


How EOS Became A Millennial Favorite

Over the last seven years, EOS lip balm has become a must have for millennials around the world. Today the company sells over a million lip balms in a single week.

EOS or evolution of smooth was originally founded by Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky. Soon later, Dubitsky decided to leave before the launch of EOS to managed another company. Despite losing a business partner, Mehra and Teller worked to create one the best-selling lip balms on the planet. The two decided to take a different approach by doing what other companies weren’t doing. Targeting the product to only millennial women, the goal was to create a fun, flavorful, and sanitary lip balm.

“We had to make a product and a package that would be seen as useful for a very long time.” Mehra quoted from Fast Company’s article. Once the new innovated product was created, the next hurdle was getting EOS into stores. Many store owners didn’t see the value of EOS until the finally got a meeting with a female buyer at Walgreens. She loved everything about the product from the smell to the little spheres.

The account was successful and quickly brought attention to Walmart and Target, who began stocking the balms on the shelves. EOS lip balm continued to grow as they marketed to millennials through various YouTubers, bloggers, celebrities and even partnered with other companies like Keds and Disney. Today, EOS now has a large social media following on Instagram and Facebook and still growing.

EOS continues to grow by now selling shaving creams and hand lotions. They also plan to take on new categories of the beauty industry in the future. To get the full backstory on the company please Fast Company’s article “The Untold Story of Lip balm upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick”. Check out their website at

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How You Can Take Care Of Your Hair To Keep It Young And Glowing

Ensuring your hair is kept well is easy if you have the understanding required to achieve the goal. One if the biggest challenge most people have study their hair type and what they should do to keep it young and glowing. There are many tips shared online but to summarize the most valuable, here are facts you should never ignore that could work to keep your hair young and beautiful.

Choose shampoos that are free from parablens and sulphates

Parablens and sulphates are used in most shampoo products, but as much as they are necessary, the chemicals may not be that healthy anyway. If you want your hair to remain healthy, it is advisable to choose shampoos that contain natural cleansers. Also consider choosing one that better suits your hair to avoid introducing chemical components that are volatile.

Dry your hair naturally

Once you are out of the shower, don’t rush to force dry the hair using a machine. Rather, wrap it in a cotton cloth and any other fabric material that can absorb the water. Brushing before the hair dries is not advisable as this makes it brittle and weak. A blow dryer is a good option but you have to understand that over time, hair may not respond well to the heat, thereby getting damaged.

Eat healthy

Finally, you have to appreciate the fact your overall health determines how your hair will look. Keeping a balanced diet ensures your hair receives sufficient supply of nutrients responsible for growth and keeping its color even.

About Wen By Chaz

Wen hair By Chaz is a company established by Chaz Dean, a professional whose passion for photography and film saw him try his hand in cosmetology. The company stocks different hair care products that are especially popular among Hollywood celebrities. Most people who have tried the unique hair care products have left positive reviews for the effectiveness exhibited in them. See,

Chaz Dean started showing passion for the field of beauty while pursuing his photography and since the launch of Wen By Chaz, he has emerged as a celebrity since most of the products listed on Wen By Chaz have proved effective and reliable among users. Visit the Wen hair Wikipedia page for more information.

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