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Adam Milstein Skewers The Radical Left In His New Article

According to Adam Milstein, the radical left cannot differentiate between radical and mainstream Muslims, so its solution paints the entire group as victims of western civilization. The only problem is that this opinion vilifies the Nation of Israel, but apparently the far left does not mind being anti-Semitic. This scathing opinion is featured in Adam Milstein’s article, “Unlikely Radical Alliances Fan the Flames of Anti-Semitism Worldwide”. The article, released on Jewish News Syndicate in February, has garnered some backlash. In it Milstein calls out the radical left for bigotry and hypocrisy, citing numerous examples of the allocating for human rights, while ignoring the atrocities radical Muslims commit. Adam Milstein is a passionate advocate for Israel, and has accomplished much in his fervent philanthropy. A member of the Israeli-American Council, founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, and a board member for numerous Jewish advocate groups, Milstein stands for Israel and opposes all who threaten it.

A graduate of Technion and University of Southern California with a B.S. and MBA respectively, Milstein arrived in the U.S. back in 1981. His career in real estate began as a lowly sales agent, today he is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Hager attempts to give back to the communities around it by investing in the acquisition and rehabilitation of aged industrial properties. Hager flips such properties into retail, office, or multi-family properties.

Milstein’s philanthropy is highly regarded, and through his outreach he has done much for the Jewish community in the U.S. In 2016 the Jerusalem Post selected Adam Milstein as one of the top influential people on “Jewish Twitter”. He is also widely considered as a cultural leader for cultural Zionism. His passion for Jewish culture is surpassed only by his desire to educate young Jewish students in it. His article for JNS is not his first, Adam Milstein has written several op-eds on the subject of the BDS movement which he strongly opposes. JNS is the fastest growing news agency directly covering Israel, and features distinguished members of the Jewish community in many of its articles.

Hair Hacks for Lazy People


Youtuber Wengie has a channel full of beauty hacks and tips. One of these videos is 10 Hair HACKS every LAZY PERSON should know, which describes hair tips and hacks that are easy to use.


The first tip is to make sure you are getting enough vitamins and nutrients through your food intake in order to have shiny, healthy hair.


The second hack involves Wengie showing you how to easily make a beautiful braid.


The third hack involves staying away from any kind of hair product that has a lot of sulfates in them. The is especially important for anyone that uses hair dye, as it has a tendency to wash out a lot of the dye.


For the fourth hack, Wengie demonstrates how she stores her bobby pins. She expresses that she has always had a hard time keeping up with her bobby pins, and she now uses a tic tac container to store her bobby pins.


The fifth hack that she shows is for someone that might not have access to a hair curler. You can actually use a metal utensil, heat it up, and get somewhat of the same effect.


The sixth hack is being able to wear a braid without having a bulky hair tie holding it together. Instead of using a hair tie you can use a bobby pin and stick it vertically up at the bottom of the braid.


According to the seventh tip, in order to offset the problem of your natural roots showing, you can part your hair in a zigzag design. This makes it look more like an intentional ombre effect.


The eighth tip that she has to share is something that might help save some time. Simply prop your hair dryer up, so you can dry your hair and do your make up at the same time.


The ninth tip that she offers helps hair clips grip your hair better. Simply use a hot glue gun to help the clip grip onto your hair better.


The last and final tip she demonstrates how to make a messy bun look easily.