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Remembering Stephen Murray

The former Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray, passed away just over a year ago at age 52. We’re appreciative of his contribution as a former CEO, well-known investor, and philanthropist.

Today we give thanks and remember him not just by accomplishments but also his character. Throughout his community, he was known as a kind, generous man with a compassionate heart. Stephen Murray had a sincere love for others which he expressed in various charities, one known as the “Make A Wish Foundation”.

During in-depth research, we also learned Stephen Murray participated on the board of several major companies such as Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, and much more.

“He was everyone’s everything, a dear friend, a loving husband, and an adoring father.” –

According to Nypost, Stephen Murray left behind a loving wife, four sons and a daughter in law. He lived in Stamford, CT where he raised his family with his wife of 29 years.

In his earlier years, he attended Boston College in 1984 obtaining a degree in economics. Soon after graduating, he earned a degree in business administration at Columbia Business School. To further his career, Stephen Murray was a member of the credit analyst training program and also the MH Equity Corporation. We believe this education and experience led him to the success of being a part of the business “JP Morgan Partners”.

JP Morgan Partners later became known as CCMP Capital where he first co-founded the business in 2006. The very next year he became CEO of CCMP Capital.

Recently before he passed, Stephen Murray resigned from CCMP Capital due to health-related issues. A month later Murray then died.

He leaves behind a great legacy of a wonderful company, good memories from peers, a loving family, charitable contributions, and an unforgettable reputation.

Our great leader, Stephen Murray, will always be missed.