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Businessman Perry Mandera Leads a Global Transportation Company

Perry Mandera owns and operates The Custom Companies, LLC, located in Northlake, Illinois. He founded the trucking company in the mid 1980s, he serves as its chairman. The company provides trucking and transportation services across the United States, and also anywhere throughout the world.

He is a successful entrepreneur, and an established businessman in the community. Perry Mandera has over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry. He grew the company from the early stage of a start up, to the point where it is today, that of a company enjoying global success.

Perry Mandera supports the community in which his company operates (Ideamensch). One of the state organizations, the Illinois State Crime Commission, awarded him the honor of being named the 2011 Citizen of the Year. The same organization awarded him the Bishop Shell Award the year prior. He has won many other awards, and he has received a great deal of recognition over the years.

Perry is also a coach, and he supports the Police Athletic League (PAL). The Crime Commission works very closely with the PAL in an effort to reduce juvenile delinquency and crime in the area. Perry is a supportive role model for the young people he coaches.

Perry graduated from high school in 1975. After he completed his education, Perry Mandera served in the United States Marine Corp. Reserves. While he was serving in the Marines, one of his duties was to drive a truck, and that was when he learned how to operate a truck. He proceeded to learn alot about trucks, and that is where his interest started.

He spent several years after that, working for a few companies in the transportation industry, when he decided to fulfill his dream as a business owner. As an entrepreneur, Perry was anxious to pursue a path that he had a great deal of interest in, and in 1986, Perry started The Custom Companies. The company currently has hundreds of employees.


Buy stocks that go up with Paul Mampilly

Very few people get rich because of their regular jobs. Those who become rich do so because they are wise investors. Paul Mampilly, having found success in investing has dedicated himself to helping others become rich through investing. He is the founder of the newsletter, Profits Unlimited, where he guides his readers on how to buy stocks that grow. The advice he gives in his writings are not generic. He draws from his own experience of picking stocks that grow. He also is the editor of Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum; all of these newsletters are published by Bayan Hill Publishing.

Mr Mampilly has made most of his money by picking stocks rightly. Recently, he expressed his confidence in Myriad Genetics stocks. Considering this firms line of business; they use molecular diagnostic DNA sequencing to test and find any hereditary illness written in the DNA that might manifest later in life. These tests help doctors prevent diseases like Diabetes and heart attack from ever happening. Apart from their line of business, their payment structures and long term goals are considered to be favourable to investors. He says that this company’s stocks will most likely shoot up. Therefore, investing in it is considered to be wise.

One of Paul Mampilliy’s passions is teaching. He says he finds fulfilment in seeing other people make money following the advice he gave them. It’s his way of giving back. The same strategies he used can be replicated and see regular people become millionaires. Because of this, he tries to break down the information he shares in articles so that even this who do not have a financial background can get rich following the shared information. His 90,000 subscribers are a testimony that his work as a teacher is appreciated and treasured by many.

Before becoming an editor and contributor at Bayan Hills Publication, Mr Mampilly worked at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager in 1991. While working in this position, he got to learn the plumbing of Wall Street. He learnt when and why money flows on Wall Street the way it does. Eager to learn, Mr Mampilly quickly scaled up the corporate ladder and soon became prominent enough to handle money for big companies like the Royal Bank of Scotland and Deutsche Bank. Because of his knowledge of the Wall Street trade, he has been on CNBC, Bloomberg and many other TV stations to give his opinion on market trends.

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CEO Anthony Petrello supporting medical research

Tony Petrello is one of the greatest philanthropists of our time. He has accomplished a lot for the United States. He is not only a problems solver in the field of business but also a problems solver for societal problems. Tony Petrello is the biggest donor towards the establishment of the first neurological hospital in the world. He has worked closely with the Texas Children Hospital to set up the first research center that will deal with problems of neurological disorders in children. Tony Petrello has been a leading figure in the country in advocating for the health of children. The neurological center was set up after he went all over the world looking for a treatment to a medical disorder that her daughter was suffering from.

Anthony Petrello did not manage to secure treatment for his daughter. He had to come up with a way that he could ensure that his daughter benefited from good medical care. This is when he came up with the plan of assisting the neurological center in Texas Children Hospital to conduct research in the medical field. Petrello being a problem solver for the business and other matters in life could not be contended that there was no solution for the medical problem that his daughter was suffering from. He decided that he must do something that will change the lives of many other children who suffer from the same medical problems.

Antony Petrello started journey when he received his firstborn daughter. She was born prematurely and was suffering from a brain problem. Her brain could not receive sufficient oxygen. This led to problems for baby Carena. Her body could not function in the normal way. The brain being the nerve center for the whole body affected her ability to have any motion in her body. She could not carry out some functions such eating, walking or even talking. She was paralyzed. This situation gave Tony Petrello the motivation to support research in medical fields that are related to his daughter’s health. The only help he could get could only come by sponsoring new research in this medical field. This is how he found himself in Texas Children hospital supporting the health of these young ones. As a victim of the disease, he hopes that a solution will be found to cure her daughter who has been suffering all her life.

Anthony Petrello has another foundation in the Yale University where he supports mathematicians who have excelled very well at the university. This is a foundation he started to commemorate the death of his friend at the University Professor Serge Lange.

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Adam Milstein: Connecting the Past With the Future

Adam Milstein is a well-known real estate manager. He is also a philanthropist who gives back to his native Isreal in any way he can. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Isreal American Council. The organization strives to bring the relationship of the United States and Isreal closer together.

He is also the head of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to provide Isreali students with the tools necessary to dive into the history of the Isreali civilization. The organization strives to teach students the native language of Hebrew. Not only that, the group makes sure that students can not only read Hebrew, they are able to write in the ancient language as well. In an interview with Ideamensch, he describes the things that he does to make the most out of his life and career.

Adam believes in working hard to make his goals come to fruition. He has made the most of the opportunities that have been given to him. He discovered in the mid to late eighties that he had a knack for selling real estate. After a few years of working in the business, he decided to go out on his own. He has had the Midas touch over the years.that everything he tries turns to gold.

When it comes to the real estate business he says that a person should follow up on every detail, every lead, and keep in touch with every person. Another tip that he would give to people is not to set specific goals when it comes to business. Being too specific in the approach can make the goal less worthwhile once it is achieved. Adam also says to be a part of the solution and not to rely on others to solve all problems. He wants people to understand the problem they face. that is how to solve it.

Adam is a man who has blazed his own trail when it comes to real estate and giving back to causes that he believes in. This has created a well-rounded life.


Anthony Petrello- A leader in the drilling industry

Anthony Petrello, commonly known as Tony Petrello is one of the Americans that the country should be proud of. He is business executive who has been able to transform the drilling industry in the United States into one of the biggest industries. He leads the biggest drilling company in the world known as Nabors industries. This is a firm that has operations in all the continents of the world. However, most of its operations are in Africa, North America Fart East, and the Middle East. Nabors is involved with the activities of drilling oil company and natural gas. Anthony Petrello has managed to make this company the greatest in the world. Anthony Petrello came into the limelight in 2014, when he was declared as the top paid CEO in the United States. This was in recognition of the work that he had done with the drilling company. As the CEO since 2011, Anthony Petrello has made success of the company, his number one priority in life.

Anthony Petrello hopes that the drilling firm will move on with its consistent gains in the industry. Anthony Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 as the chief operating officer, and since then, he has been able to grow with the company. He understands all the challenges that the company has been through and is, therefore, able to guide it in the right direction. His focus has been in making the company technology compliant. Only companies that have the best drilling technology will be able to survive this century. Technology is driving almost every industry, and mining is one of the industries where it is almost impossible to make it without it.

Anthony Petrello has ensured that the company has the best drilling rigs available in the market. This is one factor that makes Nabors industries outdo any other company that engages in natural gas and oil drilling.

Anthony Petrello has worked very hard for him to reach the level that he is in right now. It has taken years of dedication and hard work to finally be the top executive of a very lucrative industry. Anthony Petrello was born from a very humble family, but over the years he has been able to change the narrative. He is an inspiration to people who come from poor backgrounds that there is no limit to what they can achieve. He was able to grow from little known Newark town to become an influential figure in Texas.

Anthony Petrello is married to Cynthia, and they both have a daughter known as Carena.

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JustFab Founders Share Their Journey To Success

Techstyle Fashion Group is the parent company to several different membership-based clothing and beauty retailers. Founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg after meeting at Intermix media, Techstyle would eventually become industry leaders in the business of e-commerce and online retail. While the duo admits they may not be the most fashion-forward, the had a desire to succeed, and a true understanding of the consumers wants and needs.

Both Ressler and  Adam Goldenberg got a taste of entrepreneurship at an early age. At just 15, Adam Goldenberg launched his first company, Gamers Alliance. Using passion for online gaming as fuel, the young entrepreneur built an online advertising network designed for gaming websites. He sold the company to Intermix Media in 1999, where he eventually became Vice President of Strategic Planning. By age 20, he had advanced to Chief Operating Officer of the company.

Following a similar path, Don Ressler launched his first business at a young age. Unlike most people his age, Ressler had always been career driven and was responsible for raising capital for several online companies. His early experiences gave him a chance to see the potential in the fashion industry. After selling his first company,, to Intermix media. It was there that he and Ressler met, and began their journey as business partners.

In 2006, the Ressler and Goldenberg started their first business as a team. Headquartered in El, Segundo, California, Intelligent Beauty specializes in personal care and beauty products. Their experienced paired with their new business venture prompted them to begin redefining the online shopping experience. They knew that the industry of fashion was expanding and that the demand for trendy affordable clothing was significant.

In March 2010, Ressler and Goldenberg founded JustFab Inc. An online subscription-based fashion retailer, JustFab has completely transformed the online shopping experience for its members. JustFab offers members a personalized shopping experience by allowing members to create a profile that outlines their style preferences. From shoes and handbags to clothing and accessories, JustFab has something for every member, and every occasion. Since their launch, JustFab has gone from a small start-up to a $250 million business.

Jose Henrique Borghi; an Influential Advertiser in Brazil

In the advertising industry, creativity and originality are highly significant. Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the most influential people in the Brazil advertising industry. He is very original, and his creativity is not in doubt. He has developed great advertising campaigns that have earned him respect and popularity in Brazil. Some of the advertisement campaigns he has championed are ‘Mammals of Parmalat’ and ‘it is the love’.

Jose Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente and graduated in Advertising and Propaganda from PUC Campinas. He started his advertising career journey in many advertising agents in Brazil until he co-founded Borghi Lowe advertising agency together with Erh Ray. This ad agency grew, and later it merged with another agency to form Mullen Lowe Advertising Agency. Jose became co-CEO of the advertising agency along with Andre Gomes. Mullen Lowe became one of the greatest Ad agency in Brazil and internationally.

Mullen Lowe Brasil has been very influential in developing offline communication of many new brands. In 2017, Mullen Lowe created a campaign which has seven communications that are transformational. These are to change how people see new brands, and they are to bring more fun when one opens a new brand. Mullen Lowe with the help of Jose Borghi helped Fini company; a candy company in their adverts. This company advert made people buy more chewing gum, juice candies and other products the company produces. The ad was well created to show that when you open the branded products, you will experience some fun. It was a good marketing advert that helped Fini a great deal.

Jose Henrique Borghi is very innovative when it comes to adverts, and he has contributed a lot to Brazil Advertising industry. Jose has helped many companies like Fiat and many others in the automotive sector like Honda in advertising campaigns. He has received many awards for his hard work, determination, and creativity in his work. Jose Borghi has been very influential, and he has made the Brazilian advertising agency; Mullen Lowe successful.

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Matthew Autterson’s Success In Business Industry

The monetary administrations division is a standout amongst the most vital on the planet. The expert administration of different sorts of securities, for example, shares, bonds has turned out to be exceptionally well known in the present day times. This is on account of more individuals need to make sound speculations and profit by the day’s end. High total assets people, insurance agencies, corporates, benefits assets, foundations and instructive organizations are a portion of the speculators who want to utilize money related administrations. Some private financial specialists are associated with the business as well.


There are experts who have been prepared to deal with the exercises in the fund division. The office is exceptionally muddled, and it needs people who are straightforward and experienced with the goal that they can help the clients to settle on the correct choices. Diverse nations set the tenets and directions that ought to be trailed by the fund experts. On the off chance that an individual is not very much qualified, at that point it is difficult to get the permit for training. The business is likewise extremely aggressive, and everybody is concentrating on making some great benefits.


Matthew Autterson is one of the people who has rolled out a considerable measure of improvement in the monetary administration industry. The agent is as of now situated in the United States, and he comprehends the venture administration world too well. As per Matthew Autterson, there are a few features of the office. The absolute most critical incorporate settlement, managing, business and numerous others. The specialist says that the best recipients in the business are the huge establishments who put their cash into the market.


Getting the position Matthew Autterson has in the general public is not a stroll in the recreation center. An individual needs to secure instruction at a portion of the best colleges in the nation. The fund proficient needs to put resources into the business to demonstrate that whatever they are doing is fruitful. People who don’t make benefits in the business can’t utilize other counsel to make their speculations.


Matthew Autterson has acted as an agent for quite a while. Amid these years, the businessperson has obtained a great deal of learning and skill, making him a standout amongst the most looked for after venture experts in the United States. Autterson comprehends the back framework in the nation, and this has earned him the regard of such a significant number of individuals in the nation. People who have taken after his recommendation say that they profited in the focused market. His aptitude is adored by his customers.

Samuel Strauch Choose 10 Cities in America That have the best Suburban Neighborhoods

Samuel Strauch, a well-known real estate investor and agent in Miami, recently discussed what he thought were the hottest suburban neighborhoods in the U.S. and two of those cities were Denver and Dallas. He noted that Denver is a great plat for millennials who want to start a family, while Dallas has had some amazing economic growth throughout the last few years.

Other cities that Samuel Strauch chose included San Francisco and Austin. He mentioned that the median home price in San Francisco was $890,000, while Austin is a popular college town that features a number of live music options.

Samuel Strauch also chose Tampa, Orlando and Miami, Florida as cities that have some of the hottest suburban neighborhoods. The reasons listed included low crime rates, great schools and parks to name a few. Nashville, San Jose and Raleigh also made his list of cities with the hottest suburban neighborhoods in America.

About Samuel Strauch

He is a real estate investor and agent based in Miami, Florida. He is the principal owner of Metrik Real Estate and he is an expert in the development and management of real estate in various areas of South Florida and Latin America. Click here to know more.

Besides real estate, he is an investor. He has invested in a number of internet ventures, as well as a number of restaurants. He is highly educated and received a bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University. His degree is in International Business. He has also studied at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, as well as Harvard University.


Stephen Rotella Acquires Intermedium Financial

StoneCastle, an insured deposit technology provider, has recently announced that they acquired Intermedium Financial, a company that previously dealt in insured deposits as well. The move shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, as one of Stephen Rotella’s goals for the company was to expand its reach beyond its current markets. As of the beginning of 2017 so far, it looks as though Rotella is on track to achieve his company’s targets.


As the CEO of StoneCastle, Stephen Rotella has made quite the name for himself over the past several years. Since its inception, StoneCastle has evolved to become one of the leaders in its market, and its expansionary efforts seem to only serve to cement this position even further. Although it’s unclear what StoneCastle’s next plans are for further expansion, what is known is that StoneCastle is in an excellent position to pursue any strategy they wish.


From Stephen Rotella’s point of view, much of StoneCastle’s strength stems from their willingness to think outside of the box and act as a “disruptive force” in the industry. While other insured deposit technology providers are content to let the business essentially run itself, StoneCastle’s leadership is eager to look for new ways to expand their impact on the market.


As a part of the purchase of Intermedium Financial and its associated assets, StoneCastle is now in control of the InterLINK platform. This means that StoneCastle is now in an even better position to provide its famed services to consumers, including financial intermediaries and other clients who are in need of secure deposit technologies.


In fact, as of this writing, StoneCastle currently has one of the largest networks of banking platforms in the country. There is no doubt that a large part of the company’s success is likely due to the efforts of Stephen Rotella, who has been at the helm of the company since 2011 as both its president and CEO. For their part, Intermedium Financial is excited at the prospect of working with both StoneCastle and its leadership, including Stephen Rostella. Although the future can never be fully predicted, StoneCastle’s excellent track record seems to indicate that 2017 will be yet another strong year for the company, especially after the acquisition of several highly sought after technologies. As long as they continue to build on their positive reputation, it is not unreasonable to assume that they will continue to expand their lead in the market and maintain their position at the forefront of the industry.