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The Genius Responsible For The Success Of National Steel Car Gregory Aziz

In the list of the successful entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist Gregory James Aziz is among them. At the National Steel Car, he is the CEO. For over 30 years he has been offering his services at National Steel Car. The employees at the company can describe him as a humble leader that will value the needs of each employee. The thing that James Aziz has been using to get the success the company wants is the trust and determination.

He started working at Affiliated Foods — his family’s wholesale that dealt with the sale of food soon after he graduated from University of Western Ontario. Later he decided that it was time to change and he moved to the United States where he got employment in an investment banking company that he worked for many years. Through the years that he was working at the investment banking, he was saving up that enabled him to buy the National Steel Car.

From the time he purchased the company he has driven the company to achieve all the successes that they got. Over the 3years consecutively National Steel Car has been given the award of TTX SECO. The thing that National Steel Car pride themselves in is that they provide their clients with the products that are top-quality, and they will ensure that they meet the deadlines. In the North American, it has become the only company to be certified with the ISO.

A philanthropist is who Greg Aziz prides himself. He believes that the only way he will be able to better the future of his company is through the innovations solutions that will be through the rail industry. He ensures that through National Steel Car he will sponsor the charities like the Hamilton Opera. The other sponsor activities that he will take care of are Salvation Army and United Way. Greg Aziz has worked hard to come up with the innovative work that will meet the ever-changing need of the customers. See This Article to learn more.


That has led to increase in the staffs because the number of cars that they were managing changed from 3.500 to 12,000 and the number of faculties increased to 500 to 3000. Greg Aziz will do his level best to ensure that the service that the company will deliver is high quality and the services too. That has not changed till now because James Aziz provides that the company is growing even now and give the leadership that will enable the company to succeed.


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National Steel Car Rebirth Under Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario. Gregory James Aziz is an economist who majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. He was also a student at the Ridley College. By 1971, James had set up his mind to be a businessman. In the same year, he joined Affiliated Foods, which was a family business. For almost two decades while working at the company, Affiliated Foods expanded to not only become one of the leading importers of fresh foods but also the leading distributor foods. The major sources of company’s food imports were from America and Europe and had a distribution network that stretched to the United States and Canada.


Between the late 80s and early 90s, James Aziz had made several investments in various sectors such as the banking in the New York. His entry into the investment banking enabled him to come up with a plan to buy the Dofasco -owned National Steel Car. The company was purchased in 1994 while experiencing a decline in its performance. Using his economic mind and experience, Greg Aziz sought out to revive this Canadian company and restore it to its original status as North America’s leading manufacturer of the railroad freight car.

Gregory James Aziz’s dream of restoring the company into a leading producer of railroad freight car was realized after he purchased the company. He ensured that there was no underutilization of the resources within the company. He lay his emphasis on the company’s engineering capability, teamwork and provided National Steel Car with capital and human investment. His efforts were rewarded within five years as the company increased its production to 12,000 units as compared to the 3,500 cars that were being produced annually before he bought the company. In the same period, the number of employees in National Steel Car rose to 3,000 from 600 workers.

The growth of National Steel Car to its current state can be attributed to Gregory James Aziz. He serves as the President, chairman, and CEO of the company. This role has helped him make numerous changes on how things are run in the company and guiding it back to being the leading company in North America. The reputation of being the best in engineering and manufacture of freight car has earned the company global recognition. The company is regarded as the only company that works to meet all the customers’ expectations. Go Here for additional information.

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Obsidian Energy And The Foundation That’s Built Its Success

The companies that are still in operations today have so much incentive to perform well because of the available opportunities for them. With all the networks, interconnectedness and social media today, things are easy to escalate in the positive direction for companies. So long as companies don’t go evil, and they don’t try to play aggressively without consideration for others, there’s always an opportunity for growth barring the risks inherent in the competition. That said, one company today that has shown impressive growth and progress is Obsidian Energy, formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd, and this article shows you the reasons why.



The Obsidian Progress



Everyone already knows that one of the most successful and expansive companies today regarding innovation in the energy business is Obsidian Energy. The solutions in the company have been offering such a lot of offerings to their clients, and that’s what’s making them lead in the mid-level energy production business.



The communities and partners of Obsidian Energy have been able to create an enterprise that can deliver a high number of tons of fuel to different areas. This is impressive, but what’s more impressive is the fact that the business is still here means that they know something that most start-ups should consider.



The level of discipline that Obsidian Energy’s workforce has also been worth emulating. There’s a lot of factors to consider when you’re trying to make it big in any business, but the thing with Obsidian Energy is that it has done its operations with the kind of dedication that you don’t seem to find elsewhere. It offers help with its services to different companies, but they don’t forget the fact to take care of the employees first. According to reports and analysis, one good way to secure the progress and sustenance of a company is to make it foundationally strong and to do this, the employees should be valued first. Read This Article for related information.



The fact that Obsidian Energy has done this, has rebranded itself and still stayed firm is an indication that there’s more to its future than meets the eye. Without the right team to make this happen and the right leadership, Obsidian wouldn’t have reached its success today.



Obsidian Energy also has a commitment to make positive impacts on all of the communities where they have operations. Obsidian sponsor a Community Matters Program where all employees and contractors are to communicate openly with all people in the communities.



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