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“It’s The Roc In The Building!”

The birthday celebration on this President’s Day weekend for Juan “OG” Perez, longtime friend and colleague to the infamous JAY Z. The turn up was extravagant to say the least. Spending over $90,000 on alcohol and another $13,000 on food JAY Z and his entourage did it in true baller fashion.

As president of Roc Nation friendship spanning over 2 decades “OG” Perez is surely accustomed to balancing family and success on a stardom like level which is something like a mission statement of the “Roc La Familia”.

One thing is for sure, even when partying like a rock star JAY Z and “OG” Perez keeps in mind their bottom line which is stay focus on the bag. Although they dropped close to a hundred racks ($100K) in a night, most of it was spent on D’USSE’ Cognac and “Ace of Spades” Champagne, which are two brands of alcohol that JAY Z either owns or co-owns. Not to mention the receipt for just over $91,000 went viral, this type of advertisement is priceless.

I think we can all agree that turning “50” is a milestone and should be celebrated big birthday but is there a line to be drawn between harmless splurging and just being wasteful?
Some might argue that its always easier to judge from the “outside looking in”…

On the other hand, some say that to much whom is given much is responsible. To each is own. Either way lets wish a Happy Belated Birthday to Juan “OG” Perez!!

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