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HCR Wealth Advisors: A Registered Investment Advisory Firm for High Net Worth Individuals

When it comes to understanding your finances in the world around you, the fact of the matter is you can’t just trust anyone. Some people may have your best interests in play when they try to help you manage your money. Others might completely understand the market and want to guide you in the best way. Still, others may be able to help by having access to quality products and services within their grasp. However, at the end of the day, the most important thing you will want to have is access to a registered investment advisory firm with professionals who will be able to blend all of those elements into one. That’s where HCR Wealth Advisors come in.

The truth is there are advisors everywhere. Everyone wants to be a talking head and tell you exactly what they think, what you should believe, and what you should do in response to each and every breaking news story. That’s why you need to find an advisory firm which will spend the time to understand its clients and each of their goals and needs.  By doing so, the firm is able to develop personalized strategies to help clients reach their financial goals based on their financial situation and what is actually happening in the market. It isn’t enough to simply understand what people are telling you, but rather you have to have the capacity to tune out the noise and understand for yourself what is actually going on in the market. When it comes to the team at HCR Wealth Advisors, the goal is to look at the data from a thirty-thousand-foot view to better understand the big picture, and then to zoom in.

HCR Wealth Advisors not only works with high net worth clients but clients in any financial situation.  The firm helps to develop strategies that are aligned with each client’s goals and needs and suitable for the client’s risk tolerance. The firm’s goal is to develop long-term relationships through education, trust, and service. See these jobs at HCR Wealth.

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OSI Group Merges with Turi Foods Company

Being one of the largest food providers in the globe, OSI Industries has been making headlines with its remarkable growth rate which is expected to keep on even in the coming years. The company started from scratch rising from its humble beginning, and today it is an established, significant business corporate with about 20,000 workers present in 17 nations. Recently, the company took an extra step when it merged with Turi foods in its Australian operations, and the merger is to be named Turosi Pty Limited. The aim is to create an alliance that can provide a complete range of food solutions to retailers and consumers. The two firms believe that the merger will help them share expertise, skills, and facilities which will make them even stronger and unstoppable in the food sector.

They believe that they can make a unique world-class food company that can cater to every consumer’s needs across the globe. Both OSI Industries and Turi have maintained a strong, positive reputation with their customers, and people are likely to trust their services even more. The merger, therefore, brings in a strong potential to serve their clients in new and better ways, offering higher opportunities for their excellence. The merger will be complementing the OSI Industries especially with the already existing food brands of Colonial Farm, La lonica, and Golden farms.

Turi, which is a family-owned food company, has facilities all over Thomastown, Victoria and this makes the merger even more interesting. It happens to be among the largest poultry processing company in Australia with customers all over which include butcher shops, supermarkets, chicken retails and roast chicken outlets. Having the OSI Group in the picture will make their services even better and will help them expand their products to other parts of the world past Australia. OSI Industries on the other has been seen growing tremendously and increase its products supply from hamburger patties, pizza, and sausage links. Imagine what the merger will do to it. There will be a definite improvement in their services, products and see them reach the next level. The aim is to offer high-quality custom-made food, and achieving the goal has just been made easier.

How Luiz Carlos Trabuco Improved Bradesco

The banking industry in Brazil is changing drastically. Customers are demanding more products and services than ever before. At one time, Bradesco was once a struggling bank about to go bankrupt. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco became CEO, few people thought that he could turn the company around. Read this article at Glamurama.

He made drastic changes to the business model to improve sales and profits. Instead of firing employees to save money, he invested capital in hiring the best workers possible. The turnover rate at Bradesco plummeted, and the company was able to improve financial results.

Farming Loans

The economy in Brazil is based on agriculture. However, most farmers struggle to get any capital from banks. Few banks want to deal with small loans to farmers who do not have a strong credit history.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco saw this as a business opportunity. He developed a lending program for new farmers in Brazil. Although delinquency rates are higher than most loan programs at Bradesco, the farming program has been an enormous success. Luiz Carlos Trabuco grew up in a low-income area of Brazil, and he is focused on helping people increase their income.


Buying Banks

Luiz Carlos Trabuco also has plans to expand Bradesco by purchasing smaller banks throughout the country. Multiple banks are in a financial crisis, and acquiring another company is a proven way to increase sales. However, Luiz does not want to increase Bradesco’s debt by making an acquisition.

Future Goals

Luiz has announced that he plans to retire from Bradesco in the coming months. Although he enjoys leading the company, he wants to spend more time with his friends and his family. He is excited about traveling the world. Finding a new CEO is a process that takes months to complete. The company is interviewing both internal and external candidates. Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Crunchbase.

The Leadership Philosophy of Vijay Eswaran

Fear can either paralyse us or fear can excite and motivate us. Vijay Eswaran’s life and business philosophy is that fear should be used to impel us to take risks in order to reap great rewards. Vijay came to realize that any day can be our last and we must live as though we are, as he puts it, at all times but two minutes away from the abyss and living your life with a sense of urgency supercharges your life. He postulates that fear is a great motivator for growth and that security and comfort cannot lead to a life of growth.

And change is an important part of that growth. Change must continue throughout your life in order for you to progress. Change can be good or bad, but even bad change is better than no change. It’s a natural process happening all around us every moment of every day. In the latter years of our lives, many people feel overwhelmed by changes and cannot keep up. But in earlier stages of our lives, we must never stop changing.

Vijay Eswaran learned from his father the philosophy of “service above self” that he’s carried with him and has been his philosophy of leadership since then. A leader in business takes care of the people he is leading and then customer service takes care of itself.

A leader has clarity of vision and communicates it to their team so that everyone knows what the goals are and where they are headed.

Core values that include honesty, truth, acceptance and compassion defines who you are as a leader and who you are as a company.

Servant leaders support and assists the people on their team to grow professionally to help them become the best they can be in order that the organization experiences growth as well.

Finally, great leaders willingly sacrifice so that the team is motivated and unified in their shared goals.

Find The Right Solution For Your Home With The Aloha Construction Team

Aloha Construction is a Lake Zurich based construction services company that serves the state of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. It is family owned and operated, and it has over the last 10 years gained a reputation for excellence and integrity while maintaining a safety record unmatched by its competitors. Aloha Construction has completed over 7000 local projects, making it one of the leading contractors in the region. It employs a team of claims specialists, managers, installers, inspectors, and administrative staff to deliver high quality solutions to home owners in the area.

From gutter repair to interior redesign and renovation, the Aloha Construction team has the knowledge, skill, expertise, and experience to help you repair, restore, or improve your home.

Gutter repair is something that every homeowner will need from time to time. It is essential to have a functioning gutter system on your home. The purpose of gutters is to collect the rain water that falls from the roof of the home and to deposit it safely in a drainage system on the ground. Without a gutter system such water would fall directly to the ground. This leads to soil erosion. It can also cause flooding in your basement. Water that is allowed to sink into the ground around your home will also increase the dampness in it, which will cause the growth of mold and mildew.

A gutter repair team from Aloha Construction can provide the right gutter guards, miters, and elbows. They can also install a new downspout system, if that is necessary.

The company also specializes in roofing problems. Your roof is constantly battered by high winds, heavy rains, and copious amounts of snowfall. This can lead to the rotting away of your roof over time. At the first sign of a leak, you should call the experts at Aloha Construction. They can come out, find the source of the damage, and get to work right away on repairing it.

If you are thinking of redoing your floors, adding an extension to your house, or having new windows and doors installed, you can trust Aloha Construction to help you with those matters as well.

Malcolm CasSelle Introduces Digital Goods Cryptocurrency

Malcolm CaSelle is known as the founder of Mt. Gox, an exchange for digital trading cards and as a primary employee of OpSkins, the world’s leading supplier of cosmetic overrides for video games. As a graduate of MIT and Stanford, his education has enabled him to reach a niche market and be very successful in it.

Now Malcolm CasSelle plans to reach further into the video game community with WAX. Previously, Mt. Gox only targeted Magic: The Gathering players and the OpSkins audience was exclusive to players of first person shooter survival games. With WAX Tokens, gamers will be able to exchange their virtual items from all genres of video games in a safe and reliable way. WAX Tokens are already accepted by various video game goods retailers including OpSkins.

WAX is not a store. The intention of WAX is to provide a place for individuals to set up their own stores and to give them a safe means of conducting transactions.


What are WAX Tokens?

WAX Tokens are a new cryptocurrency designed to be used during the exchange of virtual products – not just video game products. WAX uses blockchain technology to assure its users that the system is one-hundred percent safe.


Who is Malcolm CasSelle?

Malcolm CaSelle is an innovative entrepreneur in the business of trading digital goods. He obtained the best education available from the best colleges in the world and has went on to be involved in several successful companies in the online world. His original project was called NetNoir and was an Afrocentric multimedia production company. In 2012 he was named CEO of Xfire, a social media platform that combined news and live streaming for gamers.

Malcolm CaSelle has also ventured into the publishing business and has found himself in a very successful position at tronc Inc,. tronc is one of the premiere publishers of newspapers in the United States. The company handles the printing and distribution for prominent names in news such as the Chicago Tribune and New York Daily News.


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Why Virtual Reality Is a Smart Investment According to Paul Mampilly

People are always changing. People’s interests are always changing. As an investor, you need to be up to date about what people are interested in. You need to understand what they will be interested in in a few years from now. Unless you have a lot of experience, it can be difficult and overwhelming to figure out which things people will be interested in and therefore make a good investment. Imagine if you had invested in the iPhone right at the beginning. Paul Mampilly explains that technology allows for new industries to arise. Here are some industries that make great investment opportunities. The key is to avoid a trend that is just a passing fad and to go for the trends that will continue to get more and more popular as the years go by. Those are the opportunities that will reap the biggest rewards for those who invest in them.

Imagine if you had invested in video games when they first came out. Television, movies, video games, and so on will be overtaken by the virtual reality industry. Virtual reality is definitely the thing of the future. Both augmented reality and virtual reality are included in this trend. They allow users to actually experience what they are playing in 3D. This lets people experience the game on a much higher level. It is a lot more exciting. They will also be able to immerse themselves in the movie they are watching and be transported to a different time and place. Over the next few decades, virtual reality will become very widespread. It is already growing rapidly, with some companies seeing growth rates of over nine hundred percent. Paul Mampilly advises that now is a good time to invest in them.

Paul Mampilly is an expert investor who has made accurate predictions for years, helping all those who follow his work. He writes regularly for firms that he manages. He also writes for Banyan Hill Publishing, a place where savvy investors go to for information about finance and the stock market. He is a Senior Editor there. He has a long academic career, with many degrees and an outstanding history. It is a good idea to listen to smart investors like Paul Mampilly who make predictions that are based on their years of solid experience and success.

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Barbara Stokes

Barbra Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama LLC. This is a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor company based in Huntsville, Texas. Barbra attended Mercer University where she graduated with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics in 2001. She also studied other disciplines such as Thermodynamics, Technical Communication, Structures and Quality of materials, and Manufacturing and Management. Before forming GSH of Alabama, Barbra worked at Pisces Corporation and Boeing Companies. Barbra possesses massive experience in government contracting and this has been helpful in managing GSH of Alabama LLC. She is a mother of three kids and she actively volunteers in Huntsville community service affairs. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Barbra Stokes together with her husband Scott Stokes founded GSH of Alabama in 2008. Scott is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of this company. Scott Stokes was a corporate pilot before coming to GSH of Alabama LLC. Scott is credited as the brainchild of the numerous proprietary design concepts that are of massive help to the United States Government.

GSH of Alabama LLC is a manufacturing facility based in Alabama. The company offers solutions in design, building, delivery and onsite construction of commercial and residential buildings. GSH of Alabama LLC provides construction engineering services throughout the North America continent. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

GSH of Alabama also offers in-house project management services as well as independent engineering. The company executes this through planning, installation, and inspection of commercial and residential buildings. The company under the leadership of Barbra Stokes has managed to provide contraction services to the government and private institutions. Some of the company’s reputable work includes designing and supply of underground training facilities for the army. Barbra also managed to successfully bid a designing and manufacturing of a student housing project in Mississippi. These are among other innumerable works in the government and private sector. The company is also a good employer and is always on the market ready to recruit qualified candidates

Barbra Stokes has received a certification from Small Owned Business Firm. She is ever committed to leading GSH of Alabama LLC in support of FEMA mission and the United States at large.


CEO Anthony Petrello supporting medical research

Tony Petrello is one of the greatest philanthropists of our time. He has accomplished a lot for the United States. He is not only a problems solver in the field of business but also a problems solver for societal problems. Tony Petrello is the biggest donor towards the establishment of the first neurological hospital in the world. He has worked closely with the Texas Children Hospital to set up the first research center that will deal with problems of neurological disorders in children. Tony Petrello has been a leading figure in the country in advocating for the health of children. The neurological center was set up after he went all over the world looking for a treatment to a medical disorder that her daughter was suffering from.

Anthony Petrello did not manage to secure treatment for his daughter. He had to come up with a way that he could ensure that his daughter benefited from good medical care. This is when he came up with the plan of assisting the neurological center in Texas Children Hospital to conduct research in the medical field. Petrello being a problem solver for the business and other matters in life could not be contended that there was no solution for the medical problem that his daughter was suffering from. He decided that he must do something that will change the lives of many other children who suffer from the same medical problems.

Antony Petrello started journey when he received his firstborn daughter. She was born prematurely and was suffering from a brain problem. Her brain could not receive sufficient oxygen. This led to problems for baby Carena. Her body could not function in the normal way. The brain being the nerve center for the whole body affected her ability to have any motion in her body. She could not carry out some functions such eating, walking or even talking. She was paralyzed. This situation gave Tony Petrello the motivation to support research in medical fields that are related to his daughter’s health. The only help he could get could only come by sponsoring new research in this medical field. This is how he found himself in Texas Children hospital supporting the health of these young ones. As a victim of the disease, he hopes that a solution will be found to cure her daughter who has been suffering all her life.

Anthony Petrello has another foundation in the Yale University where he supports mathematicians who have excelled very well at the university. This is a foundation he started to commemorate the death of his friend at the University Professor Serge Lange.

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Roberto Santiago: The Talented Entrepreneur Hailing From Joao Pessoa and Proprietor of the Manaira Shopping Mall

Malls offer more than just shopping experiences. They also serve as a comfortable and entertaining facility where many can gather and spend their time. Brazilian entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago noted this value offered by malls over other traditional retail spaces and consequently decided to invest in one in 1987. Two years later, the Manaira shopping mall was opened in the city of Joao Pessoa. After a few renovations over the years to keep it in line with customer needs and preferences, the mall is still one of the most popular in the country. Millions from within and outside the city pass through the Manaira shopping mall’s doors every day.

The Manaira shopping mall features all the essentials you would find at a typical mall. There are dozens of stores offering diverse products and services. There are also several financial institutions and a fitness center within the premises. Also, the mall does not compromise on entertainment as it plays host to a gaming area, several movie theaters, bars and a bowling alley. Finally, the overall appeal of the mall is compounded by the location of the Higher Education College of Paraiba within it.

Food is a significant consideration in any shopping mall. Fortunately, the Manaira shopping mall does not disappoint. The mall features a few large and affordable food courts that are conducive for individuals visiting with their families. Additionally, there are a few finer gourmet spaces including restaurants and ice cream parlors for those in need of more luxurious dining experiences.

Arguably the greatest attraction at the Manaira shopping mall is the Domus Hall. The large concert hall’s capacity runs into the thousands, even with sitting guest. It is strategically located on the mall’s roof and consists of two floors. The lower floor has a more open space and is often the venue for concerts, art exhibitions and various types of parties. On the other hand, the upper floor is subdivided into a number of private cabins that can seat about a dozen with access to bars and dressing rooms. Both floors of the hall are well equipped and are fully air-conditioned.

Quite the talented entrepreneurs, Roberto Santiago’s business interests do not end at the Manaira Shopping Mall. Before going on to develop the mall in 1989, he owned a company involved in manufacturing decorative products known as Cartonnage. He has also invested significantly in the real estate and entertainment industries. His most significant secondary investment, however, came in 2014 when his second mall, the Mangaberia shopping mall. Also located in his home city of Joao Pessoa, the mall is the largest of its kind to the south of the city. Through these two malls, Santiago greatly supports the local economy of Joao Pessoa.

Unknown to many, Roberto Santiago is almost as accomplished in sports as he is in business. The 59-year-old has previously won several motocross competitions and a karting championship. Therefore, it can be argued that the strong desire to provide great entertainment value at the Manaira shopping mall stems from Roberto Santiago’s liking for fun.