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Dr. David Samadi Is a Proud Owner Of The Patient’s Choice Award

Dr. David Samadi is a rare breed in the field of medicine. Born and raised in Iran among the Persian Jewish, Samadi left his native land in 1979 because of Iranian Revolution. He started his early education in Belgium and later went to London. Years later, Samadi came back to the US to complete his high school studies in Roslyn School, New York. On completing his high school studies, Samadi got a full scholarship to pursue his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at Stony Brook University. In the year 1994, Samadi earned his master degree in medicine from the same university and proceeded to train in specialized techniques.

He completed his training in urology and proctology from the Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine respectively in 1996. In the year 2001, Samadi completed his special training in oncology fellowship in proctology. Finally, the renowned cancer doctor completed his training on robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship in 2002 from Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil. He spent his early career days as a medical practitioner in the field of urology at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital before joining Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in 2007. Dr. Samadi inverted the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment to help in surgeries involving prostate cancers. His new technique replaced the open surgery.

Due to his love for healthy society, Dr. Samadi started his TV station called to help in providing bits of advice on good health to the public. He records his episodes on a weekly basis and gives a platform to the society to interact with him through question and answer engagement. Samadi is an active player in the field of social media. He uses social media to share with other medical practitioners and the society in general on the various health issues. More specifically, Samadi uses the power of social media to promote prostate cancer awareness. He recently commented on the goodness of choosing surgery over radiation after Mitt Romney successfully went through prostate cancer treatment.

DR. David Samadi is a proud owner of the Patient’s Choice Award, checkbook Top doctor award and was recognized as the best doctor by The New York Times magazine. His success to such celebrity is pegged on his commitment towards his duties. For instance, during his interview with Ideamensch, Samadi confessed that he wakes up early to do more research on his area. He also claimed to have a photographic memory that helps him in remembering images and uses them to generate new ideas.

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Within The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Just the word cancer can create fear in the bravest of people. They never want to get it, but in many cases, they do. Once they begin the battle against disease, it can be the toughest one that they will ever have to face in their life.

At the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, people will be taken care of in a very respectful manner. They will receive the dignity that they deserve.

With the various treatment plans that are available at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, people will be taken care of in a great way. Since these plans include medicinal and emotional help, many people have been helped in many ways by being a part of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Holding on to hope is so important when a person is fighting cancer. At the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a person will be given the ability to have the hope that they need to in order to carry on. It will give them immense strength to know that someone else is caring about them in such a profound and important way.

Making sure that a person is comfortable with their caretakers during the battle of their life is also an important need for cancer patients. Having all of this at their fingertips is what they will receive when they are at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They will find that they will have the necessary means to carry on even in the face of adversity.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Debunks Some Common Myths Regarding Prostate Cancer

There are many myths regarding prostate cancer that have remained since their first evidence many eras ago. A great majority of older men do develop noncancerous enlargement of the prostate. Some believe that prostate cancer is becoming more prevalent. While many people now usually can name several men with this disease, it is due to the aging population that it appears like there are more prostate cancer diagnoses. Cancer Treatment Centers of America showed their willingness to stand behind their preventative health recommendations in the fight against cancer fatalities. Last September, members from CTCA came together with Labcorp staff and NFL Alumni Organization members to offer free screens for prostate cancer.

Many men took advantage of this very valuable and helpful health preservation tool. Even more were helped with continued reduced price prostate screens that these groups provided after the free screen slots were filled. This fast and painless health screen is quick and effortless. Men can be relieved regarding their health following this simple cancer detection test. Cancer Treatment Centers of America had started the now accepted preventative health trend many years ago. With swifter ways to find prostate and other cancers, more people are leading longer and higher quality lives as a direct result.

Some believe that prostate cancer will cause great pain, weird urination results and so forth. The truth is that most prostate cancers won’t reveal visible and/or noticeable symptoms until very late stages of this progressive form of cancer. There can be some difficulty with urination, but gross blood and other abnormal signs don’t arise until later. This is why Cancer Treatment Centers of America is promoting constantly for greater participation in cancer screens. It is also a myth that prostate cancers once diagnosed are always deadly. CTCA sees many remissions and cures daily.

Oncology Platform and Coordinated Care Define Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America will wind up this year with a thrilling medical care addition of a precise oncology platform. Along with both Allscripts and Nanthealth, CTCA has expanded the reach of cancer care knowledge and information. Critical patient data, medical treatment specifics, drug combination options, drug side effects and/or incompatibilities and expected proven specific treatment choices are recorded in one site by unbiased medical experts. This eclectic gathering of information is first interpreted by a specialized computer formula to spit out logical care steps. This greatly enhances the data that a participating healthcare provider has access to.

Better cancer care only helps patients in general. As cancer care continues to advance, CTCA continues to reorganize how they do things. What may be brand new today might be obsolete a year from now. By allowing a networked computer system to program decipher all of this information, physicians can get to the business of determining the best treatment scenarios for their very unique patients. The determination to eradicate cancer drives everyone within this cancer treatment center to work hard each day. New discoveries lead to more consistent and safer cancer care. As cancer care data becomes more readily available, cancer care treatments will become ever more standardized to bring about better outcomes everywhere.

Patients arrive at Cancer Treatment Centers of America weak and scared. This compassionate team strives to give these people new hope. They try new ways to deliver expertise cancer treatments more likely to have positive results. As a holistic provider of care, CTCA coordinates all coexisting therapies together to simplify a patient’s total care routine. Physical therapists, social workers, insurance experts, nutritionists, nursing care, supplemental care practitioners and cancer care doctors all work side-by-side to give each patient the best chance of walking out cancer free.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Heads Prostate Campaign

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America estimates that 161,360 new prostate cancer diagnoses in 2017. This is why they are partnering up with big names like the NFL and Labcorp, to get thousands of men free prostate screening. They are calling it the “Prostate Prep Talk” campaign. Events all around the country are being hosted to promote this event and being hosted by former NFL football players since it is exactly the NFL Alumni Association that is involved. On September 1st until October 15th, free prostate screening to men over 40 and who qualify but after 2,000 men have been screened, any other men who want to be screened will have to pay $25. The promotional events will be held in great cities like Atlanta , Tulsa , Chicago and more to offer the deal to men around the country. With big NFL names like DJ Shockley and Simeon Rice, attending these events, the Cancer Centers of America are hoping for a big turn out.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson because he was not happy with the limited cancer treatment options he had when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Since then the Cancer Center has been dedicated to assisting those with cancer by providing them with cutting edge treatment that they keep improving. They use genomic testing, precision cancer treatment, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy and chemotherapy to provide their patients with the best available treatment.

They do not only help treat cancer patients but they also provide screenings for individuals and promotes early screening. The Cancer Treatment Center of America has faculties all across the country. They are split up by regions, so that everybody has a treatment center near them. Their headquarters was moved to Boca Raton , Florida in 2015.

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Eric Lefkofsky Efforts in Fighting Cancer

The amount spent on medical care in the US has increased over the years because of higher treatment charges. Patients are currently after more intense and expensive health care. According to a recent report published in JAMA, aging and population growth are the leading drivers of the increased spending.

The new analysis has its main value as the breakdown spent on an illness. Different diseases have unique factors that influence the significant increase according to Joseph Dieleman, leader of the study. For instance, diabetes used to spent around $64 billion with $44 billion going to pharmaceuticals during studies. Factors analyzed led to the increase. They included US aging, population growth, diabetes prevalence, and medicines price and utilization.

The neck and low back pain study budget were $57 billion. The difference between the two research works was due to the different factors affecting both conditions. The prevalence was the same, but the care cost went up, summing up to 8.5% increase in treatment of inpatient annually.

Expenditure for inpatient treatment for all conditions increased to $697 billion from $258 billion, despite setting measures to lower utilization costs. Patients had shorter stays at the clinic, but still, the care expenses went up. Breaking the charges down is necessary to know the exact distribution of the costs.

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and current chief executive officer of Tempus. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky chairs the technology company and leads it to fight cancer. The talented leader also heads Groupon and oversees its marketing activities as it is a universal commerce marketplace. Lefkofsky is a founding member of Lightbank, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake Technologies.

In 2006, Eric Lefkofsky launched Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The facility aims at improving the life quality of the surrounding communities. He involved his relatives in running the charity center. Lefkofsky is also a Trustee of the Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, and Art Institute of Chicago.

Mr. Lefkofsky takes part in managing Steppenwolf Theatre. He is an adjunct tutor and author at the University of Chicago. The philanthropist studied Law from University of Michigan Law School.

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