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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Debunks Some Common Myths Regarding Prostate Cancer

There are many myths regarding prostate cancer that have remained since their first evidence many eras ago. A great majority of older men do develop noncancerous enlargement of the prostate. Some believe that prostate cancer is becoming more prevalent. While many people now usually can name several men with this disease, it is due to the aging population that it appears like there are more prostate cancer diagnoses. Cancer Treatment Centers of America showed their willingness to stand behind their preventative health recommendations in the fight against cancer fatalities. Last September, members from CTCA came together with Labcorp staff and NFL Alumni Organization members to offer free screens for prostate cancer.

Many men took advantage of this very valuable and helpful health preservation tool. Even more were helped with continued reduced price prostate screens that these groups provided after the free screen slots were filled. This fast and painless health screen is quick and effortless. Men can be relieved regarding their health following this simple cancer detection test. Cancer Treatment Centers of America had started the now accepted preventative health trend many years ago. With swifter ways to find prostate and other cancers, more people are leading longer and higher quality lives as a direct result.

Some believe that prostate cancer will cause great pain, weird urination results and so forth. The truth is that most prostate cancers won’t reveal visible and/or noticeable symptoms until very late stages of this progressive form of cancer. There can be some difficulty with urination, but gross blood and other abnormal signs don’t arise until later. This is why Cancer Treatment Centers of America is promoting constantly for greater participation in cancer screens. It is also a myth that prostate cancers once diagnosed are always deadly. CTCA sees many remissions and cures daily.