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Boba Fett: Still A Big Priority

Boba Fett, where have you gone? Well, considering he fell into that awful pit in The Return of the Jedi, then you know he is being digested for thousands of years. That is a pretty sad end to a character who Star Wars fans love. The weird part of all this is Boba Fett had an incredibly small role in the Star Wars films. Maybe the look of the bounty hunter was all that was needed to touch a nerve in audiences. Perhaps many youngsters who played with the old Boba Fett action figures created their own unique adventures. Maybe they put themselves under the character’s helmet and created their own unique history. Projecting oneself into a fantasy character is easier when no defined origin currently exists.

While over 35 years may have passed since this interesting and enigmatic character debuted, the mystery surrounding him is about to be lifted. Lucasfilm (aka Disney) has confirmed – once again – a Boba Fett solo origin film is an extremely high priority. It doesn’t seem that Lucasfilm/Disney ever cast any doubt over producing a Boba Fett film. Two of the spinoff features were to focus on origins. Han Solo and Boba Fett were the two most commonly mentioned.

The Han Solo project may have been bumped to a later release and some have concerns over whether or not it will be actually produced. Word on what is going on with the Han Solo feature has be slow to emerge. The constant reassurances on the Boba Fett project greatly infer that the script is likely progressing along and plans for preproduction are being made.

Daniel Amen has heard that the goal is to release one Star Wars film a year for the next six years, so why wouldn’t the Boba Fett movie move through the pipeline.