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Graham Edwards Success in Merging Telereal and Trillium

Telereal and Trillium merged with each other in 2009 to form the prominent Telereal Trillium. Graham Edwards instigated the transaction that unified the two companies. Being the chief executive officer of Telereal, Edwards got in touch with Ian Ellis when he learned that Trillium is up for sale (

The two companies have been involved with each other on some deals in the past, which is why the merger was not surprising at all. And since Graham Edwards was selected as the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium proves that he had a significant part in the union of the two leading outsourcing giants in the industry.

When Telereal Trillium began to operate as one, the new organization already has substantial control of the property industry, and everything depended on how Graham Edwards Telereal as the CEO and Ian Wells as the Non-Executive Director can make a better go of their joint resources. Although it was already evident from the beginning of Telereal Trillium that there were more than enough assets at their disposal to attain their current objectives.

By having the right to utilize a significant amount of assets, other executives may have gone straight-away to form new business deals to illustrate the magnitude of their financial capability.

However, Edwards exercised restraint since he believes that being careful is the proper course of action that needs to be taken. And while a profitable venture during the first year of Telereal Trillium would have been gratifying. He knows it is not crucial to the success of the newly formed company.

Graham Edward’s business tactic throughout his career illustrates a sensible and collected course of action. He is an alumnus of the University of Cambridge and the King’s College of London. He utilized his excellent education in acquiring numerous executive-level positions in prominent organizations in his professional career. Before he served with Telereal, he was the CIO of Talisman Global Asset Management, and ahead of that, he worked with the BT Group Plc and Merrill Lynch.

With his extensive experience in numerous business industries and sectors, Graham Edwards is aware that aside from closing large deals, there is also a need to incorporate the operations of Telereal and Trillium to be able to work efficiently and serve their respective clients better.