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Achieving a sound Retirement with David Giertz

Financial advisor David Giertz talks on the benefits of saving for retirement and how to go about it. Creating a good retirement plan normally involves creating a budget, saving money as well as making plans for insurance requirements. According to David Giertz, a retirement strategy should also include using certain amount of the accumulated savings for your daily needs and some little simple fun. Saving money for many individuals becomes a habit that they find hard to break. David says that most people normally find it hard to take out money from their savings or their investments account after saving for a long time.

David Giertz states that those people who have managed to save millions of dollars normally have difficulties spending any amount of their savings simply because they have gotten used to living simple lives. Retirees should however understand that it is okay to spend part of their savings and not feel guilty at all. According to David Giertz, retirees can enjoy retirement by creating a balance between spending money and saving wisely. It is possible to live life in a responsible manner and not forfeit the opportunity to enjoy life in the golden years. Discipline has been described by David Giertz as the key to a sound retirement.

After planning how you want to live after your retirement, you should come up with a saving plan that will ensure that you reach your goal. It is also important for a retiree to come up with a budget that will keep them in check and keep them away from spending all the retirement money.

An established financial advisor, David Giertz has served in the financial sector for over 30 years. He has managed to accumulate lots of expertise and experience that is required in that field. In the past, David Giertz served as the President at the Financial Sales and Distribution Center of Nationwide. This position mandated him to direct the company to achieve financial success. Before joining Nationwide, he served as a financial advisor at Citigroup for ten years. David Giertz attributes his success in the financial world to hard work, passion and discipline.

Marc Sparks Shows the Way to Entrepreneurs

Marc Sparks has a certain restless energy which many entrepreneurs have and he leverages it to great effect in his life and for the benefit of the world as well. He is the quintessential can’t sit still kind of guy who is driven to get things done and make a mark in business.

Sparks graduated from high school in Austin, Texas in 1975 and his life has been in overdrive ever since. He has initiated dozens of business startups in his time and has experienced the whole gamut of results. Some have been wildly successful and others were dismal failures. But, in every instance, he added to his knowledge base and is considered to be a master entrepreneur today.

The book that Sparks authored is an excellent handbook for those wishing to pursue entrepreneurial dreams. Entitled, They Can’t Eat You, it is a realistic depiction of the road one must travel to develop a great idea. It is full of sage advice and it gives a complete picture so people understand what it takes to be successful in business and in life.

He relays the fact that portions of the book were painful to write as they detail some of his failures. He believes that people will learn more from his failures than they will learn from his long list of successes. It is specially written for those who are dreaming big, but slowly losing hope for success. As such he reveals the incredible perseverance which he summoned to continue in the face of adversity and setbacks and disappointment.

Timber Creek Capital is where Marc Sparks plies his trade today and it’s an incredible resource for those entrepreneurs who have that golden idea but need help in bringing it to light. Sparks has provided an amazing array of resources to help people build businesses from marketing to graphic design to accounting and everything in between. They are housed in a unique building which fosters creativity and collaboration to help the animal spirits to thrive.

Sparks is a generous philanthropist, but he can remember when he used a Texaco credit card to buy groceries at a gas station. Despite this, he never lost his enthusiasm for life and starting new businesses. He was never afraid to take a risk and didn’t flinch at the possibility of losing it all. The story of Marc Sparks is quite inspirational and he provides a wealth of motivation to persevere and keep bringing ideas to light. Learn more: