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Billy McFarland’s Black Card Exceeds 10,000 Members

Billy McFarland is one of the youngest tech entrepreneurs in the US. He is the CEO of Spling and Magnises. McFarland developed a passion for technology at a tender age. He began his first IT business when he was 13 years old. The company ran online by linking clients with their desired designers. He enrolled in Lewisburg-based Bucknell University briefly to study computer engineering.


According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland decided to drop out of Bucknell University as the first year. He later founded Spling, an online advertising platform. The platform allows people to transform URLs from text to graphic form. Spling serves established tech-oriented companies such as Universal and Discovery.


In 2013, Billy McFarland developed technology and community oriented black card known as Magnises targeted at the millennial generation. The black card offers guidance and perks meant to enhance the usual life of young people. It is entirely different from a credit card since people cannot use it for financial purposes.

However, the black card copies data from real debit and credit cards. People can use it as an alternative to their debit and credit cards in entertainment joints. The card is metallic and heavier in structure.

Magnises is also a social club consisting of deals and special events. For instance, members can benefit from discounts in clubs, concerts, or bars by using the black card.

One can only access these services using the black card. Magnises members should pay an annual fee of $250 besides the registration fee. They can use the black card in Washington DC and New York. Currently, the black card has more than 10,000 members and it has amassed venture capital worth $3 million since 2015.

Billy McFarland seeks to expand the card’s services to cover cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and London. When interviewed with the Business Insider about the black card, he mentioned that his company targets the youth by offering them an opportunity to take part in new business ventures. Most Magnises members use the card in New