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Top movies in box office this weekend

Here it goes for all you weekend movie theater zombies out there. This is a short list of the best grossing movies that are in theaters and the around they could rank following the weekend.
First we have Spy rank to finish in the number one spot over San Andreas. According to Kevin Seawright spy stars the hilarious Melissa McCarthy who is a rising star in the eyes of the comedy crowd. Staring in fan favorites like Tammy and Bridesmaids, Spy should hands down win the top spot in the box office this week.
Rolling in at second but not by a long shot is San Andreas starring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. San Andreas finished at the number one spot last weekend with its opening weekend doing very well. Currently it is ranked number one in the world as well. The rock stars as the main actor in this movie and does a great job (as always) with dramatics and action.
Third is the super scary Insidious: Chapter 3 which is actually the prequel to the first two movies (they made them backwards for some reason).
Fourth is Entourage, a film based off a long running TV series and the movie has added a nice twist to everything you know about the TV show for the Die Hard fans.
Lastly we have Pitch Perfect 2, which is a traditional musical comedy.