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How Jeff Aronin’s Company Is Trying to Change the World, One Rare Disease at a Time

Paragon Biosciences has been turning some heads recently. The company is a leader in the pharmaceutical development industry, especially in rare disease treatment. The pharmaceutical development industry is littered with competition, but Paragon is attempting to stand out. Paragon has a focus on curing the remarkably rare diseases. The diseases that affect a small percentage of people, people who go without treatment.


Company Goal

Paragon’s ambitious goal is to lessen the number of untreated diseases — of which there are over 6,0000 — in the world. With such a massively ambitious project ahead of them, Paragon has been creating several companies under their portfolio that act on individual projects. Companies such as Castle Creek — a company that works to treat patients with rare and serious dermatological conditions — is one of many companies under the Paragon brand ( Harmony Biosciences, Decade and Precision BP are some of the other companies under Paragon’s wing of research and development.

With such an ambitious project in mind, Paragon needed someone who could step up and push them in the right direction. That man is Jeff Aronin. Jeff Aronin was a great pickup for Paragon. He has a long history in the pharmacy field. A history that has proven him capable as both a leader and an innovator.


Growing Business

In 2000, Jeff founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals, a company that he served as president and chief officer of for 9 years. In 2009 Jeff’s company was acquired by Lundbeck Incorporated. During the initial phase of acquisition, Jeff acted as president and chief officer of Lundbeck. After this acquisition, Jeff Aronin took the helm at Paragon.

Jeff is as passionate about treatment as Paragon is. With a mission of trying to treat the untreated, Paragon has become aggressive in the research field. With a wing of companies sitting beneath them, Paragon is making lots of headroom towards treating rare conditions. Jeff himself has a passion for treating the rarer diseases. Jeff isn’t looking to score the next blockbuster drug. Jeff’s passion has always been trying to treat the underdog.

Paragons mission is a tough one. With limited funding and research on some of the rarer and more complex diseases, Paragon has a lot of work set out for them. But, with drugs already in the testing phase, Paragon is getting closer and closer towards seeing success in their mission. Jeff Aronin and Paragon may just make a dent in those 6,000 untreated diseases.