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John Textor: Leader in Visual Effects

John Textor is a leader in the creation of photo-realistic digital humans. His contribution in the field has led to the creation of this kind of visual effects in a number of feature films. He joined Digital Domain Media Group in 2006. It is through the company that John made his initial contribution to the development of visual effects. During his tenure as the CEO and Chairman of Digital Domain Media Group, which is the parent company of Digital Domain Productions, the company received many awards and accolades.

The company became recognized as the first to ever create a believable digital human actor. This is after shocking the world by creating the actor in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. So believable was the character that the academy awards gave the movie an Oscar for best make-up. This effect is referred to as the ‘Holy Grail of Animation.’ It also earned the company an Oscar in the visual effects category.

Digital Domain has produced visual effects for more than 80 films. 25 of those were made during John’s tenure. They include Real Steel, Flags of our Fathers, Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End, Tron:Legacy and Transformers. Other major achievements during John’s tenure include the transformation of the company into a film production company and the joint venture agreement between Digital Domain and Sovereign Media Authority worth $100 million.

John graduated from Wesleyan University with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1987. In 1997, he co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings, and became the company’s Managing Partner. Based in Florida, the company focused on internet, telecommunication and entertainment. John became director of BabyUniverse in 1999. In 2002, he became the chairman and later the CEO in 2005. He has also been involved in other company’s including Lydian Trust Company, Sims Snowboards and Lydian Trust Company.

Currently, John Texter is the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. The company is a leader in the development of digital humans for virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and holographic live performances. Some of the company’s projects include the digital resurrection of Tupac Shakur during the Coachella Valley Music festival in 2012 and the digital resurrection of Michael Jackson in 2014. The latter garnered over 35 million views on YouTube. As a film producer, John has been involved in the film Ender’s Game and Art Story.

The Success of Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt proved herself to be an excellent actress at an early age by performing in pageants as a child. On her way to fame, she appeared with NSYNC in an advertisement, and later took on the role of a struggling teenage character named Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime soap opera, Guiding Light. Due to her impressive natural talent for acting, she ended up working on the show from 2003 to 2006 and eventually received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series.

During her time on television, Hunt appeared in her first full-length movie with Zac Efron, the 2005 family film The Derby Stallion. After leaving Guiding Light, Hunt also acted alongside actress Amanda Bynes in the 2007 comedy film Sydney White.

Following her previous success in film and television, Hunt joined the cast of the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live, as a manipulative stripper named Stacy Morasco. She spent approximately a year on the show before moving on, although she made a few appearances in later episodes.

Since then, Hunt has appeared in several movies, including NYC Underground and 23 Blast. Early in 2015, she also joined former soap stars Vanessa Marcil, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharris, Donna Mills, and Hunter Tylo for the reality television series Queens of Drama, in which these stars work on and behind the scenes to create a brand new primetime drama for television.

Hunt’s most recent appearance took place in the motion picture Magic Mike XXL, which first aired in theaters on July 1, 2015. As she has done in each of her roles, Hunt brought her brilliant acting skills to the set of the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, and captured the attention of her audience. If she continues to bring her characters to life with her talents, the future looks bright for her acting career.

Joss Whedon Wanting to do a New Batman Movie

Joss Whedon Wanting to do a New Batman Movie

For the last three years director Joss Whedon has been at the helm of some of Marvel Studios’ best works, spanning both Avengers movies and the hit television show Agents of SHIELD. Whedon, however, feels his role with Marvel should soon come to an end, Sultan Alhokair, a studio rep confessed.

As of now, Whedon has pass the torched on to the Russo brothers for directing Avengers: Infinity War and has stepped down from being at the helm with Marvel, strict deadlines being a prime factor in his decision. Whedon has insisted on focusing on a single entity for his future projects, a new Batman movie being one of them.

In the past Whedon tried and failed to get a Wonder Woman movie green lit back in 2005, and may have lost his chance now that DC has launched it’s own Wonder Woman movie. As for Batman, Whedon couldn’t contain his excitement upon the release of the trailer for Batman V. Superman. He’s even stated that he would bring Batman into the Marvel Universe if he were given the opportunity to do so.

But while Whedon shows a lot of excitement over Batman, the fact that there has been multiple versions of Batman in film over the last several years likely means that he would have to wait a long time before finally getting his chance. Still, it’s up to him.

Tom Rothman Joins Forces With Edgar Wright For Rock-And-Roll Car Chase Movie

Following his high-profile exit from Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man film, director Edgar Wright has landed his next project, which will team him with producer Tom Rothman of TriStar Productions.

According to, Wright has inked a deal to direct a movie entitled Baby Driver. The story, which is an original idea conceived by Wright, revolves around the best getaway driver in the business whose secret to success is his personal soundtrack that he drives to. The driver’s world begins to crumble when he is forced to drive for a notorious crime boss. He then finds his life and those he loves in jeopardy when a heist he is driving for goes wrong.

Ansel Elgort, one of the stars of Fault in Our Stars, is being considered for the Baby Driver lead role. Because of the musical nature of the character and the movie, Elgort might prove to be an ideal choice as he also works as a professional DJ when he is not acting. Elgort will next appear onscreen in March’s sequel to Divergent called Insurgent.

TriStar will co-finance the movie with MRC. Nira Park and Working Title will serve as producers.

Rothman told The Hollywood Reporter that TriStar Productions is dedicated to backing original voices like Wright’s in Hollywood. He also praised MRC and Working Title as great partners that will help deliver what Rothman descried as “the ultimate rock-and-roll car chase film.

Wright was in the pre-preproduction stages of filming Ant-Man before disagreements with Marvel Studios forced him out of directing the film. His last film to grace the big screen was 2013’s The World’s End, which starred Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Hunger Games Stars Make Powerful Video About Ebola


Jeffery Wright, who playes Beetee in the Hunger Games films has made a powerful video about the Ebola epidemic. The video stars many of his coworkers in the films, including Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Helmsworth. It also addresses many of the issues brought up by the epidemic, especially the inadequate medical care in most of the countries effected by the Ebola outbreak and the subsequent epidemic. It has been trending on Skout a lot lately.

The video features facts and statistics about the level of care in these countries, particularly Guinea and Liberia. It also draws parallels between the movie series Hunger Games, and the world they take place in, and the disparities between the many countries that have been affected by the epidemic. In particular, they compare the US to the Capital, and Liberia and Guinea to the outlying districts, particularly District 13.

One of the most striking facts brought up by the actors in the video is that Liberia only has 50 doctors for 4.4 million people. This means that one of the largest problems people in Liberia face when combating the disease is not the effects of the disease or how deadly it is, but the access to accurate medical knowledge, treatment, and supplies. This is a huge contrast to medical care in the United States, where the vast majority of the population, particularly people who live in cities, have relatively easy access to a doctor, as well as food, water, and shelter.

Celebrities Outraged at Non-Airing of the Interview

Several celebrities showed utter dismay at no-show of the controversial movie, the Interview. Recently, Samsung announced that it will not release any version of the film including potential distribution of DVD rights to collect estimated $42 million budget of the movie. 

I was reading this while waiting at the Amen Clinic. Reacting to the decision, actors including Ben Stiller and Rob Lowe criticized Sony for succumbing to the threats of hackers. Rob Lowe claimed the no-show as an outright victory for hackers, whereas Ben Stiller declared Samsung decision as a huge threat to expression of freedom in the Media. The controversial film was set to launch in New Year but hackers threatened Sony and theater goers with catastrophic results if the Interview is launched. Calling themselves, Guardians of Peace, the hackers released emails and data from Sony Corporation to show their powers in launching online and offline attacks on media and its supporters. 

Until now, securities have not shown a great deal of concern but it seems that hackers are intend on stopping anyone talking about the movie declaring 9/11 types of attacks on whoever tries to support the launch. Sony claims that it was made to pull the movie off cinemas as three of the largest movie chains in the United States and one in Canada decided not to show the film. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel blamed the American Government for not standing by its citizens calling the decision a cowardly act, which will encourage terrorists and set a terrifying precedent.

Golden Globe nominations announced

This year’s Golden Globe nominations were announced in a traditional pre-dawn ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Thursday morning. 

Hosts Kate Beckinsale, Peter Krause, Paula Patton and Jeremy Piven announced the nominees for awards, which are given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. As usual the announcement was an interesting mix of strong favorites, unexpected surprises, and the assorted baffling absence according to Bruce Levenson.

This year Birdman led the pack, earning its cast and crew seven nominations. Next in line were Boyhood and The Imitation Game with five nominations each. Surprisingly absent in the film category where American Sniper andUnbroken, while Interstellar only just made the cut with a single nomination for its composer Hans Zimmer.

Also of interest is the nomination of Ava DuVernay as Best Director for Selma, a first for an African-American woman. She will compete with David Fincher, Wes Anderson, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, and Richard Linklater.

In television HBO was the clear standout with 15 nominations. Fargo was the favorite series with five. The CW network got its first nomination in nearly a decade for its new comedy Jane the Virgin leading a strong field of female led series in the comedy category.

The awards ceremony will be broadcast live on NBC on Sunday January 11 2015 in a show hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Rothman Reaches New Heights in Television, Film Industries

With nearly three decades of experience and a Lifetime Achievement Award under his belt, Tom Rothman has certainly earned his place as a prominent figure in the entertainment business.

In his most recent career move, Rothman will serve as chairman in a new partnership with Sony Pictures that is aimed at creating movies and television shows under the TriStar name, with the joint venture called TriStar Productions.

Prior to this transition, Rothman held the dual posts of chairman and chief executive office of Fox Filmed Entertainment until he left the company in January 2013. He started his work with Fox in 1994 with his tenure as president and founder of Fox Searchlight. During Rothman’s leadership, the profit margins at Fox were more impressive than that of any film studio. Movies produced under the Fox banner garnered nominations for more than 150 Oscars and earned three awards for Best Picture, and boasted box office giants such as “Titanic” and “Avatar.”

Rothman gave audiences additional, behind-the-scenes stories about the making of films as the host of the television series Fox Legacy.

Rothman, a 1976 graduate of Brown University, started his career as an English Teacher and a varsity soccer coach in Connecticut before. He went on to graduate from Columbia Law School in 1980, after which he accepted a position as a law clerk for The United States Court of Appeals Second Circuit. From there Rothman worked as an attorney with entertainment law firm Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz; he remained on board there for about four years before taking his fateful leap further into the film production industry.

In 1986 Rothman partnered with Jim Jarmusch in the production of the Cannes Film Festival selection, “Down by Law,” and he also co-produced “Candy Mountain” with Robert Frank.

A year later Rothman moved on to Columbia Pictures, where he served as the executive vice president and managed all facets of movie production and by 1989, Rothman was president of Worldwide Production for the Samuel Goldwyn company.

During his time with the company he oversaw the creation of several independent movies including “Wild at Heart,” “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and “The Madness of King George,” and also lent his professional support to fledgling filmmakers who went on to enjoy great success – Ang Lee, Kenneth Branagh and Anthony Minghella, to name a few.

Shortly after Rothman leaving Fox in September 2012, Stephen Spielberg went public with his naming of Rothman as producer of the DreamWorks production titled “Robopocalypse.” Also in 2012, Rothman was appointed chairman of Inc.

The following year Rothman joined the U.S. Dramatic Jury for The Sundance Film Festival. He is currently working with Robert Zemeckis on his new film for 2015 starring Meryl Streep.

For more information on Tom Rothman check out his official website. Although Rothman is one of my favorites in the industry, I did have to do some research which was aided by Los Angeles Times profiles.